Sun In Cancer & Summer Solstice

June 20, 2021, 11:33PM EDT, Northern Hemisphere



At the Solstice, the Sun enters the water sign of Cancer and achieves its northernmost limit, plunging the Northern Hemisphere into full summer. With the Sun at its peak, revelations come into full view. This Solstice rides the coattails of the Saturn/Uranus square, the symbol for the immense friction between the old world shattering and a new world birthing. At its core, this is a demand for cultural and personal change regarding how we relate to ourselves, to others, and to our planet.

The Wellspring

As the sign of the archetypal Mother, primordial Cancer represents both the wellspring that whole villages crop up around and the amniotic fluid in the sanctuary of the womb. People often underestimate the potential ferocity of Cancer, seeing only the nurturing protective side, while overlooking the towering Mother Bear guarding her cubs. To grasp her fierce devotion to life, consider that Cancer holds the responsibility for the care and propagation of the species.

Nourish Yourself and Others

We all harbor this life-giving energy somewhere in the wheel of the zodiac. Take advantage of this time to nourish yourself physically and emotionally with the cleansing, intuitive force of water. Bathe, swim, empathize, and receive. Meditate on what needs hydration and flow in your life. Offer the energy of unconditional friendliness to all others.