Full Moon at 8º Cancer

December 29th, 2020 10:28pm EDT

Watch the Full Moon in Cancer here

Emotional Strength

The final Full Moon of 2020 delivers a powerful message regarding vulnerability and responsibility. Because it encapsulates the peak phase of three lunar cycles, rather than the usual two, this Full Moon ends the year with quite a punch. It corresponds to the New Moons on June 21st and July 20th both in Cancer, and on December 14th in Sagittarius. Think about what minefields humanity has been crossing since the middle of the year. Individually, contemplate any doors that you consciously closed at the lunar eclipse on December 14th.

Heal Your Inner Bear Cub

As the darkest day of the year recedes into the rearview, we patiently anticipate the return of the light. Deep within winter’s grasp, the Capricorn Sun brings serious tasks and solitary pursuits to the forefront. In contrast, the Moon in Cancer conveys themes of loving sensitivity and emotional security. Though, like the mother bear defending her cubs, it also indicates the fierce protection of the Guardian. And truly, it takes ursine courage to look within, face vulnerability, and attend to our own emotional needs. Yet this is what is required to liberate yourself from expecting others to magically fulfill your needs. The path to accountability in adulthood means owning your feelings instead of being unconsciously driven by them. Rather than isolating, a stable inner foundation results in the ability to empathize and create mature, enduring connections with others.

Kindness and Commitment

In this time of collective upheaval, we are being called to commit to inner work while also offering support and strength to each other. At this Full Moon, we move into a year that requires kindness and accountability, both within ourselves and between each other. Mother Earth seeks to wake us up at this poignant crossroads. Honor your intuition and trust your inner compass. Consider how we really want to treat each other. Where can you nourish yourself with more kindness, and in doing so, contribute to the wellbeing of all? Using your Rising Sign (or if you don’t know it, your Sun Sign) read below for suggestions. Don’t forgot to include yourself in your offering of love!

Aries: Offer love in your home life and toward understanding family lineage

Taurus: Offer love through empathetic listening and kind words, especially to siblings

Gemini: Offer love to those who struggle with valuing themselves

Cancer: Offer love to yourself as a radical act so you may be more available for others

Leo: Offer love to the collective as you recognize universal connection of suffering

Virgo: Offer love to your community via coordinating group effort for a cause

Libra: Offer love at your workplace by recognizing accomplishments

Scorpio: Offer love to your teachers so that they may teach others whole-heartedly

Sagittarius: Offer love to those more vulnerable than you, and see yourself in them

Capricorn: Offer love to your partner especially when things feel difficult

Aquarius: Offer love to all health practitioners who give of themselves

Pisces: Offer love to children and the universality of playfulness