New Moon In Cancer

A Cool Oasis
photo by Sarah Date

July 9th, 2021, 9:17pm EDT

Emotional Replenishment

At the New Moon, the energy of the Sun and Moon unifies, providing an opportunity for one-pointed attention. In a world that constantly fractures our attention, we can use these days as beacons for focus. Today’s New Moon in the life-giving sign of Cancer regards creating a safe space for emotional replenishment.

A Cool Oasis

In the wheel of signs, cardinal water Cancer offers a cool oasis between chatty Gemini and flamboyant Leo, symbolizing the need to hydrate our physical and emotional selves. As the zodiac’s Matriarch, Cancer tends to her young, responding to their needs while protecting them from predators. This lesson involves the willingness to be vulnerable, sensitive, and responsive in the cultivation of love. It takes significant courage to share and receive tender emotions with others. Yet this is the path to creating the lasting bonds of meaningful relationship.

Broaden Your Scope

The task set before us involves nurturing ourselves and our immediate relationships, as a template for nurturing relationships with everything around us. Broaden your scope to find connection with the rocks on the ground, the birds in the air, the fish in the sea, and the stars in the sky.

What Nourishes You

Take the time to think about what nourishes you. Start something new, no matter how small, that will contribute to your emotional wellbeing. Use your Rising Sign (or if you don’t know it, your Sun Sign) to determine what area of you life will be highlighted for extra care. Trust that your action impacts the collective.

Aries: Establish a place in your home that provides cool respite for recharge

Taurus: Notice when communication feels nourishing and when it doesn’t, write down your feelings

Gemini: Tune into your wealth of emotional resources, notice this as a source of strength

Cancer: Refill your inner reservoir by finding time for quiet contemplation and being

Leo: Make a visit to the vast ocean, lie on the beach while the waves undulate

Virgo: Find yourself in the company of friends who nourish you, offer nourishment back

Libra: Consider where you feel emotionally sustained in your career, enact ways to encourage this feeling

Scorpio: Recognize the wisdom to be gained from your feelings, learn where they are located in your body, share your adventure with others

Sagittarius: Understand where you absorb other people’s unconscious baggage and set clear boundaries for optimal health, be sensitive to other’s feelings

Capricorn: Lavish your primary partnerships with quiet connection time together

Aquarius: Take up a new daily fitness activity that includes flowing movement or immersion into water

Pisces: Lose yourself in a creative pursuit that fills you with joy, include play with young folks