Sun Enters Scorpio

Scorpio The Phoenix

October 22, 2020 7:00pm EST

The Sun descends into Scorpio’s lair, a week shy of Halloween. As we enter the thickets of Autumn, any remaining fruit withers on the vine to provide nutrients for the next generation. The myths tell us that part of human existence requires a descent into the underworld, to recover riches that have been lost. Scorpio symbolizes the necessary courage and fierceness in preparation for this journey.

As a fixed water sign associated with the transformative powers of the deep, Scorpio teaches us to surrender to the inevitability of change and bring light into the shadows. We learn to bond intimately with others and embrace the profound power of vulnerability. While we tend to want to avoid the darker elements of life, consider that underground water provides the sustenance to power whole cities. Remember that the dark is where we sleep, grow until birth, plant our seeds, and watch the stars.