Inner Balance

New Moon In Libra

September 25, 2022, 5:55PM EDT

Inner Balance
photo by S. Date

Meditation For Inner Balance

Inner Balance

At the New Moon in Libra, we start a new journey to find inner balance. When the Moon lines up with the Sun, it disappears into the Sun’s heart to initiate a new cycle. Libra symbolizes the concept of balance, which requires an understanding of all sides inside and out. The process of inner balance starts by noticing your internal dialogue, especially when interacting with others. As you tune in, you begin to master the art of the pause, which allows you to speak from a place of equanimity.

Balance And Communication

As a Cardinal Air sign, Libra creates opportunities for better discourse with each other. Learning to communicate effectively keeps the therapists in business. It is a hard skill to do well, especially as we wade through the layers of emotions in our relationships. Taking a pause, whether for a solo weekend or a single breath, grants a window of space for clear communication. Inner balance comes from taking the time to get to know your underlying values and desires, and speaking with this better understanding. It then becomes easier to truly listen to others. Above all else, Libra desires cooperation and symmetry, which when authentic, comes from internal evenness. Otherwise, Libra gets so concerned about the appearance of harmony that it loses touch with its own opinion, fails to make a decision, and falls out of equilibrium.

In Practice

This Libra season focuses the attention on communicating for the purpose of collaborating with others. Libra’s opposite sign of Aries plays a significant role, requiring that you find the courage to assert your individual viewpoint and risk conflict, without being overbearing or pompous. Balance is attained when you stand your own ground yet adopt a cooperative approach for common benefit. Pause with your feet on the ground to gather your thoughts, especially because your words hold hidden clout and may cut deeper that you intended. You also may need to lean on something intangible, like your spiritual practice or belief in compassion, to provide trust if clarity abandons you.

Using your Rising sign, read below to see where your need to cooperate with others plays out against your need to assert your autonomy. Also pay special attention to the empowerment that comes from your integrity in other parts of your life.

Aries: Notice the potential for increased harmony that comes from cooperating with your primary partnerships. Seek to expand your sense of self-awareness by asking what you need to develop for your evolution. Let your profession empower you.

Taurus: Review your overall health routines for balance. Connect with others to help get you on track. Be brave and engage them in deep conversations about consciousness. Open your mind to embrace different viewpoints.

Gemini: Recognize how you can apply equanimity as you give unconditional love to others. Find balance through playfulness. Use your exceptional leadership ability to say what needs to be said to your community. Let your ability to draw clear boundaries with others serve you.

Cancer: Include all of your family members in diplomatic conversations. Use self-discipline to exercise independence in your professional life to maintain balance. Feel the tremendous support that comes from your partnerships.

Leo: Celebrate your skill for evenhandedness as you interact with people in your daily environment and with your siblings. Your courage and independence appears in your ability to incorporate radically different viewpoints into your worldview. Draw great strength from well-chosen daily practices.

Virgo: Find an even keel regarding your ability to truly value yourself. Stand firm in your ability to assert clear boundaries as you work with the intense desires and values of others. Empowerment comes from your willingness to take risks for those you love.

Libra: Notice your tendency to seek harmony, regardless of your own emotional needs. Seek to cooperate with your own inner desires before committing to anything further in your primary partnerships. Let your family connections empower you.

Scorpio: Review your connection to your higher self though taking intentional time alone first, before sharing with others. Commit to a vigorous exercise plan or seek out a cause to aim your fierce energy. Let seemingly mundane daily conversations serve as a source of empowerment.

Sagittarius: Other people in your community recognize your diplomatic speaking abilities in group situations. Let this support galvanize your motivation for solo creative pursuits. As you more deeply value yourself, your resolve to create strengthens.

Capricorn: Recognize your exceptional skills at building cooperation in your professional life. Pioneer a new way of being in your home or family life. Empowerment comes from your serious integrity.

Aquarius: Your great ability for cooperative thinking gives you a broad equitable worldview. Be brave and speak your humanitarian and forward-thinking opinion loudly and clearly. Empowerment comes from your deep connection to your inner authority.

Pisces: Recognize your natural empathy and diplomacy in dealing with other people’s firmly held values. Make sure you stand tall in how you value yourself. Be empowered by the community that offers you unconditional support.

The first 20 minutes of the recording give a general overview of the New Moon, then you can use the timestamps below to go directly to your Rising and/or Sun signs: Aries: 22:36, Taurus: 24:29, Gemini: 26:06, Cancer: 29:10, Leo: 31:49, Virgo: 34:26, Libra: 37:07, Scorpio: 40:30, Sagittarius: 44:41, Capricorn: 47:04, Aquarius: 49:38, Pisces: 53:17

Communicate And Collaborate

Libra Season

Communicate And Collaborate
photo by S. Date

September 22 – October 23, 2022

A Template For Conscious Growth

With these zodiac sign seasonal articles, I explore the way the signs offer powerful tools for human living. The signs behave like mirrors, reflecting our human lives back to us and presenting a template for conscious growth and informed action. Read on for the astrological commentary on the month ahead, which focuses hugely on issues of communication. Really there couldn’t be a better time for this emphasis, as we lead up to the midterm elections in the United States. Please, talk to friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and encourage them to participate in democracy and vote!

The Nature Of Balance

The Sun breezing into Libra signifies the Equinox and bridges the gap between summer and winter. Libra emerges out of the minutiae of Virgo to provide the broader perspective of how we relate to others. The consummate partner, Libra seeks to connect through ideas and discourse. Its brilliance lies in wrangling diverse sets of people to the table, to hear, weigh, and mediate all sides. Many underestimate Libra, thinking it indecisive and dependent. While true that Libra sometimes loses its sense of self in the fervent striving for harmony, this viewpoint fails to recognize the dynamic nature of balance. Balance is not a destination, but rather a complex process that involves an enormous amount of thought, dialogue, listening, and effort. When our lives tilt out of balance due to things like a job loss, break-up, or illness, it takes considerable wherewithal to restore equilibrium.

Communicate And Collaborate

Overall, this Libra season demands intensive communication and collaboration for the purpose of solving relationship issues and social problems. Collaboration, according to Entangled Life author Merlin Sheldrake, weaves the opposing concepts of cooperation and competition together. Libra pertains to cooperation and achieves this by initiating the dialogue and building consensus. Jupiter and Chiron in Aries provides the counterbalance of competition, symbolizing the struggle between individuals and their differing needs, which personalizes and drives the conversation forward. In other words, we seek to balance independence and cooperation for the healthiest possible relationships. On the individual level, Libra season invites us to weigh our values and establish inner harmony, so that we may develop better balance in our relationships. Communication is absolutely paramount to this undertaking.

Dashed Expectations (September 22 – 25)

As you exit the previous cycle through releasing anxious thoughts, your attention shifts to your most important dynamic relationships. You may see or feel a genuine effort to reach a truce or find balance. Be receptive but pay attention to red flags. You may be tempted to put people on a pedestal, which only leads to dashed expectations.

Inner Balance (September 25 – October 2)

At the New Moon on September 25, plant a seed for inner balance for the weeks ahead. From a brief moment of clarity, you may quickly arrive at a decision. Before you act, pause to analyze your thought process and come from a place of mental steadiness. Any communication you make at this time has a huge gift of empowerment behind it, so choose wisely. The potential to transform a relationship appears, to either encounter new depths or liberate it altogether. Approach with a cooperative attitude though be willing to assert yourself. On October 2, Mercury stations direct in Virgo to retread known territory. Despite some fogginess, trust that each next step will materialize as you reach for it.

Execute Your Strategy (October 2-9)

At the First Quarter Moon, execute your strategy to balance independence with your desire for togetherness. This is a serious effort, requiring that when you speak, your voice come from a deeply anchored place of inner integrity and power. Slow-moving Pluto turns direct on October 8, indicating a switch in the political, cultural or global arena. The issue of toxic aggressive behavior may become more visible, which at least it brings the problem into clear view to be addressed. Despite the intensity, remember that equilibrium is a natural state we all desire, so continue to work on yours.

The Inclusive Perspective (October 9-17)

The Full Moon in Aries illuminates the central dynamic between self and other. It also permits a deeper look at the root causes of aggression. Behind this blaming and destructive reactivity exists unexamined insecurities, arising from a deep feeling of separateness and resulting in desperate grabs for control. Fortunately, Mercury’s return to Libra reinvigorates the possibility of generating a thoughtful, kind, reasonable, and inclusive perspective. Reflect on what conversations you want to have with loved ones. For that matter, consider what conversations you’d like humanity to have for the sake of a healthier balance. Bring ideas with merit to group discussions. Even if you feel like the words aren’t coming out right, you are much more charismatic that you realize. Current astrological patterns continue to indicate multiple opportunities to connect with others through ideas.

Air Out Your Relationships (October 17-23)

Towards the end of Libra season, yet another major chance to speak on behalf of equity and inclusion occurs, as both the Sun and Venus enter a harmonious aspect with Mars in Gemini. Time to stand up for fair and free elections, and the right of people to vote! The most challenging aspect of Libra season then occurs on October 19 and 20, in the form of a power struggle. Any buried issues previously swept under the carpet now arise, unbidden. Embrace the refreshing starkness of honesty, and let it air out your relationships. Your willingness to do this prepares you for the necessary purging of Scorpio season.

In this month’s recording, Laurie and I focus on how the “grand trine” of air energy, as well as the question of autonomy and cooperation, impacts you according to your Rising sign. Remember, you may experience these components more or less vividly, depending on your own horoscope.  Time stamps: Aries: 22:52, Taurus: 28:44, Gemini: 36:10, Cancer: 42:47, Leo: 51:18, Virgo: 59:33, Libra: 1:06:52, Scorpio: 1:15:56, Sagittarius: 1:26:09, Capricorn: 1:31:37, Aquarius: 1:38:45, Pisces: 1:45:55.

Release Anxious Thoughts

Gemini Last Quarter Moon

September 17, 2022, 5:52pm EDT

Release Anxious Thoughts
by S. Date

Meditation to Ground The Body And Calm The Mind

Release Anxious Thoughts

With the final week of Virgo season in view, recall that the waning half Moon symbolizes emptying out to make room for something new. The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini cues an invitation to release anxious thoughts. The current Gemini/Virgo dynamic suggests stress between your ingrained mental patterns and your ability to discern what is truly important, especially in your close relationships. Therefore, be curious about the internal narrative that drives your behavior.

In Practice

First, identify the difference between anxiety and fear. Anxiety emerges as mental vigilance against constant stress, while primal fear wells up from your body to deal with an immediate threat. Anxiety wears you down, while fear can save your life. Second, use curiosity – another Gemini signification – to gently prod at the reasons for anxious thinking. We often perseverate on frustrating social interactions, wishing we had behaved differently. Or we cling onto thoughts as a way to try and control the future. In both cases, it perpetuates the holding of tension and creates more stress, rather than resolving anything. Once you recognize this “holding,” you can physically picture yourself setting aside the thought. Use the exhalation of your breath with a mantra to replace anxiety-provoking thoughts. Or, check out and try the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Incorporate these simple practices of surrender into your daily routine.

Trust The Process

Virgo season has given us a window to reestablish routines for necessary daily tasks. Perhaps anchoring in your physical body helped you to simplify, implement a new philosophy, and open to greater compassion. During this time, you may be feeling the strain between autonomy and cooperation in your relationships, requiring your inner review. Pay particular attention to how you communicate, as angry words hang within easy reach. Adventure in the outdoors with fun friends and give yourself permission to focus on simple tasks. If clarity isn’t available, you must trust the process.

Your Capacity For Compassion

Full Moon In Pisces

September 10, 2022, 5:59am EDT

Your Capacity For Compassion
Water Lilies by C. Monet


“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.  Without them humanity cannot survive.” ~ Dalai Lama

Your Capacity For Compassion

The Full Moon in Pisces shines a light on the human ability to idealize and dream up whole new worlds, as a counterbalance to the dry, efficient Virgo season. For the Sun in Virgo and the opposing Pisces Moon illustrate the tug-of-war between the tedium of necessary tasks and the seductive lure of the untamed imagination. This Full Moon also challenges you to stay tethered to tangible things, like your body and your routines, while allowing your capacity for compassion and understanding to expand.

The Cool Balm Of Empathy

While both Virgo and Pisces are deeply concerned with being helpful to others, they differ in the method and scale. Virgo rolls up its sleeves and sets about cleaning up, making food, and tinkering with the sound system. Meanwhile, intuitive Pisces aims to heal by applying the cool balm of empathy and forgiveness to suffering. To stay in balance, this sensitive sign requires quiet retreat, transcendent art, or immersion in mystic states. The chief danger for Pisces occurs when it loses touch with reality, withdraws completely from the world, or succumbs to the lies and delusions of others.

Think Before You Speak

Part of reestablishing your routines during this Virgo season includes taking refuge in stillness to contemplate your ideals. As the week unfolds, you may discover an opportunity to act on these ideals immediately, in a way that creates a new opening. With Mercury now retrograde in Libra, you benefit from slowing down and reviewing your relationships. Despite desiring harmony, you may feel a dispute brewing. Make a commitment to think before you speak. Resist the urge to make cutting verbal remarks. Instead, be curious about the other person’s point of view and access the empathy you cultivated at the Full Moon. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Grounding And Transcendence

Let the energy of the Full Moon in Pisces infuse you with a sense of compassion for all beings. Enjoy your time in an elevated magical or intuitive state before coming back down to earth. When you stay grounded in the area of life that holds the sign of Virgo, you liberate another area for transcendent growth.

Aries: Anchor your body through your health and fitness routines so that you can retreat to inner stillness and contemplate your connection to the collective.

Taurus: Diligently commit to creative pursuits that bring you joy and be willing to share your vision with your community. You may be surprised at the level of unconditional support you receive.

Gemini: Take care of your home space and family members so that you can more easily offer your empathetic emotional energy in your profession or public life.

Cancer: Navigate your daily life with skill and efficiency so you focus your full attention on opening your mind to inspirational visions and mystical thoughts.

Leo: Find ground through getting your own values and finances on track, which clears the way for you to know what you can offer to others with unconditional compassion.

Virgo: Take care of your practical needs first so that you can be available and empathetic to what others need in your one-on-one connections.

Libra: Meditate on your inner convictions and your considerable organizational skills so that you can take the steps you need to bring a touch of magic and inspiration to your daily health routines.

Scorpio: As you apply your utilitarian skills to help your community, welcome the love you receive in return. Let this free you to find inspiration in your imaginative creative pursuits.

Sagittarius: As you increase your competence and efficiency in your professional or public life, see how it liberates you to bring an empathetic and intuitive perspective into your home life.

Capricorn: Notice your easy ability to employ broad perspectives and critical thinking into your worldview. Let your inspiring ideals uplift the ordinary day-to-day living with empathy.

Aquarius: Use your practical skills to set clear boundaries with others, so that you can find deeper self-love, the hardest spiritual practice.

Pisces: Recognize how your significant organizational skills benefit your partnerships. Embrace your sensitive character and honor your transcendent ability to dream of a better world.

Implement Your Visionary Idea

First Quarter Moon At 11º Sagittarius

September 3, 2022, 2:08pm EDT

Implement Your Visionary Idea
photo by S. Date

Implement Your Visionary Idea

Just one week after you planted a seed to keep it simple, you may find yourself at a crossroads between a visionary idea and practical reality. Remember that the First Quarter Moon, with the perfect split between dark and light, signifies a time to take action in the face of conflict. In this case, make a plan to implement your visionary idea so that you can walk your talk and share your experiences with others.

Practical Service

Sagittarius, according to Jim Morrison, is the most philosophical of all the signs. Like a fire clearing out the underbrush, incandescent Sagittarius spreads ideas through humor, preaching, or exploration. The trouble begins when Sagittarius expounds upon its opinion without being willing to incorporate the thoughts or needs of others, becoming unbearably self-righteous. At the First Quarter Moon, the Virgo Sun gently but persistently nudges optimistic Sagittarius to ground its ideas and be of practical service to others.

A New Philosophy

As you reestablish routine this Virgo Season, the Sagittarius Moon challenges you to implement a new philosophy into your daily or weekly habits. Fabulous ideas without utility fall short. Take the cue from the earthy Virgo Sun to fully inhabit your physical body, as you explore a new environment, event, or fitness class. Be aware of excessive ambient heat in the current social-emotional climate. Small irritants can easily trigger short fuses and wreak havoc in your personal relationships. Notice any impulse to lash out. Instead step back, find center, and see the humor in life’s situations. This approach allows your passion to emerge as wisdom, rather than fueling immature reactions and tired old arguments.

Keep It Simple

New Moon In Virgo

August 27, 2022, 4:17am EDT

Keep It Simple

Meditation To Ground The Body And Calm The Mind

Keep It Simple

The New Moon in Virgo occurs during the most intense two days of Virgo Season, as we attempt to reestablish routine. Therefore, at this time, put the emphasis on practical tasks that keep your hands busy and your mind calm. This could include things like tidying up your meditation space, organizing the kitchen, working in a garden, or volunteering at the local food shelf. Any activity that turns your attention to the nourishment of self and others will do. Just keep it simple.

Stay Grounded

The Virgo archetype refers to the ability to analyze any situation, discern who or what needs the most help, and then implement the optimal plan. No other sign can be so thoughtful, thorough, and efficient. However, Virgo can spin out into anxiety and internal berating when the mind becomes separated from the anchor of the body. For this reason, as we enter the challenges of August 27 and 28, it is crucial that you stay grounded in your physical body.

Relationship Stress

In astrology, the lightening-fast, messenger planet Mercury rules Virgo. Mercury is currently slowing down and preparing to turn retrograde on September 9. Pay special attention to your important relationships, as whatever comes up now you will need to re-address later on in the month. In fact, some of you might already be feeling relationship stress. Tune into your values or expectations to locate the internal source of the conflict. Maybe something that used to be fun has suddenly turned too serious. Or perhaps you need to mature and step up the commitment. Either way take action, though be mindful with your communication as angry words hover within reach.

The Simplicity Of Helpfulness

Using your Rising sign (or Sun sign), read below for ideas of what seed to plant at this New Moon. Remember, any work you do benefits not only you but all those around you as well. In this chaotic world, the simplicity of helpfulness provides respite.

Aries: Plant a seed to get your health and wellness routines on track. Ground yourself with simple practices that feel nourishing. A challenge may arise in the form of provocation from someone you don’t know well, or a sibling. Take refuge in your breath or by going on a walk.

Taurus: Plant a seed to ground yourself through creative pursuits or playful time with young ones. Notice if negative feelings around your self-worth interfere with your joy. Be curious about this inner irritant rather than reacting.

Gemini: Plant a seed to find ground at home and with family. Be aware of grumpiness and frustration derailing your plan. Give yourself time to burn off some steam before getting annoyed with family members.

Cancer: Plant a seed to find ground through engaging in a writing practice, rather than venting verbally. Notice unconscious patterns of negative thinking and how they fuel your suffering. Put that into the writing practice as well.

Leo: Plant a seed to find ground through self-love, the hardest spiritual practice. Notice a challenge that comes from your community, which ultimately regards your ability to trust and receive love from others. Bravely open the door with curiosity.

Virgo: Plant a seed to recognize yourself as a service-oriented person, above all else. Recognize the challenge that comes from your work, either from an authority figure or your own struggle to make a contribution that feels meaningful.

Libra: Plant a seed to practice selfless service to help others, which allows you to grapple with your own sense of suffering. Notice if you feel disappointed by someone you held in high esteem. Rather than getting angry, be curious about your expectations.

Scorpio: Plant a seed to find ground by being of service to your community. Allow your community to love and support you. Be prepared for a challenge that may appear as criticism from someone else. Stand up for yourself without unnecessary aggression.

Sagittarius: Plant a seed to enhance and improve the service you offer as part of your professional work, without self-judgment. Notice a challenge or conflict either coming from or directed at your partnerships. Rather than turn something into a battle, confront the other to understand the issue and then address it.

Capricorn: Plant a seed to seek quiet pursuits that open your mind, like reading and studying. Recognize a challenge that impacts your ability to rely on your normal routines. Rather than fighting it, try incorporating something new.

Aquarius: Plant a seed to create a simple ritual, like burning sage daily, so that you can stay grounded when dealing with other people’s intense emotions. Prepare for a challenge that comes from someone or some activity that you expected just to be fun. Rather than get frustrated, get curious as to what happened.

Pisces: Plant a seed to engage in simple tasks that help out your relationship. Be clear about your priorities, and don’t be surprised if a challenge appears in your home life. Take a breath before you turn to face it.

Watch AstroPath’s (Hidden Path + Astrolore) New Moon In Virgo video.  Here are the timestamps for your Rising or Sun sign:  Aries: 18:18 Taurus: 21:00 Gemini: 24:00 Cancer: 26:05 Leo: 29:50 Virgo: 34:14 Libra: 37:52 Scorpio: 42:18 Sagittarius: 45:40 Capricorn: 49:55 Aquarius: 53:54 Pisces: 58:33

Virgo Season: Reestablish Routine

Reestablish Routine
photo by S. Date

Sun Settles Into Virgo, August 22 – September 22, 2022


If you live in New England, check out cousins Sarah and Lizzie Woolf’s awesome Cards & Crystals event for a unique experience in the Vermont countryside. Perfect for your mid-Virgo season metaphysical health check-up!

A Template For Growing Consciously

These zodiac sign seasonal articles explore the way the signs hold powerful kernels of knowledge for human living. In this viewpoint, rather than suggesting that the zodiac is “doing something to us,” we see instead that the signs offer a template for growing consciously and finding balance. Read on for some clues on the month ahead, so that you can decide how to optimize this energy in your life.

Reestablish Routine

Remembering that the zodiac turns like a wheel, Virgo season comes in and settles down the dramatic sociable Leo vibe before we all get burned out. An adaptable earth sign, Virgo signifies the time to buckle down, get organized, and reestablish routine. Notice the calming effect of this on your animal body, which needs regularity to re-set the nervous system. In addition, part of the Virgo process involves discernment, the ability to see potential clearly and then separate the grain from the chaff. This may be why it holds the unfortunate reputation for being critical and ensnared in minutiae. Usually the unbalanced version indicates that the mind has lost connection with the body, creating an anxious and neurotic state. The high road of Virgo means being rooted in your physical body, so that you can apply your analytical mental energy to practical service.

Set It And Let It

Overall, this Virgo season invites you to set your schedule and then let the resultant structure give you a bit of breathing room. Similarly, consider that if you stand in good posture, your skeleton supports you and allows you to breathe properly. With space, you may find a moment to think about the bigger picture and contemplate how you want to relate to the world.

Empowered Speaking (August 22–27)

The season begins with an opportunity for empowered speaking. You may be extra persuasive and vehement in your viewpoints, especially when discussing your beliefs about what is meant by freedom and revolution. Ideally, use this time to bring up difficult issues that really need to be discussed for the benefit of everyone, and to heal a wound in one of your normally more playful relationships.

Nourish Your Mind (August 27-September 3)

When we reach the New Moon on August 27, the three most challenging planetary contacts of Virgo season occur within the same timeframe. With Venus squaring Uranus and opposing Saturn, you might discover that some kind of break-up is inevitable, unless you find a way to create more independence and trust. Seek the longer-term perspective to give you guidance, though plan on taking action either way. With Mars now in talkative Gemini and squaring the Sun, pay particular attention to how you communicate, as your passion may easily slip into anger. Use the New Moon to nourish your mind with grounding practices.

Practicality Takes Precedence (September 3-10)

The First Quarter Moon temporarily brings more heat to the equation, so watch for inflammatory responses. Fortunately, with both the Moon and Venus dropping into earth signs, practicality takes precedence. Moving slowly helps you find center, in preparation for the Mercury retrograde starting on September 9. Prepare to revisit something left undone in the realm of relationships.

Idealistic Path For Awakening (September 10-17)

On September 10, the Full Moon illuminates the idealistic path for awakening. Allow yourself to contemplate what life could be like if humanity awakened to its natural heritage as stewards of this Earth. Share this vitally important vision with friends and community and find an action to take. This is a great time to support democracy by encouraging others to vote.

Anchor Through Your Physical Body (September 17-22)

As Virgo season closes down the final week of summer, and winter in the Southern Hemisphere, ask yourself what idea you might need to let go of to make room for something new. Be curious rather than anxious about what arises. Notice the fine balance between autonomy and cooperation in your relationships. Find anchor through your physical body, as you walk, lie on the ground, or rest your hands on a tree trunk.

Watch AstroPath’s (Hidden Path teams up with Laurie Farrington of Astrolore) Virgo season video below, using the timestamps to skip ahead to your Rising sign:

Aries: 16:07
Taurus: 20:41
Gemini: 27:21
Cancer: 32:11
Leo: 38:24
Virgo: 46:59
Libra: 55:31
Scorpio: 1:06:20
Sagittarius: 1:17:33
Capricorn: 1:26:07
Aquarius: 1:33:44
Pisces: 1:42:39

Relinquish Attachment

Relinquish Attachment

Taurus Last Quarter Moon

August 19, 2022, 12:36am EDT

Relinquish Attachment

When our favorite silvery orb drops into earthy Taurus, we arrive at the Last Quarter Moon. The waning light of the half Moon symbolizes the crisis of having to let something go. Since Taurus values concrete results and predictability, this phase suggests we must relinquish attachment to a specific outcome and accept what is, however uncomfortable.

Present In The Now

The main task of Leo Season has been learning to live from our authentic hearts in a joyful embrace of the present moment. At the New Moon, we kicked off the plan by warmly showing appreciation to those who love and support us. At the Scorpio First Quarter Moon, out of necessity, we grappled with unpleasant, unconscious, or intense emotions to understand our own motives. During the Full Moon, we extended our feelings beyond the personal to embrace the shared human condition. Now with the Taurus Last Quarter Moon, we must make peace with the actual result of our efforts and release the desire for things to be different. This phase gives you the opportunity to let go of difficulties that arose during the past month, clearing the way to be present in the now. Don’t forget to share love and laughs with dear friends.

Effort And Ease

Imagine if you never let anything go, never retired a fruitless project, composted food waste from the fridge, or ended a toxic relationship. Like a spider in a carcass-laden old web, you would become mired down in expired detritus. It is so important to release unreasonable expectations and emotional baggage in order to welcome new experiences. To help you do this, engage in simple practical tasks with clear endings. Alternately, find the solid ground within yourself through the practice of yoga, which balances effort and ease even in the trickiest of poses. Recognize that your efforts serve as powerful nutrients for the next cycle that begins on August 27.

Open Heart, Open Mind

What Comes Into View
photo by S. Date

Full Moon In Aquarius

August 11, 2022, 9:35pm EDT

What Comes Into View

As the Moon continues its travels through the phases of Leo season, we arrive at the Full Moon in Aquarius. The peak of the cycle, the Full Moon symbolizes the blossom of the seed you planted to show appreciation at the New Moon July 28th. Here, it refers to extending your heart-centered viewpoint to include the greater collective of humanity. What lesson have you learned in the past two weeks that now comes into view?

Open Heart, Open Mind

In a lot of ways, the axis between Leo and Aquarius illuminates the necessity of staying connected to your heart while thinking about how to contribute to a better life for everyone. Air sign Aquarius holds lofty ideals yet subscribes to a problem-solving mindset, inventing solutions ahead of its time.   Sometimes Aquarius moves too far into the conceptual realm and loses the ability to relate to others. When you walk the path of self-knowledge, you begin to realize the irony that feeling separate is a shared human experience. The Leo Sun helps bring this back into balance, by emphasizing the importance of warmly showing your appreciation for others, which makes people feel seen and included.

In Practice

The Full Moon occurs right at the peak of a second wave of Leo season’s intensity, revealing the cracks in the foundation of our current systems. Our world needs our unflinching vision and honesty as we face the truth of our various predicaments. Now is the time to serve as a witness for other people as they grapple with their challenges. Be willing to create new alliances with unlikely accomplices. Welcome breakthrough insights and radically different viewpoints. Find common ground with others through intellectual pursuits. Solutions come through perseverance and commitment. Using your Rising (or Sun) sign, read below to see where this Full Moon impacts your natal chart.

Aries: Open your heart to loved ones. Feel a sense of freedom as you receive support from your unique community as you give.

Taurus: Celebrate the deep roots of love in your family. Recognize how this sturdy base gives rise to a sense of freedom in your vocation.

Gemini: Move through your immediate environment with generosity. Notice how this expands your humanitarian perspective.

Cancer: Offer yourself unconditional love, foibles and all. Feel able to draw clear, respectful boundaries with others.

Leo: Invest in your own self-development. Watch how your primary relationships evolve as you commit to a next step.

Virgo: Recognize your capacity for spiritual growth and forgiveness. Let your daily practices grant you emotional liberation.

Libra: Celebrate the success of others. Notice how your own desire and inspiration for creative projects increases.
Scorpio: Tune into the most enjoyable parts of your career. Let this bring in a deeper appreciation for your family life.

Sagittarius: Enjoy gaining wisdom from people from other cultures. See inventive solutions in your own local nooks with a fresh eye.

Capricorn: Be generous with other peoples’ intense emotional struggles and darker sides. Let this help free you from your own emotional struggles and see your value from a higher plane.

Aquarius: Shine a bright joyful light into your primary relationships. Let this serve as a guide to express your own unique you.

Pisces: Find a sense of playfulness within your daily practices. Notice how this illuminates your connection to the divine.

Knowing Yourself Inside And Out

Knowing Yourself Inside And Out

Leo Season: First Quarter Moon In Scorpio

August 5, 2022, 7:06 am EDT

Conflict And Growth

Through each zodiac season, the Moon phases can be used to track your progress on anything you are working on. The Moon’s position relative to the Sun defines the phases and serves as a visible monthly calendar. Just a week into the new cycle, the waxing first quarter Moon appears with its face divided into two halves. The sharp contrast between light and dark suggests a time of conflict and growth. In this case, the broody Scorpio Moon pits against the bright Leo Sun.

Knowing Yourself Inside And Out

Studying the contrast between fiery Leo and watery Scorpio teaches you the importance of knowing yourself inside and out. Recall that radiant Leo’s path involves living from the heart, in order to lead the way with confidence, generosity, and appreciation for others. Scorpio, on the other hand, delves deep into complex subterranean emotional territory. Like a detective, it prefers to stay out of the spotlight so that it may examine the root cause. When you persist and wrangle these two potent energies to work together, you find the confidence to express your creative self with a full awareness of your depth. In essence, you can’t live fully from the heart until you have reckoned with the deeper emotional content that drives you. Only through doing the necessary work can you be an open channel to express appreciation and truly feel gratitude.

In Practice

Leo season presents two waves of significant challenge, with the quarter moon occurring right before the second wave. With the Moon in Scorpio, be willing to shed the skin of old emotional habits that have outlived their usefulness. Examine your motives before engaging with others. If you feel a lot of angst, consider burning off energy with intense physical pursuits, such as mountain biking. No matter what, find an outlet for your feelings so you can welcome the information they provide. Difficult feelings are signposts, meant to guide you in your growth. Harness the power of the Leo Sun to stay present to whatever arises. Remember, we often shine the brightest in our hardest moments.