Second Full Moon In Aquarius

August 22, 2021, 8:02am EDT

The Aquarian Curriculum

On August 22nd, a second Full Moon blooms in Aquarius. The first Aquarian Full Moon took place just after the Sun moved into Leo, illuminating the hard work of digging below the surface while remaining playfully engaged with life. Now this Full Moon culminates what began at the New Moon of August 8th, when an evolutionary gateway opened, waking us up to the power of the present moment. Notice what comes into sharp focus at this time.

The Intersection Of The Heart And Mind

In the simplest of terms, Leo refers to an open heart, Aquarius to an inventive mind. It highlights the division between personal expression and group consciousness. Our task is to reckon with ourselves both as individuals and as members of the human tribe. When aligned, individual creative expression naturally contributes to the needs of the collective.

Hone In On The Truth

As a whole, we are all in the midst of receiving major Aquarius lessons. Aquarius teaches us to hone in on the truth and raise our eyes toward higher intent and purpose. Under an Aquarian Moon, we feel pressure to rebel, to strike out on an innovative path, and to form new networks. As things change rapidly around us, we must decide what to repair, what to eliminate, and what new structures to build.

Your Bold Heart

Read below to link your bold heart to the broader vision humanity needs at this time. For best results, use your Rising Sign to determine what area of life benefits from this Aquarian education. Otherwise, use your Sun Sign.


Aries: Open your heart to generously give love. Feel a sense of freedom as you receive support from your unique community as you give.

Taurus: Celebrate the deep roots of love in your family. Recognize how this sturdy base gives rise to a sense of freedom in your vocation.

Gemini: Engage joyfully with your immediate environment. Notice how this expands your humanitarian perspective.

Cancer: Offer yourself unconditional love today. Feel able to draw clear, respectful boundaries with others.

Leo: Invest in your own self-development. Watch how your primary relationships evolve as you commit to a next step.

Virgo: Recognize your capacity for spiritual growth and forgiveness. Notice if your daily practices grant you emotional liberation.

Libra: Celebrate the success of others. Notice how your own desire and inspiration for creative projects increases.
Scorpio: Tune into the most enjoyable parts of your career. See if this brings in a deeper appreciation for your family life.

Sagittarius: Enjoy gaining wisdom from people from other cultures. See your own local nooks with a fresh eye.

Capricorn: Be generous with other peoples’ intense emotional struggles and darker sides. Let this help free you from your own emotional struggles and see your value.

Aquarius: Shine a bright joyful light into your primary relationships. Let this serve as a guide to express your own unique you.

Pisces: Find a sense of playfulness within your daily practices. Notice how this illuminates your connection to the divine.

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