New Moon in Taurus

May 11, 2021 2:59PM EDT

The Original Daily Planner

If the Moon is the original daily planner, then the New Moon indicates a time to plant something new that affects day-to-day living. With the Taurus focus, it behooves us to contemplate ways to slow down and seek tranquility.

Queen of Serene

In the simplest of terms, Taurus represents the need for peace. Picture a still pond on a warm spring day, with lazy clouds scudding by overhead. Look deeper, and realize that this elegant web of life functions as a stable and organized system, reliant on the existence of only a modicum of change. Likewise, queen of serene Taurus methodically builds structures of lasting value, disliking drama or emotional upset. The shadow of the Bull shows itself through clinging to the status quo or hoarding material goods.

The Hard Questions Persist

However, with disruptive Uranus cruising through placid Taurus since 2019, we continue to experience seismic shifts in previously stable modalities. Our human systems do not align with the science of ecology, and Uranus seeks to wake us up out of our self-centered illusion. The hard questions persist, with regards to our treatment of each other and our environment, and the massive wealth imbalance around the world. On a positive note, an opportunity for empowerment and compassion could play a major role, achieved by honest communication and listening on personal and collective levels.

Serenity Now!

All change begins with patient acceptance. This New Moon invites us to cultivate an attitude of reverence for the present moment. Use your Rising Sign (and if you don’t know it, your Sun sign) to determine where to slow down and find serenity. Your commitment to calm ripples out to all those around you.


Aries: Slow down and recognize your deep resource of self-reliance

Taurus: Slow down and honor your innate patience

Gemini: Slow down and see the world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower*

Cancer: Slow down and absorb the love coming from your community

Leo: Slow down and respect your work as a social contribution

Virgo: Slow down and imagine walking in the shoes of someone in a foreign land

Libra: Slow down and calmly confront your shadow self with an open heart

Scorpio: Slow down and nourish your intimate partners with sensuality or a delicious meal

Sagittarius: Slow down and find renewal in your physical body

Capricorn: Slow down and delight in the soothing green realms of nature

Aquarius: Slow down and extend an energetic taproot deep down into the earth

Pisces: Slow down and remain steady despite mounting logistics to manage

*From “The Auguries of Innocence” by William Blake