Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather

all photos by Sarah Date

This week, I guest-wrote the blog for my colleague and dear friend Laurie Farrington of Astrolore (

May 17, 2021 through May 23, 2021

The Moon gains in light this week, cartwheeling from moody Cancer into joyful Leo early Monday. The Sun connects effortlessly with the deeply grounded power of Pluto, as they trine at 5:48am EDT.

On Tuesday, the Moon tangles with 2021 twin kings of tumult, Saturn and Uranus. The next day at the First Quarter Square, prepare to take action on your seed of serenity you planted at the Taurus New Moon on May 11th. Except, given the week’s symbolism, consider it an “inaction”, as any efforts towards productivity will likely be thwarted. Your intentions are best aimed at continuing to sloooowww down and focus on renovating internal storylines.

Don’t be fooled mid-week, when an influx of frenetic and fickle fluctuations rile us up, as the Sun shifts into Gemini and the Moon into Virgo. It won’t last. With the Sun squaring Jupiter and Mercury squaring Neptune, rational thinking tumbles into churning ocean currents like an upended surfer. Meditative and imaginative pursuits help clear away cobwebs.

The week finishes with the sociable Libra Moon working her charms as she encounters grouchy Mars in Cancer and the intense demands of Pluto in Capricorn. She surrenders to a deep dive into secretive Scorpio at 11:00pm. Saturn stations retrograde at 13º Aquarius, planning to retread the familiar ground covered since its clash with Uranus on February 17th, creating an overall feeling of retreat.


Rejuvenate and Access Power – Monday, May 17, 2021

Early in the morning, the Moon in the protective sign of Cancer opposes Pluto, bringing emotions to the forefront.  Then as the Sun moves into a harmonious trine with potent Pluto, we have an opportunity to recognize inner personal power and deepen our perspective. Let the principle of magnanimous generosity lead your actions for the day. If possible, steep in a hot bath before starting your work day. At the very least, make a piping hot cup of tea and let it sink into your bones. With your newfound feelings of rejuvenation, embrace the more joyful tone that enters the day when the Moon enters Leo at 8:43am EDT.

Levity To Heaviness – Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The morning may feel light and chatty, though casual conversation could easily sway into commiserating over a shared story of wounding. At the day continues, if you find yourself being petulant and childish, notice if it stems from intense feelings of being blocked or trapped. If you apply the balm of awareness, you will be able to bring levity to this heaviness. Take a breath and enjoy the drama of the moment, as you realize that difficult things make us develop into more whole human beings.

Allow any hard feelings to pass through you, and accept the challenge to deepen your understanding of others, including the other beings who also inhabit the planet. Talk about what you learned with a friend over a beverage of choice late in the evening.

Stay Grounded – Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Moon continues its foray through the lively and dramatic sign of Leo, contending with the First Quarter Square to the Sun in the last gasp of Taurus at 3:12pm. Act on whatever intention you set regarding slowing down and finding a sense reverence on May 11th. With luminaries at an unstable 29º, we receive a strong message about getting ready for change. You might choose an action that reminds you to stay grounded, though keep a sense of humor close at hand.

Shortly after her skirmish with the Sun, the Moon brushes herself off and steps into orderly Virgo, dropping into work mode. An hour later, the Moon slides into an opposition with Jupiter, magnifying the idea of service and sacrifice. You may see a way to help a suffering neighbor or friend that wasn’t readily obvious before.

Later in the day, Venus trines Saturn. While not exactly a romantic contact, it could be a fruitful time to work out logistical issues in your primary relationships. This aspect allows a release from emotional attachments to focus on realistic outcomes.

Meaningful Contribution – Thursday, May 20, 2021

A seasonal pivot point, the Sun enters clever, restless Gemini, heralding the final chapter of spring. With the two luminaries in Mercury-ruled signs, the focus turns to communication, networking, and applying some elbow grease to get things done with optimal efficiency. Enjoy this moment of clarity.

In the middle of the day, the Moon receives a brief blast of unpredictable energy from great awakener Uranus. This might raise the possibility of making a meaningful contribution, perhaps to the animal shelter or wildlife organization. It could also knock you off balance and leave you feeling scattered. Either way, allow your web to expand. Open to what you can learn from others. Finish off your evening with a lively family discussion. Be sure to tell your loved ones how important they are to you.

Breathe and Feel – Friday, May 21, 2021

The morning starts with that feeling of trying to remember a dream. At 11:03am the logical Sun in Gemini bucks up against Jupiter, newly in idealistic Pisces, pitting inner experience against objective reality. Jupiter in Pisces indulges in expansive mystical meaning while the Gemini Sun simply wishes to tell a good story. With the Moon still in Virgo, it will be useful to take on some straightforward tasks while allowing your mind to wander.

At 9:36pm, the Moon moves into diplomatic Libra, increasing the desire for connection and conversation. If your mind feels like it is in overdrive as you get ready for bed, engage in a balancing practice. Write in your journal or engage in a yogic breathing practice, like nadi shodana.

Sailing Into A Stall – Saturday, May 22, 2021

With the Moon in cardinal air Libra, most of the day scuds along like a sailboat on a breezy lake. We may feel buoyant, and able to steer clear of the emotional landscape beneath. Enjoy the feeling, but be cognizant of the fine line between objectivity and disconnection.

At 10:43pm, the winged messenger planet Mercury confronts Neptune, stopping them in their tracks and convoluting the lines of communication. Take note of any inner turbulence, as air and water together create restless, unsettled emotions. Give yourself over to poetry rather than attempting to rationalize overwhelming feelings. Take a mellow and mindful evening walk in the woods to clear your head.

This contact previews the upcoming Mercury Retrograde on May 29th. Mercury squares Neptune twice more in this period. Fear not, as we have an opportunity for necessary rest. Invite your mind to wander deeply into non-rational territory. Contemplate the true meaning of forgiveness. Calm down and let the dream world take you.

Seal The Deal For Rest – Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Moon spends its final full day in affable Libra, in preparation for its monthly descent into the cavernous lair of Scorpio. This day seals the deal regarding taking a step back to carve out some “being” time in the midst of your late spring to-do list. We hit a snag in the wee hours, hopefully while some of you remain asleep, when the Moon squares Mars, grouchy and self-protective in Cancer. You might wake up grumpy. If so, let it pass like wind through an open field.

Saturn stations Retrograde at 5:18pm, doing a 180 and retracing its steps since the shakedown square with Uranus, near Valentine’s Day. Culturally, we’ll review the humanitarian concerns of Saturn in Aquarius, and prepare for the second square in June.

Unfortunately, the day doesn’t lighten up much, as the Moon wrestles with the power-monger Pluto at 5:36pm. Recognize the potential for a battle, and notice any tendency to brood or fixate on something beyond your control. Instead, choose to burn off energy through a difficult solo activity to that requires extreme focus. Mountain biking comes to mind. Let go of any desire for perfection.