Astrolore’s Weekly Weather

This week I guest wrote Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather. Thanks to Astrolore’s Laurie Farrington for the opportunity!

The Moon’s Weekly Journey

In many ways, the Moon represents the human condition of dealing with our feelings, egos, and relationships in daily life. We are currently navigating massive tectonic shifts in our culture, as things lift, grind, and buckle around us. The Moon localizes these energies and helps us to understand how they impact us individually. As Laurie says “learning to work with this rhythm will help you align with and relax into an easier flow with the Universe.”

At last week’s end, we received a challenge to transform how we relate to and care for others. Now the Moon proceeds through the hidden waters of Scorpio, adventure-seeking Sagittarius, serious Capricorn, and high-flying Aquarius. The week ends with the Moon barely dipping her toe in the ocean of Pisces shortly before midnight on Sunday. Along the way, she encounters keynotes of depth, responsibility, and expansion through conjunctions with other planets.

When in Scorpio, the Moon tends to invite deep scrutiny of underlying emotions. If you’re still smarting from a tough weekend, things may lighten up briefly when the Moon enters Sagittarius on Monday afternoon, but only if you can get over your big feelings. Tuesday offers time to adjust the way you are nourishing yourself, perhaps by exploring a different philosophy. Look for an opportunity to elevate your really good idea, when an encouraging message appears from Mercury’s contact with supercharged, inventive Uranus.

Wednesday afternoon supplies us with some welcome earth energy, as the Moon moves into purposeful Capricorn, and Venus cools her heels in calm, helpful Virgo. Twelve hours later, Venus opposes Jupiter, enlarging the desire to help out on a practical level. Later that day, when the Sun leaps into dramatic Leo, where he loves to be, the tone changes from motherly nurturing to radiant enthusiasm.

Friday brings the Full Moon in Aquarius and the illumination of the seed you planted at the New Moon July 10. As we reach the tail end of the week, the Moon tangles with heavy hitters Saturn and Uranus, not to mention prideful Mars in Leo. Watch for flaring tempers and stubborn egos pitching against each other. With conscious attention, this can be channeled into effective determination to get the job done.

The Mercury-Neptune trine creates a fog that can be used in your favor, preferably in support of spiritual rather than deceptive pursuits. Mercury opposing Pluto the next day displays a view of the depth you may have been avoiding. Instead of fighting it, allow yourself to grow and embrace deeper complexities. Larger-than-life Jupiter backtracks through the early degrees of mystical Pisces for this final week, before re-entering humanitarian Aquarius to complete unfinished business.

photo by Sarah Date

Wander The Inner Terrain – Monday, July 19, 2021

On Monday, the Moon in Scorpio demands that you continue to wander the inner terrain, peeking under the rocks and in the shadowed caves, in an effort to understand what lurks there. The square to Mars early in the morning raises questions about your relationship to masculinity. A few hours later, the Moon squares Venus, providing an equal chance to reflect on your feminine side. This regards how you balance doing and being, or action and rest. Recognize that in each person lives a unique blend of these two primary energies. Honor both aspects.

A few hours later at 5:07 PM EDT, you may find yourself leaving any introspective thoughts behind, and feeling rather self-righteous, as the Moon enters Sagittarius and squares Jupiter. Observe and discard the need to be right. Instead, choose to enjoy your evening in the company of people that you can laugh and joke with.


Innovative Mental Gifts – Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Moon grows brighter as it enters the gibbous phase, bringing the quality of perfecting to the forefront. If you are using the Moon phases to move projects forward, today is the day to apply the finishing touches on whatever you’d like to see blossom by Friday’s Full Moon.

At 5:37AM EDT, Mercury in Cancer sextiles Uranus, broadcasting a reminder to cherish nature’s astounding ability to anchor and heal. Uranus in Taurus sounds a wake-up alarm, regarding the environmental systems of our home planet. If you can, take an early morning walk and reflect on your piece of the puzzle. What innovative mental gifts or communication abilities do you possess? Watch for any message that appears with an open heart. Notice too, any regressive behaviors that hamper your ability to be fully present or loving. Be careful not to judge yourself. Instead, be curious.

Seek Out The Inspiring Amidst The Ordinary – Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Enjoy the dreamy, jovial mood that permeates the daytime. Seek out the inspiring amidst the ordinary. Tune into a line of poetry that soothes, a beautiful flower to admire, or a hawk amongst treetops on your drive to work. The early evening bestows a bright spark of hope and beauty, before things get more serious when the Moon enters taskmaster Capricorn. The Moon isn’t particularly comfortable here in this dry, authoritarian place, feeling grumpy and out of sorts.

When Venus steps silently into persnickety Virgo an hour later, the vibe of the week drops significantly. Venus’s transition out of highly animated Leo creates a refuge to slow down, analyze, and adjust. This may come as a relief, especially for those who are dealing with any symptoms of burnout. Finish the day by stepping outside to take a look at the stars. Notice any feelings of kinship toward your environment.


Join The Festivities – Thursday, July 22, 2021

You may wake up ready to jump out of bed, with your to-do list already humming. At 8:44AM EDT, Venus newly in Virgo opposes Jupiter. This affords a clear perspective about the task at hand, linking your daily labors to the big picture. This could describe coordinating the details to set the stage for a mystical experience, or realizing that each and every meticulous brushstroke creates the masterpiece. Think back to what began on February 11th regarding your personal growth and values, when Venus met with Jupiter in Aquarius.

At 10:26AM, the hallmark shift of the week occurs, as the Sun alights in jubilant Leo, signaling the full height of summer. After yesterday’s brief earthy pause, the lion’s roar ramps the vibe back up. You would be wise to join in the festivities, as resistance will only create exhaustion or frustration. Despite the arrival of playful Leo, you may experience a bit of sensitivity or chafing later on in the day, resulting in a surprisingly cantankerous encounter. Let it go, as it will quickly pass. Finding humor in the moment is the best remedy.

Full Moon in Aquarius: Illuminate Lofty Ideas With Heart – Friday, July 23, 2021

The Moon slides into the egalitarian sign of Aquarius, just before preparing to show her cards at the Full Moon. The Full Moon always provides an opportunity to weigh opposites. Often, an area that feels difficult simply needs effort put in at the other end. In this case, the personal, engaging warmth of Leo provides contrast to the lofty, community ideals of Aquarius. Great ideas need to be relatable, and better yet, taken to heart.

To prepare for the Full Moon, take a moment to engage in your preferred supportive ritual, like meditation or exercise. This helps you to keep an open and empathetic mindset through any difficulties ahead. Take advantage of the morning’s serious mood to complete any necessary tasks. When the absorbent Moon catches up with metamorphic Pluto a bit later, turn to face your own intense feelings with courage. Give yourself the solitude you need to handle it. This readies you for the Full Moon in Aquarius, which symbolizes the balance between a progressive interconnected vision and joyful personal engagement.

This Full Moon is the culmination of two cycles. From the one that started on July 10th with the New Moon in Cancer, consider what seed for nourishment you planted. If you are using the longer cycles, think back to February when you planted a seed to free yourself from old habits at the New Moon in Aquarius. Read below to get a personal take on the balance between generously giving and gaining freedom. If you know it, use your Rising Sign. If not, use your Sun Sign.

Aries: Notice that as you generously give love, your own sense of freedom expands with the support of your unique community of friends.

Taurus: Watch for how the closeness in your home and family illuminates your ability to bring innovative ideas into the outer world. The crown grows as the roots anchor.

Gemini: Notice that your wisdom grows as you give due diligence to your studies. As you complete details, the meaning you seek becomes apparent

Cancer: Tune into the connection between your ability to set boundaries with other people’s sensitivities and valuing your radiant self.

Leo: Watch how your primary relationships evolve as you fully invest in your own self-development.

Virgo: Notice that your capacity for spiritual growth and forgiveness grows as you commit exuberantly to daily practices

Libra: Notice how your own desire and inspiration for creative projects increases when you celebrate the success of others
Scorpio: Notice that when you celebrate enjoyable parts of your career, your family relationships become more robust and healthy.

Sagittarius: Notice that the joy of gaining wisdom from people from other cultures gives you innovative ideas about your own locale

Capricorn: Watch how your ability to be generous with other peoples’ intense emotional struggles allows you to see yourself and your own struggles with less attachment

Aquarius: Notice that the warmth that you receive as you nurture your intimate relationships serves as a guide to express and develop your most unique personal self.

Pisces: Notice that your connection to the collective feels effortless as you find a sense of playfulness within your daily practices.


Dreams Versus Reality – Saturday, July 24, 2021

You may feel dreamy and that you can get away with blurring the boundaries. If possible, take the morning to indulge in imaginative, artistic pleasures that need not satisfy any particular goal. After last night’s Full Moon, you may retain a feeling of non-attachment and freedom. It is likely that this will give over to a sense of restriction and that increases over the course of the day.

The Moon must confront authoritarian Saturn triggering the story that looms in the background, the fight between the avant-garde and the old paradigm. Prepare to see stories in the news that reflect this. Also watch where this struggle plays out in your own life. Late in the evening, the Moon completes the picture with a square to rebel Uranus. We have much to gain by confronting these energies with conscious, careful attention. Recall the softer vibe of the morning to help you drift off to sleep.


Embrace Deep Understanding – Sunday, July 25, 2021

With the Moon still in Aquarius, engage in intellectual pursuits today. Do the crossword puzzle, read a book that gives you hope, or start a lively conversation over the breakfast table. When Mercury opposes Pluto at 4:14PM, the week comes full circle, delivering us back to the depths we started with. Pluto, like the goddess Kali, destroys what needs to be removed in the name of new growth. Do not underestimate the intensity of this contact. Rather, take advantage of it, letting your mind move like a leverage bar, working to pry open the door to buried knowledge. Embrace deep understanding of that which moves beneath the surface.

At 7:13PM, the Moon opposes Mars, feeling like a parting shot from recent conflicts. Think of this as an opportunity to gain a clear-eyed, dispassionate view about the wildly out-of-balance masculine principle that both serves and threatens our society. Once again, check in with your relationship to how you take action, including when it would be best to stand down. Just before midnight, the Moon enters dreamy, impressionable Pisces. It immediate conjunction with Jupiter magnifies the effect. Put a notebook by your bed to track any dreams, especially those that give you a sense of the divine. Let the ebb and flow of the mystic ocean lull you to sleep.