Full Moon in Capricorn

June 24th, 2:39PM EDT

Peak Tides

At the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon exert opposing gravitational pull on the Earth’s waters, creating peak tides. Similarly, the Full Moon represents a time for peak awareness regarding the tides of our lives. Like cosmic parents, this month’s cardinal Full Moon teaches us about the careful balance between authority and nurturing. In other words, we must nurture the sensitive emotional dimension in order to authentically command authority.

Integrity, The Profound Task

Indeed, the Capricorn Moon regards integrity, the profound task of aligning inner thoughts and emotions with outward choices and actions. Meanwhile, the watery Cancer Sun brims with nourishment, offering an anchor of tender support for this difficult task. The trick lies in knowing your own feelings, and from this internal wealth, cultivating mature empathetic responses to others. Learning to nourish yourself emotionally allows you to release others from this obligation. Rich, enduring relationships result.

Rehydrating The Emotional Connections

Right now, expansive Jupiter in mystical Pisces supports this inner process of rehydrating the emotional connections in your relationships. Additionally, awakener Uranus approves, striving to nudge humanity into right relationship with the systems of our home planet. As challenging issues continue to arise, those with the most inner grounding will be able to ride the waves.

Your Emotional Anchor

Think about what has come to light since the Solar Eclipse on June 10th, which brought an invitation to release limiting mental constructs. With the Cancer Sun as your emotional anchor, recognize the area of your life that demands the light of integrity and maturity. Use your Rising or Ascendant Sign to understand where this falls in your chart. If you don’t know it, using your Sun Sign will also provide some guidance.

Aries: Notice the connection between being fully in tune at home and executing with integrity at your workplace

Taurus: Let the kindness you communicate in daily life elevate your perspective about the meaning of life

Gemini: Notice the balance between understanding your own emotions and drawing healthy boundaries with other peoples’ emotional responses

Cancer: Let your understanding about your own needs provide perspective for the needs of your primary relationships

Leo: Notice how your intuitive sense of spirituality flowers into kernels of insight in your daily routines

Virgo: Notice the balance between accepting help from your community and the discipline that allows you to be creative and playful

Libra: Notice the connection between the care that you put into your profession and the stability in your home life

Scorpio: Let your intuition about your higher purpose inform your everyday life choices

Sagittarius: See the connection between your sensitivity towards other peoples’ deep issues and recognizing your own resources

Capricorn: Let your primary relationships aid you in authentically seeing yourself

Aquarius: Notice how your self-care practices support your connection to compassion and forgiveness

Pisces: See the connection between the way you joyfully share love with others and your ability to receive love