Full Moon In Sagittarius

Widen Your Communication

What will the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 5th illuminate for us?  Visually, we see this magnificent Moon rising as the Sun sets in Gemini, since the Full Moon sign is always opposite the Sun’s.  When you look at the chart, you also see that the Sun snuggles up close to Venus. This means that the Moon opposes Venus first, bringing the symbolism of Venus Retrograde into the stew.  Here, the Gemini influence suggests a lesson around gathering and transmitting information.  The Sagittarian Full Moon, the sign of the Philosopher, asks us to expand this into knowledge.

Moon as Weaver

As the weaver, the Moon gathers meaning from the planets she touches on the way to the Sun. She weaves this meaning into the archetypal tapestry, and reveals it at the lunation. Her relationship with the Sun is a special one, carrying essential wisdom for review as the two dance across from each other in the sky. Venus Retrograde signifies rumination about the value (Venus) of words and thoughts (Gemini). We witness the re-emergence of old racial tensions, forcing us to confront the deep, unhealed wound in the American psyche. Our values and communication shift in the pandemic society, as more of us engage online. Mars again squares the Sun/Moon axis, which it also did at the New Moon on May 22nd. Mars insists that we ACT. In Pisces and next to Neptune, the action taken must consider the collective.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

This Full Moon signifies the shift in the eclipse cycle, as we have our first penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 2020 along the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. In the astrological awakened view, the Moon characterizes the individual human ego.  When the Earth’s shadow blocks the light (individual ego) of the Moon during a Lunar Eclipse, it represents a spiritual “give back”.  This allows the fully awakened Sun to shine without impediment.  In other words, accountability becomes available, something rare in our Western society, and we must step aside and claim our membership to the collective. For each of us, what action can we take to hold ourselves accountable to change the imbalance of power? If you find yourselves lacking in information, this is an ideal time to seek education to increase wisdom.