Scorpio Full Moon

April 26, 2021, 11:31p.m. EDT

The Hidden Forces Beneath

A calm lake bathes in full moonlight. But what hidden forces lie beneath? This is the question posed by the mysterious and powerful Scorpio Full Moon. We arrive at the peak of the cycle that began with the intention to harness courage at the Aries New Moon on April 11th.

The Sacred In The Ordinary

Full Moons describe the natural human condition of dealing with paradox. In this case, the practical stability of the earthy Taurus Sun opposes the intense, transforming concerns of the Scorpio Moon. Taurus establishes material resources and maintains tranquility, sometimes to the fault of becoming possessive and obstinate. On the other hand, Scorpio demands depth and passion, diving beneath to investigate psychological ramifications. Descending too far means getting ensnared in obsession or negativity.

Finding the sweet spot between Taurus and Scorpio means eliminating accumulated detritus and turning turmoil into practical accomplishment. We recover a sense of the sacred in the ordinary. It becomes possible to be vulnerable AND grounded in our most intimate relationships.

Constructive Use Of Power

This Full Moon tangles with the most prominent theme of the year, as we continue to witness seismic shifts in the old paradigm. This struggle ripples across all levels of society, drawing our attention to race inequity and supply chain issues. The Scorpio Moon shines a penetrating light through the thin veneer of niceties, revealing the rusting undergirding beneath. This is the time to grapple with the constructive use of power and systemic transformation.

Your Role

Two weeks ago, you considered where you want to harness courage in your own life. Now observe how that action has transformed your life. Using your Rising Sign (if you don’t know it, use your Sun Sign), look at the area illuminated by the Scorpio Full Moon.



At the New Moon, you: Allowed bold self-expression in how you present yourself

Now: Notice how it triggers or emboldens others in your private life



At the New Moon, you: Bravely faced how you block your own path

Now: Notice the liberating impact on your intimate partnerships



At the New Moon, you: Fearlessly built a community that supports your goals

Now: Notice how this enlivens your self-improvement goals



At the New Moon, you: Initiated an audacious new plan in your career

At Full Moon: Notice the importance of fully engaging your creative powers



At New Moon, you: Enrolled in an adventurous course of study to open your mind

Now: Notice feeling firmly rooted as you allow a metamorphosis



At New Moon, you: Acted to free yourself from any debts, financial or otherwise

Now: Notice how this frees up mental energy for daily pursuits



At the New Moon, you: Took a risk for your primary relationship

Now: Notice how this deepens and elevates your self esteem



At the New Moon, you: Began a new health regimen or volunteer opportunity

Now: Notice something profound that you’ve become newly aware of



At the New Moon, you: Dauntlessly showed love through creative acts

Now: Watch your efforts help alleviate suffering and enhance compassion



At the New Moon, you: Made a daring change to your home or your role in the family

Now: Watch this catalyze the community around you



At the New Moon, you: Spoke decisively to face a situation in your immediate environment

Now: Notice the possibility for major change in your vocation



At the New Moon, you: Committed to fierce, deep self-love for the betterment of all

Now: Notice if it dramatically expands your vision of the world


New Moon In Aries

April 11, 2021, 10:31P.M. EDT Northern Hemisphere

Make A Brazen Move

In The Hunger Games, hero Katniss makes a brazen move to take her young sister’s place as a gladiator in the Games, facing certain death. This spring’s New Moon in Aries runs along those same lines, delivering a clear message to take bold, daring action.

A Decisive New Plan

With Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron in fiery Aries, initiating a decisive new plan takes center stage. Pioneering any project, process, or political movement requires courage to plunge ahead into the unknown. On a darker note, Aries can easily be provoked into combat and aggression, leaving behind a path of destruction. Examples of this shadow version are rampant in the news. The more spiritually aligned Warrior becomes the torch of courage for others, and taking action on behalf of those who cannot. In the ancient practice of yoga, Aries symbolizes tapas, or the building of the heat in the body to burn out toxins.

Say What Needs To Be Said

This time in particular shows the importance of leadership, to say what needs to be said, regardless of who may be offended or disagree. As individuals, developing the courage to speak up for truth impacts all those around you. It entails venturing through our own unconscious patterns, to successfully direct fierce intent into worthy causes. This is empowerment.

Harness Courage

Consider where you want to harness courage in your own life. Take advantage of this action-packed energy to start something brave and new.  Using your Rising Sign (if you don’t know it, use your Sun Sign), read below for to see where this lands in your horoscope.

Aries: Allow bold self-expression in how you present yourself to the world

Taurus: Bravely face how you block your own path

Gemini: Be fearless as you build a community that supports your goals

Cancer: Initiate an audacious new plan in your career

Leo: Enroll in an adventurous course of study to open your mind

Virgo: Act to free yourself from any debts, financial or otherwise

Libra: Take a risk for your primary relationship

Scorpio: Begin a new health regimen or volunteer for a local nonprofit

Sagittarius: Dauntlessly show love through creative acts

Capricorn: Make a daring change to your home or your role in the family

Aquarius: Speak up decisively to face a situation in your immediate environment

Pisces: Commit to fierce, deep self-love for the betterment of all

Full Moon in Libra

March 28, 2021, 2:48p.m. EDT

You and Me

The Full Moon in Libra calls out the classic dilemma between self and other. All humans need to live in their own skin, while relating and interacting with others. This is the dance between independence and togetherness.

Face Fear, Seek Harmony

The Sun in fierce Aries signifies the beginning of spring. Like bears yawning in a cave, buried seeds stir awake in response. On a personal level, Aries lessons involve learning courage through facing fear, with the assertive, independent approach of the Warrior. Aggression, impulsive decisions, and a shoot-first-ask-questions-later mentality characterize the dark side. On the other hand, the Full Libra Moon seeks harmony, diplomacy, and justice. It offers the multi-dimensional view of being able to see and mediate all sides. Yet beware the need for peace at any cost.

Befriending Yourself

The poet Nikki Giovanni says, “If you don’t understand yourself, you don’t understand anybody else.” Finding healthy balance in relationships requires knowing and befriending yourself. At the soul level, relationships serve as mirrors. Pointing fingers at the other merely reveals your own vulnerability. The Aries-Libra polarity, done well, advances the cause of interdependence by balancing personal and social power.

Air Grievances

At the Pisces New Moon on March 13th, we focused on inward healing and empathy. At the Full Moon, we see an inflamed wound coming to the surface. Now is the time to air grievances in any of your relationships. Take a deep breath, anchor your feet to the ground, and speak bravely from a place of equanimity.


Consider where this dynamic is taking place in your own life. What action can you take to help bring about balance? Use your Rising Sign (if you don’t know it, use your Sun Sign) to see where the clues of astrology lead you.

Aries: Fight for justice for others

Taurus: Improve yourself through exercise or a craft

Gemini: Take a risk for love

Cancer: Nurture your family of origin

Leo: Talk to a neighbor or local shopkeeper

Virgo: Expand your notion of your self worth

Libra: Advocate for yourself

Scorpio: Commit an act of selfless service

Sagittarius: Share intentional time with a group of friends

Capricorn: Develop your career as a contribution to society

Aquarius: Connect with someone from another culture

Pisces: Give money to help someone with less than you


Entrance of Sun into Aries

The Vernal Equinox

March 20th, 2021, 5:37a.m. EDT

At the Vernal Equinox, the Sun reaches peak height over the equator, gracing the Northern Hemisphere with its warm, optimistic presence. The entrance of the Sun into Aries signifies the first day of spring and the massive mobilization of resources needed for a new start.

To grasp the essence of Aries, consider the sheer force of a seed cracking open and pushing its way through the dense soil, or the angry ferocity of a screaming hungry baby. Picture the effort and risk-taking required to land the Rover on Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries. Above all other signs, Aries displays courage in the face of adversity, expressing the archetypes of the Pioneer and the Warrior.

Feel the stirring of spring deep down in your roots, as the north shakes off winter’s cloak. Burn off physical energy with a hike in the leafless woods before returning home to incinerate last year’s debris in the fire pit. Use this time to ignite motivation and take action on your goals.


New Moon In Pisces

March 13, 2021, 5:21a.m. EST

Bathe In Stillness

Due to the enhanced gravitational pull, ocean tides rise higher at the New Moon. A New Moon in Pisces particularly suggests physical, mental, and emotional cleansing, while marking the last official week of winter. We draw inward for a final bathe in quiet stillness before the dynamic launch into spring.

Love the Wave

Magical elusive Pisces swims and darts in the vast and boundless depths of the ocean, relishing in simply being alive. As the archetypal Mystic, it lifts us above commonplace human existence with ideals and sage wisdom. Contemplate a world without hate, in which radical empathy exists as the mainstream emotional stance. That world comes from the willingness to turn inwards, to befriend, nourish, and transcend the self. To love the wave is to love the ocean.

Empowered Dream

The Pisces New Moon occupies the crosshairs of the essential struggle of 2021, between the old crumbling paradigm and a new one intent on breaking free. This open space of imagination is amplified by the presence of omniscient Neptune and harmonious Venus. We experience a powerful moment to dream of a healed world, and then embody this ideal in a communicated form, such as poetry, ballet, or Tai Chi.

Heal Your Wounds

All humans carry around wounds. Consider what kind of healing you need and start with simply being there for yourself. Take up a meditation practice, a gentle cleansing regime, a poetry course, or allow yourself more naptime. Using your Rising Sign (or if you don’t know it, use your Sun Sign), read below to determine which area of life needs your kind inward attention at this Pisces New Moon.

Aries: selfless service for the collective

Taurus: your relationship to groups

Gemini: the effects of hierarchy on your spirit

Cancer: your connection to teachers

Leo: how you cope with others people’s baggage

Virgo: all ilk of partnership

Libra: taking care of your body and energy field

Scorpio: the young inner you and creativity acts

Sagittarius: the family stew

Capricorn: your relationship to siblings or dear friends

Aquarius: the way your value your resources

Pisces: make your self your best friend

Full Moon In Virgo

photo by Sarah Date

February 27, 2021

The Cosmic Mirror

Every Full Moon mirrors the human condition of contending with opposites. Whenever we feel pulled in two directions, we must evaluate the two ends to find the right path. This is particularly true in the case of intangible Pisces and detail-oriented Virgo, which asks us to keep the boundless mystical realms in mind as we go to work to pay the bills.

An Unsung Hero

The Sun in Pisces reflects the big picture, dreams, and transcendent vision. As the final sign of the astrological “year”, Pisces is concerned with endings, as all things must slide back into the primordial ocean, to remix with the unvaried stream of life. On the other hand, the Virgo Full Moon suggests sharp focus on the specifics, analyzing, and paring down for optimal efficiency. Virgo is an unsung hero in astrology, often gaining a bad rap as being prickly, petty, and critical. However, Virgo rolls up her sleeves like Mother Teresa, offering a helping hand to anyone in need, without hesitation. Where Pisces sacrifices for the sake of the ideal, Virgo busies itself more like a social worker, taking care of the logistics of finding housing or locating ingredients for the communal soup. Moon in Virgo brims with insight and humbly quests for a way to make a meaningful contribution.

Inextricable Interconnection

The journey of the Moon began on February 11th, when six planets (six!) joined together to bang us over the head and wake us up. Since then, on the journey away from the Sun, the Moon absorbed messages from each of the planets she encountered. These concern our inextricable interconnection to each other and nature, the collective wound requiring healing, and the immediate need for action. The Moon’s contact with the North Node represents the absolute importance of communicating and listening to each other. In this way, the Moon brings the deeper meaning of the times to our attention in her brightest configuration.

For You

Using your Rising Sign (or if you don’t know it, your Sun Sign) read below for tips on how best to harness the workhorse energy of the Virgo Moon.

Aries: Be meticulous in your self-improvement practices

Taurus: Find the joy in diligent work routines

Gemini: Tidy up your inner house

Cancer: Humbly communicate your insights

Leo: Recognize and uphold the resource of competence

Virgo: Be authentic and kind in your keen judgment

Libra: Experience redemption through service to others

Scorpio: Ask your friends to help you help others

Sagittarius: Let service to others be your boss

Capricorn: Search for meaning with diligence and precision

Aquarius: Let insight cut through power dynamics with others

Pisces: Employ kindness as your primary relationship tool

Sun Moves Into Pisces

Mystic Waters

February 18th, 2021

The Sun slips down into the ocean of Pisces, bringing winter to its end. In the cold reaches of the Northern Hemisphere, we dream of green life as we ache for warmer temperatures.  Ethereal, elusive Pisces signifies the dreamworld, the mysteries of life, and unknowable realms.  Take advantage of these quiet days of February and March to commune inwardly with the soul of the collective. Nestle into a magical story with a cup of hot cocoa, and let your imagination roam worlds beyond your physical reality. Connect with the divine and let your human mortality guide you to appreciate the oneness of all life.  Above all, Pisces reminds us of our place in the vastness of the universe, and shows us the way to move our spirit beyond the bounds of culture, structure, and separation.





New Moon in Aquarius

February 11, 2021 2:06PM EDT

The Rogue Wizard

At the last Winter Solstice, astrologers and astronomers alike sung homage to the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Similarly, the next New Moon shows a rare and powerful Aquarian concentration, extending this progressive storyline. Like a rogue wizard, brilliant Aquarius wanders outside the confines of conventional society, breaking the rules and questioning the status quo.

Quantum Leap

At the New Moon, the Sun and the Moon aim to elevate society’s trajectory beyond the traditional paradigm. According to Einstein, problems cannot be solved using the same thinking that created them. At its heart, Aquarius represents the need to cast off the shackles of the old shell to radically free the mind.

 Additionally, this assembly of planets indicates the requirement for deep rumination, to probe the original causes of our current predicament. We must cross-examine our value system and acknowledge that social justice is crucial for the greater good. As the ecosystem shifts gears beneath our very feet, we feel the wake-up call to make a quantum leap in the quest for solutions. Mars, the planet of action, exerts a great deal of pressure to bring these solutions into the concrete realm. There are other beings beside just us whose fates hang in the balance. Adopting a stance of curiosity and kindness serves to uplift us all.

Free Yourself

Consider where in your life you feel held back, constricted, blocked, or stale. Plant a seed to radically free yourself from old habits, story lines, or ancient wounds that impede your conscious growth.  Read below for suggestions, using your Rising Sign (or if you don’t know it, use your Sun Sign).

Aries: Fully accept genuine compliments from your friends

Taurus: Re-envision simple ways contribute to the social good at work

Gemini: Sign up for a radically new course of study

Cancer: Create a secret ritual that grounds you before difficult conversations

Leo: Listen deeply and empathetically in any one-to-one connections

Virgo: Train in an entirely new discipline

Libra: Set aside one hour to do something entirely joyful for you

Scorpio: Picture a favorite ancestor and honor their most admirable qualities

Sagittarius: Talk to someone you don’t know with a sense of curiosity

Capricorn: Notice negative self-talk, write it down, burn it & replace with a positive one

Aquarius: Make a deep commitment to being your own best friend

Pisces: Walk mindfully outside with reverence and absolute focus

Full Moon In Leo

photo by Sarah Date

January 28, 2021 2:17p.m.

Natural Paradox

As part of the human condition, we often find ourselves pulled in opposite directions. A Full Moon illuminates this paradox since the Sun and the Moon oppose each other. In this case, the midwinter Aquarian Sun stands in contrast to the fiery Leo Moon.

Radiate Friendship

Seasonally, Aquarius conjures images of crystalline snow sparkling against indigo skies. Internally, it signifies a clear untrammeled mind with a focus on progressive humanitarianism and brilliant innovation. Meanwhile, like a bonfire, Leo commands attention by radiating warmth and generosity. Honoring both means balancing the personal with the abstract. We do this through our deepest friendships, which model how to treat each other as a society. Genuinely uplifting others requires staying connected to our own hearts. Rather than feeling diminished, when individual light shines as a beacon for humanity, it enhances abundance and joy for all.

In Society

In addition, the Full Moon shows the results of whatever started at the New Moons on January 13th and August 18th, 2020. Since then, on the political stage, the U.S. inaugurated President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Interestingly, Harris accepted the position as running mate near the August New Moon.

Furthermore, with Mercury turning retrograde Friday, we may experience February as a time of backtracking on big ideas to focus on implementation. That’s not to say visioning should take a back seat, but rather that we need creative practical solutions to staunch the flow of suffering. Do not underestimate the power of love to help with healing.

Find and Transmit Joy

On a personal level, consider what you started on January 13th to answer the clear call for accountability and transformation. Also consider any success in finding moments of playfulness and generosity despite the heaviness of the times in the past six months. Go for a moonlit ski, play silly group games virtually, or make something beautiful or delicious. Most importantly, immerse yourself in something you find deeply joyful. Using your Rising Sign (or if you don’t know it, your Sun Sign), read below to see where to find and transmit joy in your own life.

Aries: through your creative projects
Taurus: at home and regarding your lineage
Gemini: through intellectual pursuits and conversation
Cancer: through gratitude for your resources
Leo: through your appearance and antics
Virgo: while revitalizing yourself in nature
Libra: by laughing with friends
Scorpio: through your job and with colleagues
Sagittarius: with your teachers and love of learning
Capricorn: through sharing your resources with others
Aquarius: with your partners in life
Pisces: through your self care practices and any animals in your life

First Quarter Moon – Inauguration Day in the U.S.

Wednesday January 20, 2021, 4:01p.m.

A Crossroads

You don’t need astrology to feel the enormous tension surrounding the upcoming U.S. Presidential Inauguration. As ever, the astrological perspective presents us with symbols that can play out in a variety of ways, depending upon the consciousness of the players.

Wake Up

On Inauguration Day, we see a battle of wills, one attuned to the undercurrent of chaos and projection, the other hoping to establish new roots and stabilize the social structure. With the Moon at First Quarter, its face is sharply divided between dark and light, a visual indication of a crossroads. As the light increases, so does the demand for action. Moon in Taurus signifies the possibility of bringing reverence and peace to the process of building progressive alliances. It also suggests obstinacy against change and unconscious shaping by groupthink. The sensitive Moon, interestingly at the same degree of the President-elect’s own Moon sign, joins willful Mars and awakener Uranus. We aim to move beyond volatility to display courage and revive global connections.

Half Moon

A First Quarter Moon is exactly perpendicular, or square, to the Sun. This aspect symbolizes conflict and growth in a massive push for societal evolution. The Sun in Aquarius joins with disciplinarian Saturn, transformative Pluto, and magnifying Jupiter to illuminate the possibility of a catalytic shift for humanity. The trick lies in integrating the dual needs for profound change and essential stability. For this, we need both accountability and compassion, as we re-imagine an inclusive and equanimous future.

Stand Witness

As individuals, we choose how we stand witness to this momentous day in the U.S.   What tools and wisdom traditions can you utilize to keep your feet on the ground, your eyes clear, and your heart open? It is helpful to know where this potent tension lands in your horoscope. None of us are exempt from the struggle of the times. If you know your Rising Sign (aka the Ascendant), use it to gain insight about what area of life shows this struggle for you personally. If you don’t know it, use your Sun Sign.

Aries: Inner resources and community involvement

Taurus: The authentic self and vocation

Gemini: Recognition of suffering and the search for meaning

Cancer: Developing a network of allies and confronting subterranean dynamics of others

Leo: Social achievement and autonomous supportive partnerships

Virgo: Finding universal truth and incorporating it into daily self-care practices

Libra: Cultivating inner strength and giving unconditional love

Scorpio: Need for partnership and maintaining connection to own roots

Sagittarius: Helping others and telling your own story

Capricorn: Dramatic engagement with life and valuing yourself

Aquarius: Strong need to nest and showing up as an individual in the world

Pisces: Navigating logistics and recognizing your connection to the collective