Full Moon in Aries

Thursday October 1st, 2020, 5:05PM EST

Take A Stand For Yourself AND Others

The individualistic Aries Moon opposes the diplomacy of the Libra Sun, highlighting tension between ME and everyone else. What is the price of living in a selfish frat-boy culture?   Is it possible to rise above ourselves and consider others first?  The Aries Moon, ruled by Mars in Aries, demands that we face fear with courage. Mars retrograde requires strategizing to work with our own frustration and hair-trigger tempers. Can you feel that? Take deep breath and step into observation mode before reacting.

The Moon stands in solidarity with Chiron the Wounded Healer.  It would be so easy to angrily howl alone. But that would neglect the other half of Chiron’s obligation to illuminate the path of healing for others. Our suffering is collective, even when it feels intolerably personal. Meanwhile, the Sun’s contact with Uranus (a 150º quincunx) suggests a continual adjustment to remember our connection to the wild – this fight isn’t just about humans. Take action for truth and for those who cannot speak! Your vote isn’t just about you.

Consider what area of your life is impacted by this Full Moon, especially if you have planets near 9º Aries or Libra or have a birthday between March 26th and April 1st. Review any intention you set September 17th and see what has now come to light.  In what way can you open-heartedly assert yourself to help heal the growing rift in our society? Is there a letter you need to write, a person you need to stand up to, or an opinion you need to support with facts?

The Moon’s Path

A Full Moon is a pivot point. The Moon reaches maximal brightness then turns her attention inward for the wane.   Consider what has come to light since the New Moons in Aries and Virgo on March 24th and September 17th respectively. In March, Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars convened in Capricorn, creating a roadblock to business as usual. Back then Saturn’s brief foray into Aquarius, provided a technological lifeline, as operations moved to remote.

In mid-September, the Moon left the Virgo Sun to sweep across Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune, gathering messages of major change needed at our society’s foundation and beyond. On September 18th, the Moon in Lady Justice Libra joined Mercury and the admirable Notorious RGB passed away, delivering a dying wish to not be replaced before the 2020 election. By September 25th, the Moon tangled with the tyrannical knot of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. In concurrence, the current regime publicly stated a refusal for any peaceable power transfer and nominated a diametrically opposite pick for Supreme Court Justice.

Just before blossoming full, the Moon soaked in a last message from Neptune, planet of deception and transcendence. Right on time, we witnessed unsurprising smoke and mirrors from the Fraudster in Chief during the presidential debate. On a larger level, we surrender to the unarguable truth that we’re in this together. The Moon’s current presence in Aries galvanizes us with a bugle call to action.