New Moon In Virgo

Thursday September 17, 2020 (7:00a.m. EST)

In a lot of ways, astrology reveals the ticking of time, like a clock. But it is no ordinary clock. It is a powerful link to the natural cycles of nature, revealing our heritage as interdependent beings within the Earth’s systems. We do not have dominion. The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings on the small human scale.  This Virgo New Moon brings a powerful message of hope in these dire times.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

The Moon reflects what it means to be a human. We are fickle, vulnerable, and flawed, yet ripe with potential. Virgo believes in the potential of each individual to make a practical contribution to the tribal whole. Seasonally, Virgo signifies the harvest. The playfulness of summer has come to an end. It’s time to get to work and prepare for the long cold months ahead. The fruit must be gathered from the vine, and meticulously canned, pickled, or eaten.

A New Hope

The New Moon arrives at dawn (EST), bringing the hopefulness of a new day. The future is not yet written. In the final stage of her journey toward the Sun’s light, the Moon must descend through the dark balsamic phase. Like finding jewels in the underworld, she collects energy from the planetary aspects she makes, to fold into the new cycle. On September 14th, the Moon made a lovely conjunction with Venus, the planet of beauty and harmonious connection. As the ruler of the New Moon, Mercury in Libra chimes in with Venus – let’s set our relationships right through considered, grounded communication.

Build Cohesion

In this time of technological overload, we’ve lost the fine art of true, honest and deep discourse. The New Moon flows briefly with Saturn and Pluto, the planets that represent the pandemic, political bitterness, and out-of-control authoritarian governments. She also opposes Neptune, adding an element of the unreal, or imaginal realm, to the mixture.  Recognize that separation is an illusion, as we all live on one planet.  This is an ideal opportunity to build cohesion with others around you, especially those you think you don’t have any common ground with.  Amidst these polarized times, there can be no greater effort to make than this.

Personal Impact

Where can you personally make an impact? If you know your rising sign, then you can calculate where the Virgo New Moon falls for you using the chart below. Plant your New Moon seed with precision, diligence, and careful kindness.


If your Rising Sign is:


Then Virgo is in your ___ House:


Plant a Seed Related To Your:
Aries 6th Daily Self-Care Practices
Taurus 5th Giving Love, Playfulness, or Children
Gemini 4th Home or Root System
Cancer 3rd Communication Style or Siblings
Leo 2nd Self Esteem, Values or Money
Virgo 1st Authentic Self Expression
Libra 12th Surrender to Selfless Service
Scorpio 11th Receiving Love or Community
Sagittarius 10th Vocation and Public Effort
Capricorn 9th Learning New Wisdom and Sharing It
Aquarius 8th Setting Boundaries
Pisces 7th Partnerships and Social Visibility