Entrance of Sun into Aries

The Vernal Equinox

March 20th, 2021, 5:37a.m. EDT

At the Vernal Equinox, the Sun reaches peak height over the equator, gracing the Northern Hemisphere with its warm, optimistic presence. The entrance of the Sun into Aries signifies the first day of spring and the massive mobilization of resources needed for a new start.

To grasp the essence of Aries, consider the sheer force of a seed cracking open and pushing its way through the dense soil, or the angry ferocity of a screaming hungry baby. Picture the effort and risk-taking required to land the Rover on Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries. Above all other signs, Aries displays courage in the face of adversity, expressing the archetypes of the Pioneer and the Warrior.

Feel the stirring of spring deep down in your roots, as the north shakes off winter’s cloak. Burn off physical energy with a hike in the leafless woods before returning home to incinerate last year’s debris in the fire pit. Use this time to ignite motivation and take action on your goals.