Headspace And Breathing: Sun Enters Gemini

photo by S. Date

May 20, 2022, 9:22PM EDT

Headspace And Breathing

When the Sun prances into Gemini, it ushers in a period of dealing with logistics and buttoning up loose ends. This involves planning ahead, gathering the appropriate information, and communicating with alacrity. Mutable air Gemini deals with your headspace, which changes constantly, and can be prone to anxiety, over-thinking, and repetitious ruts. Fortunately, another air element factor is breathing. Breathing confers space, relaxation, and a reminder to let go of whatever gets stuck in your mental craw. Then you can get back to the business of quality conversation and clear-headed decision-making.


Bearing that in mind, let’s look at the energetic flow of Gemini season from May 20 – June 21. First of all, with Mercury Retrograde and also in Gemini, you must be willing to re-evaluate your thought process, which involves the need for patience. Step back and consider how to make your concepts more practical. Aim for tangible results and your ideas promise a lot more impact. These are ready to be voiced on June 13, when Mercury re-enters Gemini.

Brave New Endeavor

May 24 to May 29 suggests a prime time to initiate a brave new endeavor with brash self-confidence. Think big, as this is the beginning of a two-year cycle. Choose daring physical pursuits and let any irritation or anger burn off. Consider it fuel for ignition. Even as you feel the heat, stay grounded through your planted feet and physical body. This will be easier starting May 28, when Venus enters calm Taurus. Balance risky action with unshakable inner resolve. At the New Moon on May 30, plant a seed for intellectual pursuits. Trust your values and your worth as you reach for new learning.

Like A Skateboarder

Expect the unexpected on June 11 and when the ground quakes, bend your knees, get low, and roll with it like a skateboarder dropping into the half-pipe. Successful navigation wakes you up to the possibility of transcendence through forgiveness. Healing is an inward practice that gets tested in the external world over and over, requiring a deep level of self-respect and acceptance.

In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, this Gemini season lays out a map for mental, physical. and spiritual engagement. It asks you to pause, think deeply, and find equanimity of mind. At the same time, you have a great opportunity to take a risk and channel explosive energy into some exciting new challenge. Get clear about your values, so that when the aggressive actions of others occur, you can maintain stability. The individual effort of balancing receptive yin and fiery yang energies reflects work that our greater collective evolution depends on. If the news is anything to gauge by, you can see that the fight is on.

Watch AstroPath’s (a joint project of Astrolore and Hidden Path Astrology) video of Gemini season below. Here are the time stamps if you want skip ahead to your Rising or Sun Sign:

Aries: 19:11

Taurus: 23:49

Gemini: 27:45

Cancer: 32:24

Leo: 39:08

Virgo: 46:10

Libra: 53:45

Scorpio: 1:00:20

Sagittarius: 1:07:14

Capricorn: 1:14:26

Aquarius: 1:22:38

Pisces: 1:31:08

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Secret Realms Revealed: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Secret Realms Revealed

May 16, 2022 12:14AM EDT

Secret Realms Revealed

On April 30, the Solar Eclipse in Taurus called us to inhabit our bodies as a way to release the blocks that snare us in the past. Now, as we stand on the opposite shore at the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, we see into the secret realms of the demons that drive us. A rare window opens to understand what has been concealed and repressed, providing the opportunity to confront what holds power over us.

True Power

Mystic warrior Scorpio rides the shamanic drumbeat into the underworld, seeking transformative healing. In a lot of ways, Scorpio represents the source of our true power. This power comes from reckoning with our vulnerabilities and reclaiming the parts of ourselves locked in self-defeating and self-destructive patterns. Those brave enough to embark on this journey find the freedom to create new pathways to live in wholeness.

Accept This Mission

We live in a culture that eschews this necessary inner adventure, and as a result, is controlled by dark forces of humanity’s collective shadow nature. The astrological map of this Lunar Eclipse supports the difficult and scary process of confronting inner demons. Individual willingness to accept this mission bends the curve away from the deception of violence as a solution and towards the higher vibration of compassion. The kung-fu nuns of the Buddhist Drukpa Order exemplify Scorpio’s concentrated catalytic energy.

Your Body And Your Emotions

At this powerful Lunar Eclipse, turn to face difficult emotional content while being grounded in your body. Tap into your breathing to create a layer of space around the intensity of your current feelings. Do not cave into despair. Using your Rising Sign (and/or Sun Sign), read below to discover how to reclaim an innate resource or ability with the intense transformative power of Scorpio.

Aries: With your physical body grounded in self-love, trust in the power of ritual to investigate and skillfully navigate the territory of other peoples’ values.

Taurus: With your self-awareness fully anchored in your authentic self, ride the wave of deep emotion that allows your partnership to flourish.

Gemini: With your body serving as the temple for your connection to the collective, bravely reconstruct your practices to honor your physical and mental wellbeing.

Cancer: With your physical body engaged in outdoor pursuits with friends, your deep emotions can drop fully into your creative acts. Give freely of unconditional love.

Leo: While staying grounded in your professional work, do the work of magic needed to transform your family life or home.

Virgo: With the source of your wisdom firmly anchored in your physical body, recognize the potent transformation that comes from engaging with the logistics of your daily life. Pay attention to the seemingly mundane.

Libra: While anchored firmly in your physical body, trust your boundaries. Embrace the intensity of your emotions that fuel your values and provide a solid resource to others.

Scorpio: Stay grounded through your physical connection with the one-on-one partners in your life. Embrace your destiny as a shape changer and magician, by transmuting deep emotion into fierce action.

Sagittarius: Let your daily physical practices and routines connect you to your body. Boldly enter the deep cave of solitude to reconcile your relationship to the divine.

Capricorn: Enjoy being in your body as a form of exuberant and joyful self-expression. Retrieve your emotional power by embracing the love you feel from like-minded souls.

Aquarius: With a powerful sense of physical grounding in your home and amongst your chosen family, bravely create the environment of transformation in your profession.

Pisces: Stay grounded in your body as you move through your day-to-day environment. Walk boldly into the underworld toward the true source of your wisdom.

Act With Faith: Jupiter Into Aries

Jupiter Into Aries
photo by Planet Volumes

May 10, 2022, 7:22PM EDT

Hidden Path’s Meditation:  Jupiter Into Aries*

Jupiter The Great Magnifier

As the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter represents expanding opportunities and widening horizons. It governs the higher mind, philosophy, religion, law and ceremony. Known as the great benefic, Jupiter symbolizes our source of optimism, abundance, and faith in our personal lives. As ever, the degree of consciousness brought to Jupiter determines its ability to search for truth, meaning, and well-earned insight. Unconscious Jupiter bloats into the realm of excess, entitlement, and self-righteousness.

The Classic Quest

Jupiter in Aries takes the desire for growth and makes it personal, focusing on the individual drive for self-fulfillment. It describes the classic quest of claiming your own path, which requires the courage and faith to learn through trial and error.  This is the time to be daring, assertive, and fearless. Be warned that you might also slip into the territory of brash, reckless, or combative behavior in your haste.

A Year Of Independent Action

Jupiter revolves around the Sun once every twelve years, meaning that it inhabits one zodiac sign for roughly a year. Because of the retrograde periods, Jupiter dips in and out and Pisces three times in 2021 and 2022. Jupiter’s soak in Pisces symbolizes time for resting, grieving, or dreaming. Now, as Jupiter springs into Aries, consider what dream or ideal you want to take action on. Trust the healing that you have done, and advance the project that calls you most in the name of your highest growth. Read below to discover what area of your life benefits from the expansion of your self-awareness and independence.

Aries: Expand your personal development curriculum

Taurus: Dive deep to liberate yourself through radical compassion

Gemini: Take bold action to expand your role in your community

Cancer: Step into brave new territory in your professional life

Leo: Open your mind to new heights of inclusivity

Virgo: Increase your understanding of boundaries through sharing resources with others

Libra: Reach for a richer definition of the balance between autonomy and cooperation

Scorpio: Implement new and adventurous ways to promote your self-care and health

Sagittarius: Embrace your creative life with newfound enthusiasm

Capricorn: Expand your notion of family and home

Aquarius: Claim your power through your voice

Pisces: Affirm your self-worth through brave action

*Inspired by Rod Stryker’s Four Desires Meditation series.

New Moon In Taurus And Solar Eclipse

Moon In Taurus
photo by S. Date

April 30, 2022, 4:28PM EDT

Inhabit Your Body

At the New Moon, we normally think about planting a seed of intention for the month ahead. However, at this lunation the Moon in Taurus blocks the light of the Sun, adding the different focus of an eclipse. Eclipses draw your attention to the subconscious material that impedes your ability to be fully present. The Moon in Taurus suggests inhabiting and moving your body to release this material.

Our Bodies Hold The Keys

Taurus contains qualities of stability, stubbornness, and resilience. As fixed earth sign, Taurus relates to the physical body, which requires cellular and systemic equilibrium for smooth operation. Our bodies also hold the keys to engage with unprocessed emotions, the detritus that ensnares us in the past. Dropping into your body lets you be with the hurt, learn how to move with it, and reintegrate the lost parts of self.

Disconnection and Reconnection

In our sedentary technological existence, humans have become increasingly disconnected from our bodies and consequently, from our role as stewards of the natural world. This disconnection triggers the darker side of Taurus, describing a descent into a morass of hoarding and possession. When a single wealthy man can buy a multi-billion dollar corporation outright, we can no longer deny the absurdity of greed that permeates the culture. On the other hand, campaigns like One Billion Rising exemplify the powerful Taurus impulse to inhabit the body, using dance to protest the abuse of women and the environment.

Wake Up Your Body

During this Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Taurus, wake up your body. Move, cook, dance, walk, garden, make love, do yoga, get a massage. Use your Rising sign (or your Sun sign if you don’t know it), read below to discover which part of life most benefits from releasing what holds you back.

With Aries Rising, inhabit your body to dislodge what blocks your self-worth. Move your body as an act of self-love.

With Taurus Rising, inhabit your body as a form of physical self-awareness. Release ego blocks that prevent you from genuinely engaging with others.

With Gemini Rising, recognize your body as a temple, a vessel for divinity. Release the false constructs that make you feel separate from the collective.

With Cancer Rising, engage in an outdoor physical effort with your group of friends. Release any feelings of not fitting in with the group.

With Leo Rising, anchor yourself in your body in your profession. Release the need for overly rigid boundaries at work by engaging with your colleagues on a new level.

With Virgo Rising, drop into your body to recognize its innate wisdom. Identify the prejudices and hang-ups that limit your ability to open your mind.

With Libra Rising, engage deeply with your body to cultivate a sense of trust. Let any walls you have built up soften into healthy boundaries.

With Scorpio Rising, tune into the sensations of your body as you connect physically and/or emotionally in any of your partnerships. Release whatever blocks your deep engagement with the other person.

With Sagittarius Rising, connect with your body as a daily health practice. Release any judgments about your body and feel its aliveness.

With Capricorn Rising, enjoy being in your body as a form of exuberant self-expression. Play, dance, and create to release whatever holds you back from being joyful.

With Aquarius Rising, find a powerful sense of physical grounding in your home and amongst your chosen family. Release the attachments to any family roles.

With Pisces Rising, move through your day-to-day environment firmly grounded in your body. Transport yourself under your body’s own power. Release limiting mindsets.

Watch my video with Laurie Farrington below.  If you want to skip ahead to your Rising Sign, use the following timestamps:

Aries 26:07; Taurus 29:29; Gemini 32:08; Cancer 36:15; Leo 39:45; Virgo 44:04; Libra 48:48; Scorpio 54:52; Sagittarius 59:33; Capricorn 1:03:50; Aquarius 1:10:44; Pisces 1:16:06

Maintain Equilibrium: Sun Into Taurus


April 19, 2022, 10:24pm

Taurus Season

Originally based on the wheel of the seasons, each western zodiac sign arises as a response to the one before it. After a fast gallop through the fierce heat of Aries, the Sun settles down in the quiet earthy calm of Taurus. In the Northern Hemisphere, Taurus signifies mid-spring, with its bright splash of colorful flowers and the commencement of the avian chorus.

Maintain Equilibrium

Taurus teaches us how to maintain equilibrium. In many ways, Taurus describes the stability of systems, both natural and man-made. Taurus also holds the conversation about our attitude to Earth’s resources. When we view them with reverence, we engage with an attitude of stewardship. On the other hand, when this respectful approach is lost, greed and destructive battles dominate. Currently, with the planet of change Uranus rocking through Taurus, we are experiencing major disruptions and opportunities for awakening. Consider that we can regain equilibrium through innovative, indigenous, and inclusive solutions. Individual acts of stewardship matter tremendously, so sign up for your local spring clean-up day, plant seeds to attract pollinators, and share seedlings with your neighbors.


Over the course of the next month, contemplate how and where you need a greater connection to the tangible and sensual parts of life. Find a sense of grounding through your feet as you walk, through your seat as you sit, and through your hands as you cook, garden, or play music. When Mercury retrogrades on May 10, be willing to revisit the constructs beneath your ideas. At the two eclipses on April 30 and May 16, release a behavior, a habit, or a toxic relationship that impedes your ability to find equilibrium. Deepen your roots and let the season draw you toward the wisdom and natural rhythms of Earth. Using your Rising sign (or Sun sign), read below for your grounding focus.

With Aries Rising, find stability through the way you value yourself.

With Taurus Rising, your steadfast soul needs slow down and find a steady inner rhythm.

With Gemini Rising, your high-energy personality needs to revitalize in nature as an antidote to suffering and anxiety.

With Cancer Rising, restore your nurturing inclinations by embracing time spent in nature with friends and allies who support you unconditionally.

With Leo Rising, your magnanimous personality finds solidity and grounding in your professional pursuits.

With Virgo Rising, allow your diligent studies and the opening of your mind to serve as your greatest source of grounding.

With Libra Rising, find trust and stability in the rituals you hold to keep healthy boundaries with others. Let them be firm and also conscious.

With Scorpio Rising, activate your sense of reverence and grounding through your most intimate partnerships.

With Sagittarius Rising, engage in a daily routine that keeps you connected to nature and your roots. Don’t forget to add in new explorations.

With Capricorn Rising, sink deeply into your joyful creative pursuits as your main source of stability.

With Aquarius Rising, locate your greatest source of grounding in your home and with your family, whether of origin or choice. Home is in the heart.

With Pisces Rising, anchor your dreamy self through your day-to-day conversations with close friends and/or siblings.


For a much more in-depth treatment of Taurus Season, please watch my video with Laurie Farrington of Astrolore. We include a lengthy discussion for each Rising Sign. Here are the timestamps for each sign so you can skip ahead to yours: Aries 12:33, Taurus 19:38, Gemini 27:24, Cancer 34:22, Leo 43:15, Virgo 51:36, Libra 58:51, Scorpio 1:08:50, Sagittarius 1:17:58, Capricorn 1:27:13, Aquarius 1:38:13, Pisces 1:47:00.

Connection And Balance: Full Moon in Libra


April 16, 2022 2:55pm EDT


As ever, the Full Moon points to the paradoxical components of human life. The Full Moon in Libra symbolizes the classic struggle in relationships between independence and togetherness. While the Moon illuminates the desire for connection, the opposing Sun in Aries kindles a fierce focus on autonomy. All successful relationships need a balance of both.

Liberty And Justice For All

The Libra Full Moon focuses the attention on cooperation and the demand that we walk in other peoples’ shoes to fully understand the situation. Forever the diplomat, Libra weighs options and seeks to find common ideological ground in order to preserve harmony. In contrast, polar opposite Aries acts with swift efficiency stemming from subjective decisions.  Skillful use of both ends of this spectrum means asserting yourself without antagonizing others. It becomes possible to confront conflict head-on and then invest in the mediation effort necessary for resolution. The democratic axiom of liberty and justice for all, as contained in the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, incorporates both the individual freedom of Aries and the social egalitarianism of Libra.

Own Your Baggage

Libra is the queen of viewing all sides of the struggle with objectivity. However, potent Pluto pressurizing the Full Moon axis emphasizes the need to be honest about any skeletons in the closet. In other words, you must be willing to own some of your baggage as you extend the truce flag, or it will backfire. Seek mutual empowerment, rather than battles for control.

Courage And Harmony

At this Libra Full Moon, take a moment to pause and reflect on what feels harmonious and balanced in your life. What fearlessness did you cultivate at the Aries New Moon on April 1? Reflect on how this courageous act allows you to find peace in the opposite area of life at this Full Moon. Using your Rising Sign (or if you don’t know it, your Sun Sign), read below for suggestions of mantras for harmony.

Aries: May I find harmony in my relationships

Taurus: May I find balance for my body’s health

Gemini: May I find peace through creativity and play

Cancer: May I find harmony in my home life

Leo: May I find the voice to speak for justice

Virgo: May I value myself with equanimity

Libra: May I find inner harmony to balance my relationships

Scorpio: May I find calm in the chaos

Sagittarius: May I find interdependence in my community alliances

Capricorn: May I bring even-mindedness to my profession

Aquarius: May I apply a balanced and open mind to my studies in life

Pisces: May I bring peace to others in difficult times

Fearlessness: New Moon in Aries


April 1st, 2022, 2:24am EDT

Face Your Fear

More than any other New Moon, the New Moon in the first zodiacal sign of Aries symbolizes new beginnings. Like a fuel accelerant, Aries injects force and speed into any project. Take advantage of this opportunity and dare to start the compelling new course of action that sparks boldness in your heart. Note that you will need to muster the courage to face your inevitable fear.


The main task of Aries regards learning courage. True courage emerges when you intimately know and act in full awareness of your fears. This is different from bravery, which arises instantaneously in response to an emergency. Courage, or fearlessness, means you have a relationship with your fear, and choose to act with purpose despite uncertainty.

A Useful Direction

At times, Aries energy may tend to seethe in frustration and fight the wrong battle, resulting in bridges burned to the ground. For this reason, the key to constructively unleashing this rocket’s power depends on focusing it into a useful direction. Misdirected or repressed Aries energy explodes into selfish, aggressive narcissism, or burns unabated like wildfire in the drought-ridden West.

Courage To Speak

The astrological map of the New Moon suggests we must find the courage to speak up about the most prevalent wound in our culture. On the global scale, this wound pertains to the destructive, self-serving practice of enacting the desires of a few humans over everything else. On the personal scale, Aries the Warrior asks us to be brave and talk honestly with each other, and consider the needs of others. Activities that apply your energy to an important cause in your community, such as a gravel grinder that raises money for injustices, a yoga equity project, or voicing your concerns in a letter to your local paper all support this task.

Take Fearless Action

For pointers about where to aim your deliberate focus, use your Rising sign (or if you don’t know it, your Sun sign) and read below. Pause, breathe, and take a moment to consider what you think is the most urgent wound to heal in our collective experience. Notice where in your life you feel frustrated, fearful, or both, as these are simply signposts that request your attention. How will you confront your fear and engage your fearlessness for yourself, your community, and your planet?

Aries: Confront any fear you have about your own identity. Take a fearless action that reckons with your sense of authenticity. Honor something about yourself that has scared you before.

Taurus: Confront your existential fear of isolation. Take fearless action to selflessly serve the needs of those who suffer the most. Honor the divine within fiercely.

Gemini: Confront your fear that you are not loved or supported by your community. Take fearless action and answer the call of leadership amongst your cohorts. Honor your ability to inspire others to action.

Cancer: Confront the fear that impedes you in your vocation. Take fearless action to advance your career. Honor your natural desire to nurture and help others in this work.

Leo: Confront the fear that restricts your mind’s ability to expand. Take fearless action to seek the missing education you need to gain more clarity. Honor the balance between graceful receiving and exerting effort as you learn.

Virgo: Confront your fear of the hidden emotional baggage that other people carry beneath the surface. Take fearless action and set boundaries by using simple rituals like mantra. Honor your ability to help other people with their difficult issues.

Libra: Confront your fear of conflict with your loved ones. Take fearless action to establish autonomy in your closest relationships. Recognize how this bold action actually brings more harmony in these partnerships.

Scorpio: Confront your fear of ill health or boring routines. Take fearless action to commit to a daily practice that suits your desire for intensity. Honor the truth that you need to put yourself first when it comes to your health.

Sagittarius: Confront any fear that hinders your ability to love freely and generously. Take fearless action to engage in purely creative and playful pursuits. Honor your need for adventure either by exploring with children in your life or adopting a child’s mindset.

Capricorn: Confront any fears tied up in your family life or home. Take fearless action to make needed change that stabilizes your roots. Honor your need take the lead in family decisions.

Aquarius: Confront your fear of not being heard. Take fearless action to communicate your brilliant vision for an equitable future. Honor your need to be heard by others.

Pisces: Confront your fear of not being worthy. Take fearless action to advance your wealth of resources. Honor your need to deep self love or desire for financial autonomy.

AstroBiography: Robin Williams

Jolt Of Sensitivity

A Jolt Of Sensitivity

Born July 21, 1951

Documentary: Come Into My Mind

The Keynotes Of His Horoscope*

Robin Williams’ astrology chart shows an effervescent personality warmly engaging the audience with depth and naughtiness, supported by a pioneering comic genius and a lot of hard work. His completely unpredictable antics, plus his gift for mimic, captured his fans and demonstrated a surprising ability to cut to the truth. On a more personal level, he used his characters to find connection with others, and truly needed to make people laugh. His chart also indicates an aching sensitivity, someone who felt quite vulnerable, internalized everything, and sought acceptance through his ability to entertain.

His friend Billy Crystal described him as a “light that didn’t know how to switch off.” After his performances, a sweat-drenched, exhausted Williams often didn’t know how to wind down and showed an insatiable appetite for stimulation.   Interestingly, while playing serious roles, Williams ruthlessly joked with all and sundry in between shoots. On the other hand, when performing live onstage, he often sat completely silent and inert, just before launching into his vigorous comic display. These extremes demonstrate his ability to jolt others with his lighting fast mind, and also his struggle to calm an intensely electrified nervous system. Watch the video for more insights.

What He Is Known For

Renowned comic performer Robin Williams caught audience attention with both his outrageous physical humor and surprising sensitivity. The Mork And Mindy Show kick-started his career in the early ‘80s, where only he could have pulled off the ridiculous premise. He attended Juilliard with Christopher Reeve and also was with John Belushi the night John died from an overdose. He spent most of the ‘80s doing improv and stand up (see Live At The Met), before landing his first big-time acting role in Good Morning Vietnam in 1987. He subsequently starred in many great films, including Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, The Dead Poet’s Society, and Awakenings.

Though raised as a lonely, only child, Mr. Williams had relationships with his two older half brothers in adulthood. His practical joker mother steeped him in a comic ethos, and he learned at an early age to attract attention with humor. Not surprisingly, his early successes went hand-in-hand with lots of drugs, drinking, and promiscuity. Married three times and father of three children, he struggled with depression and personality extremes alongside a very busy professional life. He clearly treasured his small number of close friends, in particular enjoying an intimate friendship with Billy Crystal. Unfortunately, Mr. Williams took his own life at age 63, while struggling with a variety of distressing neurological and mental symptoms, posthumously discovered to be the beginnings of Lewi Body Dementia. Robin Williams brought much laughter and joy to his audiences throughout the course of his career.

*AstroSpeak For The Astrological Keynotes

  • Leo the Performer in the 10th House Of Career, containing communicative Mercury and empowering Pluto, next to the bright Sun in sensitive Cancer.
  • Jupiter the Jester in Aries, in the 6th House of Work/Routines, supporting Mercury& Pluto.
  • Action-oriented Mars conjunct electrifying, never-sit-still Uranus in sensitive Cancer, in a T-square with Jupiter and Neptune.
  • Rising Sign in intense Scorpio, completing the trio of water signs with Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces, painting the picture of profound susceptibility to his environment.


Sun Into Aries

Raw Survival Instinct
photo by Bogomil Mihaylov

Spring Equinox

March 20, 2022 11:33am EDT

Change In Direction

In the Western zodiacal system, the four cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn each correspond to the beginning of a season, marking a clear change in direction. The Sun moving into decisive Aries demarcates the line between winter and spring in the Northern Hemisphere, or in the Southern Hemisphere, summer and autumn. People with a preponderance of cardinal signs tend to be the ones who step forward to initiate processes. Aries suggests hotheaded, spontaneous, and fierce energy, bringing to mind the archetypes of the Warrior, the Pioneer, and the Daredevil.

Impulse To Launch

Each sign emerges out of the preceding sign, so the jump from the dreamy musings of Pisces to fast and furious Aries might feel abrupt. To understand Aries better, consider the raw survival instinct contained in a tiny seed, as it cracks open the protective shell with incredible force and tunnels toward the light. Like a rocket ship, Aries describes the impulse to launch, unapologetically, into something entirely new. Notice that this energy does not hesitate or stop to think about consequences before it acts.

Muster The Courage To Act

At the most profound level, Aries symbolizes mustering the courage to act in the face of your fears. True fearlessness only comes when you embrace your vulnerability and take decisive action with full awareness. The trick to awakening Aries energy involves aiming the power of this dynamo into activism, athletics, or new endeavors. Before you rush headlong into the new season, take a moment to reflect on anything you wish to close down first. Then read below to reflect on which part of your life most benefits from the application of courage, over the course of the next month.

With Aries Rising, your fierce self needs to take action in the defense of your vulnerability in order to allow conscious personal growth and development.

With Taurus Rising, your gentle grounded soul needs to reckon with the hidden fires behind the scenes of your personality. Be bold in your deep dive to reckon with the divinity within.

With Gemini Rising, your quicksilver networking vibe needs to take bold action for the community. Be the hero when called to speak up.

With Cancer Rising, you need to raise a brave bold flag for advancement in your professional life. As natural nurturer, know that your actions ultimately serve to protect others.

With Leo Rising, your proud Leo heart needs to stand tall for those from other cultures, as you recognize the common humanity that slices across all categories.

With Virgo Rising, your humble being serves in defense of the underdog. Be ready to offer your considerable problem-solving chutzpah to complicated situations involving other peoples’ intense emotions.

With Libra Rising, your natural desire to unify with others invites you to seek the balance between autonomy and cooperation, especially in your one-on-one partnerships. Harmony requires fierce action and negotiation.

With Scorpio Rising, research and implement a brand new set of routines that support your profound transformation into a deeper layer of your authentic self. Increase the heat and prepare to sweat.

With Sagittarius Rising, recommit to a new form of creativity that allows you to give more freely of your unconditional love. As a natural explorer and philosopher, let your creative energy take you to a whole new place.

With Capricorn Rising, take a stand in your family matters. Find the courage to reconnect with a long lost family member, or be willing to stand up for what is right within the family dynamic.

With Aquarius Rising, your innovative view of an equitable future needs to be spoken. Communicate and share your valuable view with the common people, either verbally or in writing.

With Pisces Rising, your deep dreamy soul must take a new action regarding your financial situation or your view of your self worth. You are more valuable that you know, so offer your resources with courage.

Touchstone Of Tangibility: Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon In Virgo
photo by S. Date

March 18, 2022, 3:17am EDT

Touchstone of Tangibility

Like a touchstone of tangibility, the Virgo Full Moon brings your attention squarely to the practical details of life. With most of the planets emphasizing quirky cerebral Aquarius and the mystical musings of Pisces, we could all use a solid dose of pragmatism to bring us back down to Earth. Focus on helpful projects that provide tactile reward and visible results.

The Unifying State

With the Sun soaking in the Piscean hot tub along with guru planet Neptune, we can’t help but indulge in consciousness raisers like transcendental meditation, astrological readings, or live classical music to deliver us into the unifying state. Though beware the desire to escape through the seductive avenues of booze, cyber games, or cultish religions, which just add to the darkness. Instead, after floating in the mystic dream, consider what small task you can undertake to help relieve someone’s suffering, to offer aid, or improve upon a situation. This sort of action provides refuge to all concerned.

Beliefs Into Practice

Essentially, the Virgo archetype asks that we put our larger Piscean beliefs into practice, in a nuts-and-bolts kind of way.  The MacGyver of the zodiac kingdom, Virgo employs economy and technical proficiency to optimize services.  It has no time for ego, preferring instead to hone in on whatever needs repair with an air of humility.  Virgo is also a big fan of preventative care, willing to adopt routines and moderation that support good health.

Impact The Collective

The astrological map of this Full Moon indicates the profound power that comes with taking a simple act. In other words, tapping the well of compassion and channeling that feeling into tangible tasks impacts the collective more than you know. Positive group practices like Bearing Witness To Change and other therapeutic endeavors enhance the power between people, as we stand with others as they share their suffering and vulnerability.

Using your Rising sign, read below to understand the link between the ethereal realm and effective practical pursuits. And if you need to practice some escapism, turn your escape into a retreat by infusing the time with conscious intention. Disappear into a great book or block off an afternoon to wander in nature and recharge.

Aries: The Virgo Full Moon illuminates your routines and ability for self-improvement. Find the courage to apply precision and humility to your self-care. If you are struggling to give yourself the appropriate care, volunteer to help someone in need.

Taurus: The Virgo Full Moon summons you to engage theatrically with life. Seek joy by taking a risk for a cause and presenting it to your community. Request donations for your chosen cause from others, rather than applause.

Gemini: This Virgo Full Moon lights up the concrete tasks necessary for your family life. It could be as complicated as researching that long lost family lineage or as simple as tidying your house. Let the idealism and nebulousness stay at work.

Cancer: This Virgo Full Moon shines a light on your need to communicate. Channel your big idealistic dream into your practical craft of writing or verbalizing. Let it be kind, let it be useful.

Leo: This Virgo Full Moon spotlights your wealth, worth, and livelihood. Utilize these resources to help someone out. Bear in mind that you carry profound understanding for the difficulties of others.

Virgo: This Virgo Full Moon invites you to consider how you would like to make a meaningful contribution in the service of others. Apply your practical insights while allowing your partnerships to nourish you.

Libra: This Virgo Full Moon lays bare your connection to the divine. Notice the entanglement between spiritual beliefs and concrete action, as for you they are inseparable. Recognize your ability to bring transcendence to the daily grind.

Scorpio: This Virgo Full Moon illuminates your ability to offer pragmatic problem solving to your community. When you contribute to your community, your cup fills and allows you to share unconditional love that transcends the personal and the ordinary.

Sagittarius: This Virgo Full Moon draws attention to your vocation. Roll up your sleeves and bring your can-do attitude to work. Your integrity serves to elevate your wisdom and your ability to be deeply empathetic at home.

Capricorn: The Virgo Full Moon shines illustriously on your ability to learn humility and grace from a wide array of wisdom traditions. Recognize your ability to elevate the common people with your willingness to be of service to others.

Aquarius: This Virgo Full Moon illuminates your ability to draw clear and helpful boundaries with people, as a service to them. Let this reflect your worthiness back at you, as you discover the wealth of compassion you truly have for others and yourself.

Pisces: A natural dreamer, this Virgo Moon highlights your ability to be humble, helpful and kind to your partners in life. Be sure to nourish yourself and let your partnerships ground you in the practical realm.