Full Moon in Aries: Bold Action

Bold Action
photo by Sarah Date

October 20, 2021 10:57am EDT

Bold Action

Be brave and stand up for what you believe in! This month’s Full Moon in Aries reflects the principle of bold action. The opposing Libra Sun suggests taking this fierce action out of a desire for balance.

Acting In The Face Of Fear

The enlightened lesson of Aries is to act in the face of fear. Fear is a normal human experience and comes in many forms, from daily worries to flat-out paranoia. Aries represents the ability to break through the paralysis and take decisive action. Like dry kindling starting a bonfire, Aries dynamically ignites any endeavor or project.

You And Me

The polarity between Libra and Aries illuminates that most fundamental of opposites – between the individual and the other. Libra strives to weigh and connect all points of view, giving it a reputation for both fairness and indecision. Rather than bothering with these egalitarian concepts, Aries prefers to act immediately with single-mindedness. Honoring the full polarity requires taking individual action while also respecting the needs of the others.

Galvanize A New Endeavor

If you’re following the phases of the Moon, notice what has come to light since October 6th. With four planets switching directions and Mars right next to the Sun, you may experience a sense of relief as things start to move forward again.

On a personal level, how will you utilize this energy to galvanize a new project or direction? What part of your life requires the bold courage of the warrior? Using your Rising Sign, read below to identify what area of your life this Aries Moon activates.

Aries: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior to your self-development. Think about how this brings balance into your partnerships and how they also benefit from your efforts and progress.

Taurus: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior to devote yourself to the development of compassion for others and selfless service. Incorporate this idealistic principle into practical day-to-day routines.

Gemini: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior to stand up bravely in front of community groups, trusting that you have support for what needs addressing. Bravely offer full acceptance in return.

Cancer: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior to step up in your vocation. Be brave and bold in moving your career or entrepreneurial business forward. Remember that the concepts of fairness and justice are entwined with your roots. Let your family help bring balance.

Leo: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior to fiercely pursue the wisdom you need. Offer an environment of equity and fairness as you disburse this learning to your students, siblings, and close friends.

Virgo: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior as you pioneer new ways and rituals of dealing with others peoples intense issues. Remember that as you set healthy, positive boundaries, you also express self-love.

Libra: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior to take a stand in your partnerships. As you stand in this power, recognize and honor the interdependence and balance you desire.

Scorpio: Apply the courage of the warrior to your diligent self-care routines and practices. As you commit to the daily minutiae, you offer devotion to the divine: your body is your temple.

Sagittarius: Apply the courage of the warrior to fiercely giving love to those you feel most tender about and also to your creative desires. Let the support of your community galvanize this action.

Capricorn: Apply the courage of the warrior to pioneer a new family undertaking that takes effort and invites breaking a sweat. Let your professional life provide a sense of evenness where you contribute to the overall harmony.

Aquarius: Apply the courage of the warrior to say what needs to be said. Be willing to positively engage someone you don’t know well or who is foreign to you. Let the principle of justice for all make you wiser.

Pisces: Apply the courage of the warrior and trust that you have the resources you need to start something new. Take an action that displays your deep sense of self-worth. Find an even keel as you deal with others people’s baggage.

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New Moon In Libra

October 6, 7:05AM EDT

Harmony And Action

Today kicks off a new moon cycle when the Moon merges with the Sun in Libra at 7:06AM EDT. With ornery Mars also in the mix, normally calm Libra feels considerably spicier. This invites you to think about what seeds to plant for harmony in relationships, including a plan for immediate action.

Reflect And Review

This New Moon reinforces the suggestion made by the current Mercury retrograde, also in Libra, to address unfinished business in our most important relationships. As a cardinal air sign, it falls under Libra’s purview to initiate balance and interdependence. Mercury’s backtrack through the sign draws our focus to reflecting on and reviewing what feels out of balance.

Watch For Unwarranted Ferocity

Mars occupies an invisible position next to the Sun, creating a tendency to bite with unwarranted ferocity. Instead, use this agitation as an impetus to act on your desire for more unity with your loved ones. Be honest about your feelings, but don’t let disgruntlement take over your good intentions. In the backdrop, tiny powerhouse Pluto grinds to a halt and shifts gears into forward motion today. Recognize your actions as part of the whole, driving the slow but sure transformation of our society.

Your Life

Use this time to discern where you’d like to see more grace and equality in the major relationships in your life. The current astrology suggests that well-intended actions will serve to create greater stability and freedom in your relationships. With your Rising Sign in mind, read below to locate which area of life requires your attention.

Aries: Attend to any issues regarding equality and cooperation in your primary one-on-one relationships while remaining objective

Taurus: Attend to your routines and practices that promote your health and keep you balanced, including meditation on the breath

Gemini: Attend to your ability to love others unconditionally and find harmony in your creative projects while still being willing to take risks

Cancer: Attend to your relationships with family members with the view of making peace and establishing greater inner security

Leo: Attend to your sense of connection with siblings or close friends through communication and shared learning experiences

Virgo: Attend to your sense of self worth, including cultivating a sense of equanimity regarding your relationship to money and resources

Libra: Attend to your sense of self, how you present yourself, and your desire for authentic self-development

Scorpio: Attend to your relationship with suffering, taking time in solitude to explore compassion and forgiveness to self and others

Sagittarius: Attend to your ability to accept love and support from your community, finding inspiration in the connection

Capricorn: Attend to your professional relationships, noticing what feels aligned and what doesn’t in your career

Aquarius: Attend to your desire to expand your mind, including finding a teacher who pushes you beyond your comfort zone

Pisces: Attend to your boundaries with other people’s intense emotions, tuning into trigger points and what you can learn from them

Weekly Astrology Weather October 4th – 10th

This week, I once again had the opportunity to guest write the Weekly Astrology Weather for Laurie Farrington of Astrolore.

The Changing Moon this Week

The Moon sets the emotional tone as she moves through the Zodiac day-to-day. The Moon travels through a quarter of the Zodiac each week. Learning to work with this rhythm will help you align with and relax into an easier flow with the Universe. 

The week begins with the Moon in dependable, efficient Virgo, making it easier than usual to go back to work on Monday.  She migrates to agreeable Libra Tuesday, in search of beauty and harmony.  However, with Venus in Scorpio and the Moon in the dark balsamic phase, we need to switch on the inner light for guidance. Trust yourself. 

Wednesday ushers in the Libra New Moon, though with an exact conjunction to Mars, normally calm Libra feels considerably spicier.  Think what seeds you want to plant to find more grace and equality in your relationships.  Plan on taking a physical action by Saturday to seal the deal.  

Prepare to bury those seeds deep, when the Moon enters investigative Scorpio Thursday.  Fortunately, in her ever-balancing role, Venus re-emerges from her foray into Scorpio and finds an ebullient new attitude in Sagittarius on the same day.   

Very early Friday EDT, you can expect a boost of fiery motivation when Sun conjuncts Mars at midnight.  Meanwhile the Moon bucks up against Saturn’s constraints and Uranus’ unpredictability in the same time period.  You want to take immediate action, but you need to hold still.  

Saturday, the exact midpoint of the Mercury Retrograde cycle occurs, as Mercury reaches the conjunction with the Sun, and later in the day, with Mars.  Make sure to accept and take action on this invitation to attend to unfinished business in your relationships.  With the Moon making the leap to Sagittarius, the mood can only improve.  

The next day, the Moon reiterates the message agreeably, gently reminding us to take advantage of this time.  The final flourish of the week occurs when Saturn stations direct late in the evening, adding further to the forward feeling motion.


Monday, October 4, 2021

Logic Then Intuition

With the Moon in workhorse Virgo, slipping into your Monday feels a tad more welcome than usual, or at least, more satisfying.  At 5:19AM, like a health nut at the smoothie bar, the absorbent Moon soaks up a blast of Uranian java juice, providing the impetus to do something unusual, inventive, or rebellious.  After the routine part of the day, the mood shifts to a dreamier space. You may feel like relaxing with a glass of wine, pouring over a fanciful art book, or trying out that new mediation program.  Give in to the urge to space out away from the logical world.  Investigate the desire to take control of a situation that’s been dragging you down emotionally.  See if you can figure out the root cause of any relationship irritations in the back of your mind.  The current Mercury retrograde gives you permission to focus on old issues that need your attention. 


Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Simple Connection

With the void-of-course moon, allow yourself extra time to wake up today, if possible. Once the morning gets going, the Moon drops into egalitarian Libra.  Notice your increased desire for simple, uncomplicated connection. Think about which friend or colleague fits the bill and initiate the contact.  Choose the reliable friend, someone you trust, and enjoy the stability they offer.  This is the person you can bounce ideas off of, who will give you clear feedback regarding your concerns.  With the Balsamic Moon, put any last touches on that overdue project you want off your desk and submit it tomorrow.

_The Virgo Moon is void-of-course from 4:47 AM EDT until she enters Libra at 8:41 AM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Harmony and Action

Today kicks off a new moon cycle when the Moon merges with the Sun at 7:06AM EDT. This New Moon reinforces the suggestion made by Mercury Retrograde to address unfinished business in your most important relationships.  Just as you’re considering what kind of harmony you’d like to see, snarky Mars plants a fierce thought in your head.  

Mars so close to the Sun disappears, and plays out a bit like a baby rattlesnake eager to bite too soon.  Instead, use this as an impetus to choose an action to go along with your desire for more unity with your loved ones.  Prepare to revisit this idea on Saturday.  Be honest about your feelings, but don’t let disgruntlement take over your good intentions.  Better to let this fleeting upset pass, especially since today the overall vibe starts to lighten up a bit. 

At 2:29PM EDT, Pluto grinds to a halt and shifts gears into forward motion, driving the slow but sure transformation of our society.


Thursday, October 7, 2021

Feel The Jovial Shift

The energy shift that started yesterday picks up speed and vigor today, when Venus enters Sagittarius at 7:20 AM EDT.  Because Mercury is dashing backward through Venus-ruled Libra, this incorporates a more jovial and an exploratory tone to your personal Retrograde experience.  

The Moon drops into Scorpio, heralding in a somber mood, dropping your emotions down into a philosophical pothole.  Let it add a sultry, smoky, mysterious tone to your life today, rather than letting it bring you down.  Late in the evening, the introspective Moon hits a roadblock, asking you to take a break from the intensity and concentrate on something inventive that will improve your life.  Focus on the practical world rather than getting bogged down in heavy emotions.  Begin clearing out the garden, call the plumber about the leak in your sink, or get serious about the book you’re crawling through and finish the chapter.

_The Libra Moon is void-of-course from 1:04 AM EDT until she enters Scorpio at 10:21 AM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._


Friday, October 8, 2021

Expect The Unexpected

At midnight, the fiery Sun brushes up against impulsive Mars, creating a feeling of immediacy.  Good thing some of us will be asleep!  If you find yourself out and about at this time, be careful not to add to any unnecessary heat.  Take a deep breath and steer clear of pointless arguments and jealous feelings.  

You may wake to an unexpected knock on the door.  This might be a literal wake-up call, here to remind you about the truly important.  On the other hand, an idea of genius-level caliber could seem to simply arrive in your mind, unbidden.    

At any rate, use this time to review your creative plans.  Sudden inspiration coupled with fewer limits could produce something amazing in the art studio.  With Moon contacting Jupiter at 11:03PM, the possibility for expanding this concept exists.  Notice a tendency to throw around your opinion.  Don’t. 

Saturday, October 9, 2021

The Heart Of The Sun

The Moon teams up with Venus in Sagittarius, lifting our spirits.  Aim for the skies like the Archer.  Feel the elevation and be grateful!  

Today brings us to the midpoint of the Mercury Retrograde cycle, when Mercury conjuncts the Sun.  In ancient astrology, when a planet centers exactly in the heart of the Sun, it becomes a power point called a cazimi.  The cazimi lines up the principles of presence and mindfulness, providing a brief time to step into full acceptance of yourself right now, right here.  Contemplate the seed you planted at the New Moon on Wednesday.  Continue to work through your unfinished tasks list with your intentions coming from the heart.  

Shortly thereafter, Mercury collides with Mars, raising the possibility for inflammatory conversations.  In other words, there may some irritations that come to light in your most familiar relationships. Rather than getting into conflict, harness the impulse and engage in physical activity that burns off the heat.  Think back to the events of August 18th for a cue, at Mercury and Mars’ last tango.  Finish your Saturday putting some effort into your to do list, then meet friends out for Fall Festivities. 

_The Scorpio Moon is void-of-course from 2:05 AM EDT until she enters Sagittarius at 11:25 AM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._


Sunday, October 10, 2021

Outdoor Adventure

The Moon advances through the sign of the Jester, making pleasant contacts with Mercury, Mars, and the Sun throughout the course of the day.  This is an opportunity to revisit the events of yesterday with a positive lens and a sense of humor. Release any worry. Let any frustrations go.  With the Moon in Sagittarius, embark on some kind of outdoor adventure that expands your emotional connection with nature.  Or engage in philosophical discussion with that good friend.

Later in the evening, when the Moon squares fantasy-indulgent Neptune, be reminded of the need to consider other people’s suffering and struggle.  Be extra kind to yourself and those around you.  To finish of the week, Saturn stations direct at 10:17PM, getting back on the train of serious business.  Onward!  

In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. 

Full Moon In Pisces

Full Moon In Pisces
photo by Sarah Date

September 20, 2021, 7:55PM EDT

Full Moon Grace

This year’s Full Moon in Pisces graces us with its mystical presence at the close of Virgo season. When observing these two opposite energies, we must contemplate and address both sides to find balance.

Transcend The Ordinary

The Sun in Virgo directs the focus toward helping others, applying a useful skill, or buttoning up logistics with optimum efficiency. No detail is left undone. On the flip side, the Moon in mystical Pisces blurs the sharp-pointed focus, revealing an expansive, intangible and idealistic view. The importance of details and concrete mechanisms slips away. The illusion of separateness dissolves. A profound desire to escape or transcend the ordinary may emerge.

Allow Compassion To Arise

This Full Moon reaches out to nearby Neptune, magnifying the Piscean longing to submerge into fantasyland. In addition, the already fiery Sun engages impulsive Mars. At worst, this polarity represents aggressive, ill-considered action at one end and endless, waterlogged wallowing at the other. Certainly, the configuration suggests taking an action. It just advises getting your motivation from the profound desire to add to universal good. Let your imagination reach far. Allow compassion for the suffering of others to arise.

The Inspired View

Read below to see where to balance the intuitive inspired view of Pisces with the practical efforts of Virgo in your chart. The Pisces Moon illuminates your need for transcendence and the Virgo Sun helps you understand how make it happen.

Aries: The Pisces Moon illuminates your need for immersion into the intangible through a meditation practice. The Virgo Sun helps you build the framework of the actual practice – where, when, and for how long will you meditate?

Taurus: The Pisces Moon illuminates your need for a powerful, understanding circle of friends. The Virgo Sun helps you thoughtfully create the invitations and build the ceremonial container.

Gemini: The Pisces Moon illuminates your need to add a sense of the mystical or imaginative in your career. The Virgo Sun helps you to choose the right action. Hang a picture of an inspirational figure or family member in your workspace, trace the lineage of your calling, or start your day with a grounding meditation.

Cancer: The Pisces Moon illuminates your need for profound wisdom that alters your worldview. You are the student and the teacher. The Virgo Sun asks you to crack open that book, take a short pilgrimage to a local cherished place, or move through your day with a walking meditation mentality.

 Leo: The Pisces Moon illuminates your need to be deeply compassionate and forgiving as you hold space for other people’s hidden motivations and intense emotions. The Virgo Sun reminds you to stay connected to your own worth and values. Visualize the necessary boundary of where you end and others begin.

Virgo: The Pisces Moon illuminates your need to apply the balm of unconditional love to your intimate one-on-one relationships. The Virgo Sun asks you to recognize how much you have developed in this area. Think of concrete examples.

Libra: The Pisces Moon illuminates your profound need add a sense of the mystical your daily self care routines. The Virgo Sun helps you choose a way to spice it up. Burn sage, add a mantra, or write a daily poem.

Scorpio: The Pisces Moon illuminates your need for wild soulful creativity. Let the Virgo Sun help you to call in your community of friends to support your ideas. Communicate what you need, whether it’s simple encouragement, or a friend who plays music while you paint.

Sagittarius: The Pisces Moon illuminates your need for a deeply felt connection with your family, both living members and ancestors. The Virgo Sun suggests you start with the lineage of your most visible parent. Look at photographs, sketch out a family tree, and recognize your ethnicity or heritage.

Capricorn: The Pisces Moon illuminates your need for deep communication and essential learning with a sibling or close friend. The Virgo Sun invites you to stay connected to the larger meaning in things, whether through structured spirituality, intuitive wisdom traditions like astrology, or philosophical study.

Aquarius: The Pisces Moon illuminates your need to recognize your self-worth and apply profound self-love. Recognize this is the hardest spiritual path. The Virgo Sun shines a light on your ability to be more forgiving of others than of yourself. Write down three things you love about yourself.

Pisces: The Pisces Moon illuminates your need for deep connection to the divine. This involves forgiving yourself for your human foibles. The Virgo Sun invites you to see yourself in the mirror of the broader, kinder view supplied by your most unconditionally loving relationships.

The Secret of Mercury Retrograde

How To Apply Mercury Retrograde To Your Life


Mercury Retrograde

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New Moon in Virgo

The Harvest
photo by Sarah Date

September 6th, 8:50PM EDT

A Meaningful Contribution

The New Moon in Virgo directs your focus toward making a meaningful contribution for the benefit of others. Notice the side effect of a positive sense of self that comes with it. It simply feels good to help others.  In the Northern Hemisphere, Virgo signifies the harvest, the time to reap summer’s bounty. This gives rise to the image of working hard in the fields, providing nothing less than nourishment for all. As Virgo optimizes efficiency, it also teaches about the importance of humility, setting aside the ego cherished by the preceding sign of Leo.

Care For Animals

The New Moon flows in exact trine to change-maker Uranus. This represents an opportunity to deeply ponder how to you relate to Mother Nature. Since Virgo governs stewardship for all animals, it could include providing care for an animal in need, supporting an animal education organization, or spending time with a beloved pet. On another note, if you like using medicine cards, such as The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Cards create a ritual, and lay out a card spread for your month ahead.

Speak From The Heart

With mystical Neptune also opposing the New Moon, allow yourself to dream big. Connect how small human efforts impact the ideal of making a better life for all. On a personal level, think about what difficult conversation you need to have with someone important to you. This day offers a clear opportunity to step up bravely and trust that uncomfortable communications will bear fruit. Speak from the heart, bring empathy, aim to empower rather than overpower.

Hone Your Skills

A New Moon always offers a fresh start. The Virgo experience refers to the act of honing your skills and helping others. It is not about altruism or forcing yourself because you “should”, which is really just another form of judgment. Rather, use your Rising Sign to determine which area of your life most needs craft, humility, or practicality.

Aries: Discern how to improve to your preventative health routines. Make sure you are exercising enough and paying attention to your nutrition.

 Taurus: Apply your meticulous skills to your creative pursuits. Be willing to pour your love into these endeavors.

 Gemini: Make the act of helping a cornerstone of your foundation. Pass this attitude along to family members.

 Cancer: As you engage with everyone around you, hold the intention to be grounded, kind, and skillful in all your interactions.

 Leo: With thoughtful attention, apply the balm of self-love to any areas you feel a lack. If the feelings are missing, don’t worry and simply set the intention.

 Virgo: Bring an air of humility to your own self-development. Let go of criticism or self- judgment regardless of how far along you are on any project.

 Libra: Practice diligent mindfulness to increase your ability to have compassion for the suffering inherent in the world.

 Scorpio: Consider what service or attitude to provide that benefits your community. As you offer your best self, let the love of others in.

 Sagittarius: Recognize the aspects of your career that improve the world for others. Plant a seed to increase this sense in your profession, as there are many ways to do this.

 Capricorn: Observe how a sense of humility can inform your worldview. Accept wisdom from those who are completely different from you.

 Aquarius: As people around you exhibit difficult behavior, consider what you offer that can help create an environment of acceptance. Realize that we all have our sh*t.

 Pisces: Work to build greater harmony with your partner by asking how you can help rather than just thinking about what you need. Come from a place of solid grounding.

Weekly Astrology Weather

August 30, 2021 – September 5, 2021

This week, Laurie Farrington of Astrolore invited me to write Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather.  Thank you Laurie for the opportunity!

The Changing Moon This Week

The Moon sets the emotional tone as she moves through the Zodiac day-to-day. It takes approximately 28 days to traverse the entire Zodiac. Learning to work with this rhythm will help you align with and relax into an easier flow with the Universe. The luminous Moon spends approximately 2 ½ days in each sign before she moves on to the next.

The Moon covers roughly a quarter of the zodiac during her weekly journey. This week, she starts in chatty Gemini, perhaps leading you to spin a good yarn around the virtual water cooler Monday morning. Mercury moves into Libra, tipping the elemental balance into the air and emphasizing the need to communicate and relate. The waning Moon squares the Sun, signifying the Last Quarter phase and winding down this month’s Moon cycle.

Tuesday the Mutable Moon remains in Gemini, triggering thankfully brief episodes of stress with Mars and Neptune, foreshadowing Thursday’s opposition between the two. Early Wednesday morning, the Moon shifts gears into home sign Cancer, pulling attention away from thoughts and into feelings. Take this opportunity to notice where your body holds emotions.

On Thursday, with the Moon still in moody Cancer, action-oriented Mars twitches in an uncomfortable opposition with dreamy dissolver Neptune. Friday stirs the unconscious briefly during the night, so you may wake with a vaguely unsettled feeling of having gone somewhere into the void overnight. If it’s still bugging you, feel free to discuss it at the breakfast table.

With her grand entrance into Leo, the Moon lightens the tone for most of Friday. However, due to the preponderance of heavy hitters Saturn and Uranus in Fixed Signs, Saturday might feel like a pendulum swinging between seriousness and rebelliousness. If possible, make a clear plan for Saturday ahead of time.

And finally, the Moon joins the Sun in mercurial, studious Virgo on Sunday. This is an invitation to roll up your sleeves and work hard on projects that benefit others. At 11:06PM lovely Venus seeks deeper meaning in an intense square aspect with metamorphic Pluto. Prepare to use the intensity of this contact for personal transformation via your relationships.


Monday, August 30, 2021


When you wake up this morning, the significant astrological maneuvers will already be behind you. With the Moon in talkative Gemini, the focus is on gathering and transmitting information with relatively little need to delve into any emotion. You may find yourself in a restless or inquisitive mood. Indulge your curiosity.

At 1:09 AM EDT, Mercury left its domestic station of Virgo to tour harmony-loving Libra, shifting the focus from analyzing to relating. This increases the number of planets in air signs, emphasizing objectivity and collaboration for the next few weeks.

At 3:14 AM EDT, the Moon squares the Sun in the Last Quarter phase in the lunar cycle. As the light diminishes, consider what nutrients you want to put in the soil for the next cycle. Any fruit harvested from whatever you started at the August 8th New Moon has filled its purpose, so let go of the obsolete form. This does not mean discard everything; rather, only forward something of essential value to the next cycle. With the Gemini Moon and Virgo Sun, reconsider your thinking in particular. Be willing to question the validity of your beliefs in the name of evolution and growth.


Tuesday, August 31, 2021


The Moon in Mutable Gemini presents a day with a casual and quick-witted tone. Under this influence, you may find it easy to talk about feelings but not actually have to experience them. Most interactions stick fairly close to the surface. You may feel like talking to whoever will listen. Use this versatile vibe for networking or any weaving of words. Move lightly across the surface.

Early in the morning, there could be some turbulence during your preparations for the day. Keep moving and the feeling will pass. The day continues in this light-footed manner. Any after work plans could turn into a spirited discussion about the ways of the world. Keep the conversation geared towards positive and useful discussion, rather than veering towards gossip.

_The Gemini Moon is void-of-course from 4:49 PM EDT until she enters Cancer in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021


The first day of September comes with a mood change. After zipping through the mental realm of Gemini, the Moon sighs and submerges into the emotional waters of Cancer. The Moon in Cancer tends to bring out your most vulnerable side, making gentle self-care necessary. Contrary to popular belief, being vulnerable requires strength. The lesson of the Crab regards the delicate balance between maintaining the protective shell and being emotionally available.

Notice any chafe between your rational thoughts and your deeper emotions. If so, inhale deeply and relax. Give yourself permission to slow down and seek out quiet. If possible, set aside time, however short, for yourself. Even an extended walk in the forest helps. A tiny bit of self-care goes a long way.


Thursday, September 2, 2021


 Today the Moon continues the swim through the Cancerian waters. Tune into the emotions beneath the surface and be gentle with yourself. If you feel on emotionally rocky ground, take the time you need to establish a more secure stance. It’s worth it, as inner security will make it easier to be kind to those around you.

At 1:42PM, mysterious foggy Neptune stymies Mars, the planet of action and drive in an opposition. Mars in Virgo simply wants to keep working on meaningful tasks. Neptune dissolves any notion of a concrete to-do list and dampens your willpower. It may be easy to get frustrated or feel ineffectual. Don’t be tempted to indulge in escapism to cope with the diminishment of your ego. Instead, allow yourself not to have all the answers. Relinquish the need for accomplishment. Learn about the limitations of your ego and physicality.

Continue in the vein of awakened self-soothing this afternoon. Lose yourself in an activity such as creating a mosaic, learning new steps of a dance, or watching a movie that inspires you. This is not a time to take questionable risks, but rather to surrender to the current.


Friday, September 3, 2021


At the beginning of the day, if you hear or speak any kind words, take heart in the idea that you are a force of positivity for others. Everything we do has an impact. Let your voice increase the harmony in the world.

The Moon completes her tour of familiar Cancer by midday. She leaves behind the need to protect delicate inner processes and roars into the sunny exuberance of Leo. This Moon brings the only spark of fire into the week, so relish the fact that it’s Friday, and do something fun with your afternoon.

As summer starts to wane, make sure you engage playfully with the outdoors. Play tennis, go for a bike ride with a friend, or take the children to the river. In the evening, light an outdoor fire and invite friends to tell stories around the fire. Celebrate how loved you feel by shining a light on others.

Moon in Leo signifies embracing joy. Since we are in the Balsamic dark phase of the Moon, picture this magical joy infusing the next New Moon on September 6th. Consider your plan for Saturday, as it will be best to wake up with a solid plan for the day.

_The Cancer Moon is void-of-course from 1:38 AM EDT until she enters Leo at 11:59 AM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._


Saturday, September 4, 2021


The Moon continues its radiant journey through the Lion’s sign with a regal demeanor. However, with the most challenging astrological aspect of the year in the Fixed Signs, the Moon must tangle with taskmaster Saturn and destabilizing Uranus today. Fortunately, the Moon moves quickly, and if you heeded the advice to create a schedule for today, you can likely stay on track. Commit to being completely present in your chosen activity.

Later in the evening, Mercury trine Saturn offers a gift. This gift opens a beautiful window of opportunity for serious thought regarding any difficult intellectual or communicative endeavor. It represents a prime opportunity to employ scholarly methods, solve lingering problems, or carry out longstanding plans. If you feel stuck, contact a wise elder who can offer you the steady council that only experience can provide. Finish up that application, prepare the manuscript for review, or set up a meeting with an advisor you trust and respect.

Sunday, September 5, 2021


Wake slowly like the sleepy lion. Make brunch and enjoy any last remnants of ebullience. Later in the evening at 7:06PM, the Moon efficiently moves into Virgo, the sign of competence, service, and craft. This returns the focus of the week to the mind, and the ability to analyze and apply details to the task at hand. With Moon in Virgo, we are in the mood to separate the wheat from the chaff and optimize efforts to make a meaningful contribution.

The end of the week does not lightly let us off the hook. At 11:06PM Venus square Pluto increases the potential for something intense to occur with significant others of any level. If you are encountering a struggle in your key relationships, make an effort to address anything of importance earlier in the day with an attitude of humility. Trust that conflict allows relationships to evolve into something much more. Let go of the battle and consciously assist in any necessary rebuilding process. We live in a culture that often suggests we bury our deepest feelings. Instead, rise to the occasion and honor the truth at the root of this intensity. Let your relationships transform you.

Before you go to bed, take a few minutes to sit on your meditation cushion and find center. Direct your attention inward and fully into your body. Feel the support of earth beneath you. Exhale.

_The Leo Moon is void-of-course from 10:21 AM EDT until she enters Virgo 7:06 PM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._


In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


Second Full Moon In Aquarius

August 22, 2021, 8:02am EDT

The Aquarian Curriculum

On August 22nd, a second Full Moon blooms in Aquarius. The first Aquarian Full Moon took place just after the Sun moved into Leo, illuminating the hard work of digging below the surface while remaining playfully engaged with life. Now this Full Moon culminates what began at the New Moon of August 8th, when an evolutionary gateway opened, waking us up to the power of the present moment. Notice what comes into sharp focus at this time.

The Intersection Of The Heart And Mind

In the simplest of terms, Leo refers to an open heart, Aquarius to an inventive mind. It highlights the division between personal expression and group consciousness. Our task is to reckon with ourselves both as individuals and as members of the human tribe. When aligned, individual creative expression naturally contributes to the needs of the collective.

Hone In On The Truth

As a whole, we are all in the midst of receiving major Aquarius lessons. Aquarius teaches us to hone in on the truth and raise our eyes toward higher intent and purpose. Under an Aquarian Moon, we feel pressure to rebel, to strike out on an innovative path, and to form new networks. As things change rapidly around us, we must decide what to repair, what to eliminate, and what new structures to build.

Your Bold Heart

Read below to link your bold heart to the broader vision humanity needs at this time. For best results, use your Rising Sign to determine what area of life benefits from this Aquarian education. Otherwise, use your Sun Sign.


Aries: Open your heart to generously give love. Feel a sense of freedom as you receive support from your unique community as you give.

Taurus: Celebrate the deep roots of love in your family. Recognize how this sturdy base gives rise to a sense of freedom in your vocation.

Gemini: Engage joyfully with your immediate environment. Notice how this expands your humanitarian perspective.

Cancer: Offer yourself unconditional love today. Feel able to draw clear, respectful boundaries with others.

Leo: Invest in your own self-development. Watch how your primary relationships evolve as you commit to a next step.

Virgo: Recognize your capacity for spiritual growth and forgiveness. Notice if your daily practices grant you emotional liberation.

Libra: Celebrate the success of others. Notice how your own desire and inspiration for creative projects increases.
Scorpio: Tune into the most enjoyable parts of your career. See if this brings in a deeper appreciation for your family life.

Sagittarius: Enjoy gaining wisdom from people from other cultures. See your own local nooks with a fresh eye.

Capricorn: Be generous with other peoples’ intense emotional struggles and darker sides. Let this help free you from your own emotional struggles and see your value.

Aquarius: Shine a bright joyful light into your primary relationships. Let this serve as a guide to express your own unique you.

Pisces: Find a sense of playfulness within your daily practices. Notice how this illuminates your connection to the divine.

Check out my conversation with Laurie Farrington of Astrolore as we talk about this powerful Full Moon.

New Moon in Leo

August 8th, 2021; 9:50AM EDT

sun in leo
photo by Sarah Date

Whole-Hearted Self-Expression

The New Moon in Leo invites us to bring our full, unbroken attention to the topic at hand. Ruled by the Sun, noble Leo illuminates vitality, creative pursuits, and a sense of play. In the school of life, the lesson entails bringing whole-hearted self-expression to the present moment.

Radiance, Positivity, and Trust

At its best, Leo blazes like the hearthfire, drawing everyone in with its regal stature and mesmerizing self-confidence. Leo’s job concerns uplifting and inspiring all people with magnanimous generosity. The pitfall for Leo occurs once one becomes convinced of one’s own greatness, getting so consumed that everyone else is forgotten. The benefic Monarch showers faithful advisors and adoring supporters with appreciation, in order to successfully rule the kingdom. In our day of blossoming self-awareness, the kingdom to rule is the one within. When connected with your authentic inner nature, your external creative acts become infused with radiance, positivity, and trust.

Recover Joy

Given the struggle of our current times on the global and personal scale, it becomes vitally important that we locate moments of joy. This New Moon tangles directly with the Saturn/Uranus astrological signature of the year. We all feel the pressure of this face-off between old conventions and necessary change. Unsustainable systems based on an illogical and heartless premise don’t align with our finite resources. The astrology shows an opportunity to recover joy and kindness in our dealings with one another.

The Present Moment

With New Moon in Leo, commit to bringing your full self to the present moment. Although some carry an abundance of Leo, everyone holds this magnificent energy somewhere in the natal horoscope. Use your Rising Sign to see where to dance with life with spontaneity and playfulness. (If you don’t know it, use your Sun Sign instead.)

Aries: Take a risk by giving unconditional love to your creative endeavors and others, especially to any children in your life.

Taurus: Set up a spontaneous game night in order to bring more joy into your family life.

Gemini: Allow generosity and humor to be the guiding light in all interactions and communications, especially with your siblings.

Cancer: Donate money or effort to an organization that generously offers support for those in need. Honor your own self-worth as part of the equation.

Leo: Let yourself be a beacon for joy in a visible demonstration of exuberance. Wear bright colors. Be vivacious.

Virgo: Bring the balm of being fully present with anyone who is currently suffering.

Libra: Engage your community with a humorous performance. Soak in the love your friends provide.

Scorpio: Notice if your chosen career brings you a sense of joy and vitality. If necessary, consider a change, small or large, to spice it up.

Sagittarius: Allow generosity to radically shift your worldview. Walk in another’s shoes.

Capricorn: Recognize the flaws of others with a generous eye. Keep good boundaries, just let your sense of the commonality of human predicament be lighter.

Aquarius: Bring genuine warmth and humor to anyone you encounter today. If you have a partner, make a romantic, candlelit dinner to show your appreciation.

Pisces: Practice joy in your daily fitness routines. Choose an activity that makes you smile.


Full Moon in Aquarius

July 23rd, 2021, 10:37PM EDT

Lofty Community Ideals

The Moon slides into the egalitarian sign of Aquarius, just before preparing to show her cards at the Full Moon. The Full Moon always provides an opportunity to weigh opposites. Often, an area that feels difficult simply needs effort put in at the other end. In this case, the personal, engaging warmth of Leo provides contrast to the lofty, community ideals of Aquarius. Great ideas need to be relatable, and better yet, taken to heart.

Face Your Feelings With Courage

To prepare for the Full Moon, take a moment to engage in your preferred supportive ritual, like meditation or exercise. This helps you to keep an open and empathetic mindset through any difficulties ahead. Take advantage of the morning’s serious mood to complete any necessary tasks. When the absorbent Moon catches up with metamorphic Pluto a bit later, turn to face your own intense feelings with courage. Give yourself the solitude you need to handle it. This readies you for the Full Moon in Aquarius, which symbolizes the balance between a progressive interconnected vision and joyful personal engagement.

Generosity and Liberation

This Full Moon is the culmination of two cycles. From the one that started on July 10th with the New Moon in Cancer, consider what seed for nourishment you planted. If you are using the longer cycles, think back to February when you planted a seed to free yourself from old habits at the New Moon in Aquarius. Read below to get a personal take on the balance between generously giving and gaining freedom. If you know it, use your Rising Sign. If not, use your Sun Sign.

Aries: Notice that as you generously give love, your own sense of freedom expands with the support of your unique community of friends.

Taurus: Watch for how the closeness in your home and family illuminates your ability to bring innovative ideas into the outer world. The crown grows as the roots anchor.

Gemini: Notice that your wisdom grows as you give due diligence to your studies. As you complete details, the meaning you seek becomes apparent

Cancer: Tune into the connection between your ability to set boundaries with other people’s sensitivities and valuing your radiant self.

Leo: Watch how your primary relationships evolve as you fully invest in your own self-development.

Virgo: Notice that your capacity for spiritual growth and forgiveness grows as you commit exuberantly to daily practices

Libra: Notice how your own desire and inspiration for creative projects increases when you celebrate the success of others
Scorpio: Notice that when you celebrate enjoyable parts of your career, your family relationships become more robust and healthy.

Sagittarius: Notice that the joy of gaining wisdom from people from other cultures gives you innovative ideas about your own locale

Capricorn: Watch how your ability to be generous with other peoples’ intense emotional struggles allows you to see yourself and your own struggles with less attachment

Aquarius: Notice that the warmth that you receive as you nurture your intimate relationships serves as a guide to express and develop your most unique personal self.

Pisces: Notice that your connection to the collective feels effortless as you find a sense of playfulness within your daily practices.