Scorpio Full Moon

April 26, 2021, 11:31p.m. EDT

The Hidden Forces Beneath

A calm lake bathes in full moonlight. But what hidden forces lie beneath? This is the question posed by the mysterious and powerful Scorpio Full Moon. We arrive at the peak of the cycle that began with the intention to harness courage at the Aries New Moon on April 11th.

The Sacred In The Ordinary

Full Moons describe the natural human condition of dealing with paradox. In this case, the practical stability of the earthy Taurus Sun opposes the intense, transforming concerns of the Scorpio Moon. Taurus establishes material resources and maintains tranquility, sometimes to the fault of becoming possessive and obstinate. On the other hand, Scorpio demands depth and passion, diving beneath to investigate psychological ramifications. Descending too far means getting ensnared in obsession or negativity.

Finding the sweet spot between Taurus and Scorpio means eliminating accumulated detritus and turning turmoil into practical accomplishment. We recover a sense of the sacred in the ordinary. It becomes possible to be vulnerable AND grounded in our most intimate relationships.

Constructive Use Of Power

This Full Moon tangles with the most prominent theme of the year, as we continue to witness seismic shifts in the old paradigm. This struggle ripples across all levels of society, drawing our attention to race inequity and supply chain issues. The Scorpio Moon shines a penetrating light through the thin veneer of niceties, revealing the rusting undergirding beneath. This is the time to grapple with the constructive use of power and systemic transformation.

Your Role

Two weeks ago, you considered where you want to harness courage in your own life. Now observe how that action has transformed your life. Using your Rising Sign (if you don’t know it, use your Sun Sign), look at the area illuminated by the Scorpio Full Moon.



At the New Moon, you: Allowed bold self-expression in how you present yourself

Now: Notice how it triggers or emboldens others in your private life



At the New Moon, you: Bravely faced how you block your own path

Now: Notice the liberating impact on your intimate partnerships



At the New Moon, you: Fearlessly built a community that supports your goals

Now: Notice how this enlivens your self-improvement goals



At the New Moon, you: Initiated an audacious new plan in your career

At Full Moon: Notice the importance of fully engaging your creative powers



At New Moon, you: Enrolled in an adventurous course of study to open your mind

Now: Notice feeling firmly rooted as you allow a metamorphosis



At New Moon, you: Acted to free yourself from any debts, financial or otherwise

Now: Notice how this frees up mental energy for daily pursuits



At the New Moon, you: Took a risk for your primary relationship

Now: Notice how this deepens and elevates your self esteem



At the New Moon, you: Began a new health regimen or volunteer opportunity

Now: Notice something profound that you’ve become newly aware of



At the New Moon, you: Dauntlessly showed love through creative acts

Now: Watch your efforts help alleviate suffering and enhance compassion



At the New Moon, you: Made a daring change to your home or your role in the family

Now: Watch this catalyze the community around you



At the New Moon, you: Spoke decisively to face a situation in your immediate environment

Now: Notice the possibility for major change in your vocation



At the New Moon, you: Committed to fierce, deep self-love for the betterment of all

Now: Notice if it dramatically expands your vision of the world