Summon Gratitude

Full Moon In Leo

February 5, 2023 1:28PM EST

Summon Gratitude

“May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within, guide your way on.”  ~ The Incredible String Band

Summon Gratitude

The Full Moon symbolizes the modern human feeling of being pulled in two different directions at once. This upcoming Leo Full Moon challenges you to be true to your own individual heart, while still being part of the group. When you summon gratitude and share it out loud, you can easily hold both truths. The practice of gratitude enables you to see the love that surrounds you and that you emanate, even during times of great challenge.

Center Yourself

We often find ourselves having to deal and live with paradox, struggling with where to compromise and where to stick to our ideals. When we accept the messy complexity of life, we can resist the desire to divide life up into tidy “either/or” categories. Amidst the chaos, the Leo Full Moon suggests centering yourself and witnessing how your personal story mirrors and contributes to the universal human story. As you find self-confidence, it liberates you to take the eagle’s view and join forces to create inventive solutions during this Aquarius season. Note that Leo cautions against becoming too self-involved, since it leads to forgetting about your community membership. At its best, the Leo-Aquarius combination harnesses generosity and warmth for the purpose of sharing and fulfilling social vision.

The Week Ahead: February 5 – 13

At the Full Moon in Leo, celebrate a recent victory regarding overcoming roadblocks, or at least in managing expectations. Rather than getting caught up in any Leo ego bluster, respect and spotlight the efforts of the group. Gather everyone around and regale them with tales of community gain and social benefit. Evaluate connections by using your intuition rather than mental analysis, so you can tune into how others might be feeling. If you notice tension, take informed action to strengthen bonds.

Before or by February 9, pair up with a new friend to do something fun and let it invigorate you. Enjoy this brief dance with softer energies, as a new cycle of serious thoughtfulness begins on February 10. Deep concerns strongly hold your fascination. You almost can’t look away. You might also feel tempted to persuade people to see your point of view. However, if you’ve done the work leading up to this point, trust that those who join you have already fully committed of their own accord. This is the key ingredient to building sustainable alliances for the tasks ahead. When Mercury moves into Aquarius February 11, you can look forward and apply brilliant thinking to the issues. Keep the lines of communication open so that deeper topics continue to be relatively easy to discuss.

To see how this Leo Full Moon opens the door to gratitude in your own life, read below using your Rising (or Sun) sign. These statements reflect the massive change represented by Uranus’ location in your natal horoscope since 2018. This in turn impacts the part of your life that holds the Full Moon polarity.

Aries: You may have been experiencing changes in your financial situation or values. Notice how this impacts the way you give of yourself and get support in your community. Express gratitude for those who remind you how to be playful and generous.

Taurus: Your self-awareness has been undergoing major renovations. Pay attention to how this affects your professional and familial life. Tap into gratitude for those who help you find ground.

Gemini: A major change in the patterns that hold you back has been churning away in your hidden subconscious. Observe the ripple effect in the way you think, communicate, and express your worldview. Tell your siblings and/or close friends how much you appreciate them.

Cancer: You may have been experiencing major changes in your community in the past few years. Now ask yourself how this affects the way you value yourself and how you navigate other peoples’ values. Articulate your gratitude for the resources that support you through this process.

Leo: Witness the major changes you’ve been through in regards to your career for the past few years. Tune into how this impacts your sense of self, as well as how you relate to others in one-on-one settings. Acknowledge your own self-development with inner gratitude.

Virgo: Your worldview has been under construction for these past several years. Evaluate how this new understanding impacts your daily routines that support your health and your relationship to spirituality. Express gratitude for what you have learned about your subconscious patterns, resulting in universal compassion.

Libra: Your way of dealing with other people’s emotional baggage has been getting a major overhaul. Ask yourself how this impacts your connection to your social groups and your ability to give of yourself unconditionally. Feel and express deep gratitude for the groups of people who offer you support.

Scorpio: Recognize the major changes that have been occurring in how you engage in your partnerships. Tune into how this affects your relationship to your work and your concept of family and home. Call out gratitude for your professional life.

Sagittarius: For the past several years, you have likely been experiencing major changes to your daily routines and habits. Now check in to see the accompanying alterations to your communication and worldview. Express gratitude to the teachers who support you during these shifts.

Capricorn: Recognize major changes in your life regarding how you play, take risks, and enjoy creative pursuits. Take stock of how this impacts both your own values and the way you deal with other peoples’ values, including financial matters. Share your gratitude for those who test your boundaries and allow deeper intimacy.

Aquarius: You have likely been experiencing a major shift on home ground for these past few years. Observe how this affects your self-awareness and how you relate to others in one-on-one situations. Share your gratitude with partners.

Pisces: Your communication style has been undergoing major changes these past few years. Now reckon with the ripple effect into your daily routines as well as how you connect to the concept of the divine. Articulate your gratitude to those who support your daily routines.

Stabilize Your Relationships

First Quarter Taurus Moon

January 28, 2023 10:18am EST

Stabilize Your Relationships

Stabilize Your Relationships

The First Quarter Taurus Moon challenges you to put your innovative ideas into concrete form. To pass the test, your ideas must not only be tangible and useful, they also need to benefit the other people involved. In fact, the more you listen to and integrate suggestions from others, the more it stabilizes your relationships and produces results that exceed your original expectations.

Get Comfortable With Discomfort

Fixed Earth Taurus enjoys the sensual comforts of life. Against the backdrop of detached Aquarius, scrutinize your attachment to possessions and your resistance to feeling uncomfortable. Give away something you no longer need. Take on a practice that teaches you to get comfortable with discomfort, one that you can stick with to see longer-term results. The goal is to seek inner tranquility while navigating the tumultuous world. Go outside, plant your feet on the ground, and feel the physical connection with the Earth. Awaken to the understanding that you are in relationship with everyone and everything, one way or another.

The Week Ahead: January 28 – February 5

At the First Quarter Taurus Moon, take action to reinforce your alliances. In intimate relationships, go for a long, slow walk in the woods and welcome conversation on serious topics. Listening with empathy goes a long way to deepen the bond. Recognize that, in essence, relationships are the result of multifaceted, reciprocal communication. On January 29, a solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem may suddenly appear like a bolt of lightning, catalyzed by something casual such as a passing comment. Your astute insight finds easy outlet through your eloquent speaking ability, which helps you concretize a brilliant idea.

Over the next couple of days, burn off extra energy with physical activity and conversation with a group of pals. Be aware of any heightened feelings on February 2. It might come as a shock the next day when you encounter a roadblock that impacts your well-laid plans, not to mention peoples’ tempers. A lack of an expected resource forces you to tap into that inventive Aquarian energy and seek out an alternate solution. Navigate this issue by managing expectations ahead of time. With forethought, you can make adjustments and nimbly pivot, just in time for the celebratory Leo Moon on February 5.

Liberate Yourself From Limited Thinking

Aquarius Season: January 20 – February 18

New Moon In Aquarius: January 21, 2023, 3:53pm EST

Liberate Yourself From Limited Thinking
photo by Sarah Date

Meditation To Liberate Yourself From Limited Thinking

Liberate Yourself From Limited Thinking

While Capricorn season suggested recommitting to a solid plan, Aquarius now lifts us beyond the earthly confines to gain a broader perspective and assess true progress. Fixed Air Aquarius symbolizes a shrewd, innovative mindset, capable of far-sighted vision and out-of-the-box solutions. Use this Aquarius season to liberate yourself from limited thinking and participate in community alliances.

Freedom From Attachment

Visionary Aquarius scouts ahead, surveying the distant territory with keen eyes and a scientific mind. The Aquarian mentality dovetails with the Seventh Generation Principle, an ancient Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future. This involves addressing our humanitarian and environmental concerns through the power of progressive alliances. On the personal level, Aquarius teaches us about freedom from attachment; that is, the principle of detaching from what you no longer need. This allows you to simplify, open your mind, and accept the certainty of change. You find that you can offer your efforts to something beyond the personal, benefiting others and future generations.

New Moon In Aquarius And The Week Ahead: January 20 -28

Overall, this Aquarius season highlights inventive shifts, honest communication, and humanitarian vision. At the Aquarius New Moon on January 21, plant a seed to liberate yourself from limited thinking by making inventive adjustments to your life. Like one tree in the forest, let your individual aim join the many for collective clout. On January 22, accept or initiate an invitation to begin a new level of commitment in an equal-feeling partnership. Embrace community support to see fast progress on the endeavor you recommitted to at the Winter Solstice. Notice how it becomes easier to be kind and forgiving towards your loved ones around January 26. Remember to extend this same compassion to yourself, if anguish impedes your mental clarity.

The Season Overall

Relish in a free flow of inventive ideas that seem to appear with a complete, well-written manual around January 29. However, as a pre-pandemic manual, it might count on certain resources being available. If you prepare for these roadblocks and consequent frustrated reactions, you can be ready with your prodigious problem-solving abilities, just in time to enjoy the celebratory Full Leo Moon. Relax and listen to all viewpoints with genuine interest. The more you are able to form equitable alliances, the less you will feel like you have to persuade others about the true root cause. Trust that people can see it for themselves. At the end of the season, twin opportunities arise to dream big and then anchor the reality. Ride the wave of these two different forces by engaging the Aquarian lesson of freedom from attachment.

Using your Rising (or Sun) sign, read below to see what area of your life needs inventive adjustments for liberation during this Aquarius season. Tune into the lesson about the intersection of personal freedom and social responsibility you’ve been learning since late 2020.

Aries: Recognize what lessons you’ve learned about community over the past two years. Gravitate toward alliances that support innovative social solutions. Communicate your needs without fear.

Taurus: Embrace what you’ve learned regarding accountability in your professional life in the past two years. Lean into the parts of your work that sustain progressive action. Value yourself by speaking your truth.

Gemini: Consider your two-year mission to apply a progressive mindset to your overall worldview. Create alliances with like-minded teachers. Notice a new narrative about your identity in the world.

Cancer: Tune into the vital lessons you’ve received about boundaries for the past two years. Welcome your role in helping others with their difficult emotions. Employ your new understanding of your unconscious patterns that used to hold you back.

Leo: Acknowledge the tough lessons you’ve learned about the principle of detachment in your partnerships. Get inventive about what adjustments you’d like to make. Use your newly rewritten narrative about letting others support you to inform these subtle shifts.

Virgo: Evaluate what you’ve learned for the past two years about structuring routines that support your health. Get creative about tweaking the your practices to stay engaged. Allow your newfound understanding of your professional identity to help create positive shifts in day-to-day habits.

Libra: Ponder what lessons you’ve received over the past two years regarding what you do simply for the love of it. Keep it exciting by applying small innovative shifts. Appreciate the way you’ve rewritten the story about the wisdom you have to offer others.

Scorpio: Take on board the lessons that regard stabilizing your own roots. Envision innovative solutions to the question of your connection to home and hearth. Trust your new ability to set boundaries as you navigate shifts in your home base.

Sagittarius: Embrace the radical two-year overhaul of how you navigate your immediate environment. Plant a seed to be even less attached to perfect communication. Let your newfound story regarding who you are as a partner support this shift.

Capricorn: Take stock of what you’ve learned about embracing your self-worth these past two years. Notice how your personal work serves as an example for others. Let the improvements made on your routines support continued self-appreciation.

Aquarius: Recognize the considerable changes you have made in the name of your self-development over the past two years. Embrace little adjustments that keep you excited about the way you approach your life. Let a new narrative about who you are as a creative person support this.

Pisces: Notice the significant lessons you’ve learned about your subconscious patterns over the past two years. Commit to spiritual practices that support your continued understanding. Let your newly rewritten narrative about your family role support this pursuit.

Let Your Relationships Take Precedence

Last Quarter Libra Moon

January 14, 2023, 9:09pm EST

Let Your Relationships Take Precedence
photo by S. Date

Mountain Meditation For Capricorn Season

Let Your Relationships Take Precedence

At the Last Quarter Libra Moon, take a moment to evaluate your recent efforts with an impartial attitude. In particular, observe what has shifted in your close partnerships. Rather than fixating on undone tasks, instead let your relationships take precedence in guiding your decisions.

Invite Feedback

Capricorn season places the onus on accepting responsibility for the things you’ve already committed to follow through on. The Last Quarter Libra Moon at cross-purposes inserts a reflective pause so you can consider how this change impacts your important relationships. With the focus on collaboration, areas where you haven’t included input from others are now starkly visible. No worries, because it isn’t too late to invite and incorporate their invaluable feedback. In fact, your conversation might serve to open a compelling new door that ends up affecting larger groups.

The Week Ahead: January 14 – 20

While the Libra Moon draws attention to building alliances, it becomes equally important to determine who your allies are not. With all parties less attached to their emotions, get something that has been bothering you out into the open. Shrug off emotions in favor of finding common intellectual ground. And yet, don’t be afraid to separate from relationships that no longer function or feel nourishing, as it leads to both of your transformations. On January 18, be wary of power struggles and compulsive behavior, as the Sun joins Pluto. Release any need to put personal ambition above the needs of the collective. Strive for a mature and cool-headed demeanor by any reasonable means necessary. Meet with a supportive mentor or tap sources of ancient wisdom. If you can adopt witness consciousness, you may experience a powerful regenerative shift. This sets the stage for the lift into Aquarius season on January 20.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

Full Moon In Cancer, January 6, 2023 6:08pm EST

Trust Your Gut Feeling
photo by S. Date

Mountain Meditation For Capricorn Season

Trust Your Gut Feeling

The Full Moon in Cancer illuminates the emotional heart of your commitments. In contrast to the dry Capricorn focus on productivity, Cancer’s heightened sensitivity lets you tune into and trust your gut feeling. As you align with your inner motivation, you gain clarity about your next move.


Full Moons always point to paradox. In a way, Capricorn and Cancer are the parents of the zodiac, combining the elements of demanding disciplinarian and protective nurturer. When applying this school of thought to personal growth, it refers to making strides in your outer public life while simultaneously attending to your inner emotional needs. Since we live in a society that overvalues the external, we often feel embattled in defense of our inner lives. We also tend to belittle our feelings, casting them aside as nuisances that obstruct the business of life. However, the truth is, above all else, humans are emotional beings. Your emotions drive your life, with or without your awareness. Therefore, please take advantage of this time to get clear about how you feel. Like Spiderman’s spidey-sense, recognize emotional sensitivity as a guide to befriend.

The Week Ahead: January 6 – January 14

As mentioned, notice how your sensitive emotions take the spotlight at the Full Moon. On January 7, when Mercury fuses with the Sun, revisit the core values that underpin your actions and make adjustments based on your gut feeling. When you fully commit with both body and soul, opportunities for fundamental shifts appear. Seemingly out of nowhere, you feel able to overcome resistance and slough off old habits. During the next few days, reach towards intuition, rather than the intellect, to add to the possibility of a breakthrough. A broader mind allows you to be open to insights from unusual people. Feel free to say what you need without fear of offending others. When you return the favor with similar unflappability, it creates a collaborative, mutually satisfying environment. Mars stationing direct on January 12 symbolizes forward movement and amplifies the blast-off feeling of the beginning of Capricorn season. Pay attention to your dreams, as a rare window to implement your idealistic vision exists. Or rid yourself of disappointments that never came to fruition.

Read below to see how this Full Moon lands in your personal astrology map. Refer back to the seed you planted on the New Moon December 23 to understand more about what blooms on January 6.

Aries: As you re-evaluate your contribution to society, trust your gut feeling regarding how this connects to your family life.

Taurus: As you recommit to integrity in your worldview, use your intuition to navigate an emotionally loaded situation.

Gemini: As you establish good boundaries to deal the unconscious reactions of others, stay true to yourself through nurturing your self worth.

Cancer: As you renew your responsibilities in your partnerships, stay authentically connected to your own heart.

Leo: As you recommit to your self-care strategy, surrender to your unconscious obstructive patterns with tender acceptance.

Virgo: As you recommit to bringing joy into your creative projects, allow yourself to unconditionally accept the love and support of your community.

Libra: As you review your commitment to your home life, allow yourself to bring your heightened sensitivity into your work environment.

Scorpio: As your review your strategy to take on new studies, welcome the knowledge that comes through your higher level intuitive sense.

Sagittarius: As you recommit to radical self-love as your foundation, trust your gut feeling regarding setting the appropriate boundaries with others.

Capricorn: As you recommit to your self-development, open to the powerful emotions you feel in intimate one-on-one connections.

Aquarius: As you uncover the hidden patterns that trip you up, trust your intuition about how to update your daily practices in a way that honors your growth.

Pisces: As you recommit to your chosen community, tune into your intuition to fully engage with your children or your creative projects.

A Decisive Call To Action

First Quarter Aries Moon

December 29, 2022 8:20pm EST

A Call To Decisive Action

Capricorn Season Mountain Meditation

A Decisive Call To Action

One week after the New Moon in Capricorn, the split-faced First Quarter Aries Moon issues a decisive call to action. Aries represents the ignition point of the quest – the rocket blasting into orbit or the hero thundering off on a horse. Affirm your self-determination by taking that all-important first step toward your goal.


Capricorn season demands that you hold yourself accountable to your own mission. The New Moon invited setting the foundation by claiming responsibility for your growth. Now, along with pressing for forward movement, the First Quarter Aries Moon magnifies the possibility of healing an old confusion about being assertive. To be assertive does not require aggression. Assertiveness is based on self-knowledge and confidence, while aggression is rooted in fear. The astrology patterns consistently suggest an opportunity to evolve beyond the archaic concept of force and abuse, and instead seek collaborative power by taking personal responsibility and building a strong web of relationships. Articulate your chosen action to an accountability partner to seal the deal. Secret tip: July 8 through August 18 very likely provided a sneak preview related to your current action.

The Week Ahead: December 29 – January 6

Your relationship encounters have much to teach you this week. Mercury’s retrograde challenges you to reevaluate your commitment to important relationships. Ask yourself what is in need of healing. The waving red flag of emotional, social, or psychological inflammation helps you identify the issue. On New Year’s Day, you might connect with someone over a similar story of buried truth. Notice if a quality of insatiability, even obsessiveness, holds you enthralled. The next day, whatever seemed really intense yesterday cools off on its own. You might even marvel at how these taboo stories powerfully shape our culture from the shadows. Allow your insights to inspire a different view of our interrelated world, opening doors in even your most personal relationships. When the Moon enters Cancer on January 5, take Obi-Wan’s advice to Luke, and extend out with your feelings to detect shifts in the emotional landscape around you.

You can watch the AstroPath video for Capricorn season here.

Recommit To Integrity

Winter Solstice & Capricorn Season

December 21, 2022 – January 20, 2023

Recommit To Integrity

Mountain Meditation For Capricorn Season

Recommit To Integrity

After the lightheartedness of fiery Sagittarius, serious Capricorn drops the focus onto substantial matters. Consider yourself on notice to use Capricorn season as an initiation rite of sorts. Revisit your values and relationship to available resources. Settle deep into your bones and prepare to unleash what has been brewing for months, if not years. When you put a stake in the ground to take responsibility for something you’ve already committed to do, you recommit to integrity.

Move Mountains

Cardinal Earth Capricorn can move mountains. It does this by quietly surveying the territory and designing a well-thought-out plan. At the right time, it assembles the necessary components and delegates tasks to the team, guiding forward progress with a calm, authoritative demeanor. To operate from its highest potential, Capricorn must first reckon with authority over one’s self and make a deep commitment to personal integrity. Without this maturity, it easily turns cold and repressive, eventually domineering over others like stern overbearing tyrant. Righting this energy involves striking the balance between enough solitude and too much loneliness, and staying connected to the heart. As Capricorn effectively wields its commanding power, the mountains indeed are moved.

Overview of the Season

Overall, Capricorn season gives you an opportunity to re-evaluate your plans, values and resources, for an active early 2023. The season starts with a dynamic and liberating blast of energy at the Winter Solstice, as the Capricorn Sun encounters Jupiter, newly returned to pioneering Aries. Things then settle down slightly, with several invitations for contemplation and grounding. Please locate and enjoy your rose-colored glasses right around the Christmas holiday. Everyone benefits from actively imagining peace.

Mercury’s retrograde cycle, starting December 29,  suggests that well-thought-out actions speak louder than words. To use the three-week period productively, review your responsibilities and commitments, then write out your how-to plan. Once the Full Moon arrives mid-season, the vibe begins to pick up. The big news comes when pent-up Mars, retrograde since October 30, finally stations direct with a huge sigh of relief on January 12. Like a dam bursting, communications and actions jammed for months can now resume forward direction. When Mercury completes its retrograde cycle a few days later, we experience an exponential acceleration. The gift of awakening that came to you at the season’s start now needs to be paid forward. By the time the Sun enters Aquarius on January 20, we have taken flight.

New Moon And The Week Ahead: December 21 – December 29

With the galvanizing blast of energy, put a stake in the ground for an important project you want to reactivate. Notice a desire for a change of pace and seek out something a little beyond the ordinary in how you relate to others. At the New Moon on December 23, plant a seed for maturity and claim responsibility for your own growth. Speak aloud what you want to accomplish in the next four months, maybe even create a drumming ritual that seals the deal. Liberate yourself from whatever you’ve allowed to hold you back. Over the next few days, let your idealistic vision infuse your thinking as your plans take shape. Embrace the transcendent quality of love. As Mercury grinds to a halt on December 29, consider how you are handling your commitments and relevant communications. Words don’t always come out as intended, especially during Mercury retrograde. Use your Rising (or Sun) sign, read below to see what the New Moon activates in your horoscope.

Aries: Take time in solitude to evaluate your work responsibilities and decide what you need recommit to regarding your contribution to society.

Taurus: Recognize how you want to take more authority in your life and recommit to education that furthers along an important life-changing project.

Gemini: Survey how you deal with other people’s unconscious reactions and recommit to drawing effective boundaries, so you can maintain your authority in groups.

Cancer: Renew your commitments to your partnerships. Show your devotion through concrete plans and make sure you take enough time for yourself.

Leo: Examine the daily routines that support a healthy work/life balance. Recommit to a strategy that improves your health and gives you time to expand your mind.

Virgo: Consider your creative projects and your ability to be playful. Recommit to allowing more joy. Set boundaries to cope with demands on your time.

Libra: Review your commitments to your family and home. Make a plan to re-assert your authority that supports your choices in your relationships.

Scorpio: Think about what you want to study and review your strategy for learning. Recommit to a serious project that may involve close friends, siblings, or neighbors.

Sagittarius: Re-visit your values and recommit to radical self-love as your foundation. Include the expression of creativity and generosity as part of the plan.

Capricorn: Re-evaluate your commitment to your self-development. Recommit to your continued growth, including your impact on your family of origin or choice.

Aquarius: Re-examine your commitment to uncovering the hidden patterns that trip you up. Enlist the support of family members and make sure you talk about it.

Pisces: Consider how supported you feel in your current community. Recommit to that community or branch out and find a new one.

Let Go Of The Need For Perfection

Last Quarter Moon In Virgo

December 16, 2022, 3:56am EST

Let Go Of The Need For Perfection

Let Go Of The Need For Perfection

The Last Quarter Moon in Virgo issues a reminder that there is no “perfect time” to have a difficult conversation, especially the one you’ve been avoiding. When you let go of the need for perfection, it gives you room to breathe and stand your ground, rather than stress over details. It makes it more likely that you can approach the situation with a skillful blend of humor, empathy, and active listening. If you can thread this needle, you might just weave a new tapestry of connection with someone.

Take The Necessary Steps

In general, Sagittarius season suggests applying lighthearted humor, along with compassion and vision, to help cope with instability and change. Now the Last Quarter Virgo Moon asks that you release perfectionism so that you can dig in and confront something uncomfortable. Set aside a time and place for that challenging conversation. You don’t need absolute clarity. You just need an intention and the wherewithal to take the necessary steps to make it happen. Even if you get the details wrong, your effort goes further than you might expect.

The Week Ahead: December 16- December 21

As you engage, recognize the desire to shy away and reach for the nearest numbing agent. Also pay attention to any impetus toward aggression and resist it. Instead, seek to steady your mind and establish a new foundation of maturity in your interactions. As you do this work, you step further along on the road to healing your relationships on both individual and collective levels. On December 20, Jupiter entering Aries ignites new energy in your life. Like a plumber “roughing in” the water pipes, if you’ve done the necessary work to lay the conduits then consideration for others flows naturally into your actions. The final week of Sagittarius season asks that you hold yourself accountable for your own mature behavior, which prepares you for serious endeavors during Capricorn season.

A Light On Communication

Gemini Full Moon

December 7, 2022, 11:08pm EST

A Light On Communication
photo by S. Date

A Light On Communication

For months, the astrological patterns have had a lot to say about, well, saying things. The Gemini Full Moon lines up exactly with activator Mars, shining a bright light on communication. In a world with so many different ways to talk to each other, clear and authentic communication has become a rare commodity. This Full Moon provides an opportunity to question how we converse with each other.

Listening And Pausing

Currently retrograde Mars provides an apt symbol for slowing down to allow room for more understanding. In an increasingly divided world, the twin skills of listening and pausing are powerful beyond measure. When you pause, it creates a tiny space between your insistence and your words. That space makes all the difference between reacting and responding. It also cracks open the window to listen to the other person.

Four Questions

Nonviolent communication aims to support harmonious discourse, using empathy, observation, and self-understanding. Along that same vein, the early 20th century sage Sathya Sai Baba laid out four effective precepts to use in the pause prior to talking. When you pause, you can use these precepts like a filter, through which you can pass your thoughts before they turn into words. In that tiny pause before you speak, ask yourself: “Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it true? Is it better than silence?” When you perform this simple mental check, it prevents you from saying things you regret and contributes to your own confidence in your communication skills.

The Week Ahead: December 7 – December 16

At the Full Moon on December 7, frustrated verbalization or deeply considered action takes the limelight. It all depends on how much compassion for others has been incorporated. Close adherence to the available facts serves to check inflammatory speech. While your thought processes start aligning with practical concepts, review your dreams and visions about the world you’d like to live in. In personal relationships this means giving other people the benefit of the doubt while staying accountable to your own integrity and boundaries. Get serious about tapping empathy and reaching for forgiveness. Don’t insist on clarity. Rather, soften into receptivity so that you can truly listen. Ironically, this brings much more stability and support to your relationships than imposing your will. When you feel foggy, walking in the woods helps you drop into your body and get in touch with your gut truth.

Using your Rising sign (or Sun sign), read below to see where this Full Moon polarity falls in your natal horoscope. The Sagittarius Sun symbolizes humor, optimism, and philosophical musings that uplift one part of your life. At the opposite end, the Full Moon conjunct Mars highlights an area where you need to rewrite a tired old story that impedes or frustrates you.   For greater details, please watch the Sagittarius season video.

Aries: Kindle the fires of optimism and humor as you regard the world. Frustrating interactions with friends, siblings, or neighbors help you understand what narrative you need to rewrite regarding how you communicate.

Taurus: Bring more joviality to encounters where you feel at odds with other people’s values, especially how they handle money. Pay attention to irritations that make you feel bad about yourself so you can rewrite an old narrative about your own value.

Gemini: Incorporate more laughter in your one-on-one relationships. You might need it as frustration comes up in an area you are trying to develop. Rewrite the story of your self-image.

Cancer: Add more fun and play into your routines. Humor goes a long way to supporting your health! Rewrite the story about some hidden thing in your subconscious that blocks your way.

Leo: Give love to others through playfulness, which brings more fun into your creative life. Rewrite the story that prevents you from accepting the love and support of your admiring cohorts.

Virgo: Apply more humor and philosophical wisdom into your family life or home projects. Notice an aggravation about work that needs to be reassessed and diverted into a new story.

Libra: Include humor and optimism as you talk to others. When you feel anguished about global issues, consider how you can change the lens through which you view the world.

Scorpio: Use humor to lighten up when you feel bad about yourself, whether it has to do with your self-worth or your finances. Notice aggravations that stem from recent interactions and rewrite the story about how you set boundaries with others.

Sagittarius: Recognize your natural wisdom and jovial way of encountering the world. Rewrite the story regarding your part in your one-on-one connections with others.

Capricorn: Bust out your unexpected humor to bring delight to others. Release attachment to irritating or unavailable routines so you can rewire your relationship to your health.

Aquarius: With humor and wise optimism, allow yourself to accept the support of the important groups in your life. Rewrite the story about something that blocks you from giving unconditional love or dropping into the creative space.

Pisces: Embrace humor and levity in your professional life. Rewrite the story about whatever aggravates you in your home life, such as house renovations or family relationships.

Exercise Empathy

First Quarter Moon In Pisces

November 30, 2022, 9:36am EST

Exercise Empathy
photo by S. Date

Meditation For Levity And Optimism

Exercise Empathy

The First Quarter Moon in Pisces makes an appeal to Sagittarius’ philosophical side, reminding its jokester compatriot to take the suffering of others into account. Sagittarius, while not devoid of kindness, sometimes fails to be considerate due to being caught up in its own high-spirited banter. During Sagittarius season, the Pisces Moon insists that exercising empathy be part of the equation, which supports your capacity to embrace diversity.

The Value Of Diversity

While the New Moon encouraged tapping into humor and optimism, the First Quarter Moon requests that you now walk in someone else’s shoes. Even though you can never fully live another’s experience, it is possible to feel into the truth of another person’s perspective. In the current climate of disappearing civil, political, and social rights aimed at particular groups, it becomes even more important to recognize the value of diversity. Diversity is the key to a robust system. In an ecosystem, it allows recovery from destructive events such as extreme weather or insect infestations. In human systems, diversity creates a culture that can adapt to change, use flexibility to find solutions, and cherish different ways of being human.

The Week Ahead: November 30 – December 7

Like a lurching ship trying to gain its bearings through the fog, you may feel confused or disoriented this week. With the Moon in forgiving Pisces through December 1, make an effort to tap into compassion when you feel impulsive or annoyed. If you feel yourself getting heated, nip it in the bud by pausing and actively envisioning yourself in someone else’s shoes. If you struggle to find the right words, showing people you care with a gesture of warmth and devotion reassures them and stabilizes the relationship. At the end of the weekend, you might experience a moment of true transcendence with someone unexpected. Embrace it, but don’t assume it will change all interactions going forward. Just before the Full Moon on December 7, the vibe becomes much more serious as Mercury enters Capricorn. This might actually feel welcome as you turn your attention to practical matters. Slow down so you can speak from a place of integrity.

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