New Moon at 19º Gemini & Solar Eclipse

photo by Sarah Date

June 10th, 2021, 6:52am EDT

Pivot Your Mindset

The Moon in Gemini blocks the Sun on June 10th for an annular solar eclipse. Astrologers debate the meaning of eclipses, but suffice it to say that an object obscuring the light of the all-powerful Sun has been known to cause a ruckus. Mercury conjoins the Sun, signifying the precise midpoint of the Mercury Retrograde cycle. This, along with the New Moon, underscores the idea of finding ourselves at a significant pivot point regarding the personal and collective mindset.

The Review

The Mercury Retrograde cycle insists that we pause, take a breath, and review the recent events in our lives. Because of its placement in Gemini, it signals a time for a mental break, especially from screens and draining superficial chatter and gossip. Taking mental rest happens through imaginative flow state activities, like meditative visualizations, creating colorful art, or walking in the woods with a soft gaze.

Inner Immersion

Once again, the astrology of the New Moon at first glance appears to emphasize quick, detail-oriented logistical maneuvers, such as scheduling summer plans with friends. However, while these things should still happen, a deeper look reveals that an immersion in meaningful, inwardly focused pursuits would be eminently soothing for the soul. Interestingly, the support is available to create a container for mystical endeavors. To understand this, think about the tasks required to prepare a boat for an afternoon sail. Once on the lake, fully relax into the motion of the water. Merge with the element of water.

Breathe Into The Silence

What’s the best way to take advantage of this silent spacious energy? First, take a deep breath into your lungs, the part of the body ruled by Gemini. Recognize the simplicity and power of this action. And second, consider which area of your chart contains Gemini. Here, seek inner sanctum and objectively ponder the change you’d like to see in the world. Using your Rising Sign (or Sun Sign if you don’t know it), consider the question below and plant a seed for a subtle internal shift in this area of your life.


Aries: As a leader, how can I bring more mindfulness to my methods of communication?

Taurus: As a solid citizen, how can I rejuvenate my thinking regarding the resources I have to offer?

Gemini: As a natural storyteller, how can I reach others with relatable stories?

Cancer: With a nurturing air, how can I release mental suffering and move into forgiveness?

Leo: With magnanimous warmth, how can I galvanize my community into taking worthwhile action and receive their support in return?

Virgo: With an analyst’s precision, how can I focus my sharp mind to find deeper fulfillment in my vocation that benefits the whole?

Libra: As a natural diplomat, how can I allow a more egalitarian vision to flood my worldview and share it?

Scorpio: With a detective’s focus, how can I find the gold in my deepest most intense emotions?

Sagittarius: With an adventurous spirit, how can I bring spaciousness and clear communication to my primary relationships?

Capricorn: As a natural strategist, how can I commit to time for mindfulness practices that ripple beyond just me?

Aquarius: As an inventor, how can I harness my intellectual gifts to bring more playfulness into life?

Pisces: As a natural visionary, how can I envision a way to create a calmer home space that honors my lineage?

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