Nourish And Refresh: New Moon In Cancer

New Moon In Cancer

June 28, 2022, 10:52pm EDT

Find the New Moon In Cancer meditation below:

Nourish And Refresh

At the New Moon in Cancer, embrace the opportunity to heal through nurturing yourself on a new level. Like a seed buried in the soil, we crack open and grow in the magical healing presence of water. What will nourish and refresh you for the sake of your growth?

A Source Of Personal Power

In astrology, the Moon holds court over the sign of Cancer and symbolizes the emotional self. Part of the ancient limbic system of the brain, our emotions hold the stories of our existence from birth to now, affecting how we perceive the world. Even our most forgotten stories of past live on in our bodies, only to re-emerge as emotional triggers in our current relationships. You can release these old emotions by witnessing, accepting, and soothing them when they become visible in your physical body. As you accept and integrate these vulnerabilities, they provide solid inner footing and become a source of personal power.

Test Of Self-Knowledge

We live in a culture that denies the importance of emotions. As a result of this denial, we see violence and aggression dominating the news, especially in the USA. It is an act of courage to reckon with your vulnerabilities in such an environment. In your quest to confront unconscious areas of your psyche, notice any tendency toward easy self-righteous outrage. Instead, approach this prospect as a test of self-knowledge and work to establish empathy for others.

You And Your Relationships

Wherever Cancer falls in your natal chart highlights a vulnerable area that plays a crucial role in your ability to have meaningful relationships. Use your Rising (or Sun) sign to meet this area with the kind and tender attitude of a mother with a newborn. Be prepared to hold, soothe, sing, and rock the parts of you that want to howl. Nourish, hydrate, and restore yourself.

Aries: Focus your nurturing, loving attention on your family and home. As you recognize the emotional difficulties that stemmed from your early home life, find the courage to stand up for yourself.

Taurus: Nurture your ability to communicate your most vulnerable feelings. Be especially cognizant of hidden anger fueling angst. Instead, find the courage to face your suffering.

Gemini: Your vulnerability regards how you value yourself, and may surface in financial matters. Be gentle with yourself inwardly while finding the courage to receive love from your community.

Cancer: Make sure you have enough time alone to nurture yourself. Recognize your need to seek the deep emotional connection. As you do this, find the courage to take a bold steps in your vocation.

Leo: Access your deepest emotional content through solitude, retreats in nature, and selfless service. As you find the courage to face your vulnerability, you dramatically open your mind to a source of wisdom.

Virgo: Your vulnerability appears in group settings. Instead, receive the love your community has to offer. Find the courage to trust your ability to set appropriate boundaries with others.

Libra: Cultivate love through your professional life. At the same time, remember that it’s ok to be vulnerable at work. Stand your ground in your partnerships for the sake of healthy independence.

Scorpio: The inner journey to your deep emotional realms provides a potent source of wisdom. Be fierce in protecting your daily routines, as they keep your health moving in the right direction.

Sagittarius: The more you know yourself on the emotional level, the better you can navigate other people’s baggage. This frees you to love others unconditionally and maintain deep relationships.

Capricorn: Your vulnerability appears in your most intimate partnerships. It takes a great deal of courage to establish your own inner ground. As you heal yourself, you find yourself capable of profound emotional intimacy with others.

Aquarius: Your vulnerabilities come out in how you take care of your health. Establish solid routines with enough solitude to keep you on an even keel. Use your voice to bravely state what you need.

Pisces: Nourish your inner child with plenty of playtime and creativity. When you feel nourished, you are able to deliver unconditional love to others. Find the courage to elevate your sense of self worth.

Watch AstroPath’s video below.  AstroPath is a joint venture between Laurie Farrington of Astrolore and me, Jennie of Hidden Path Astrology.  Feel free to listen to the overview then skip to your Rising (or Sun) sign using the timestamps.  Aries: 13:46 Taurus: 16:07 Gemini: 19:40 Cancer: 24:30 Leo: 30:12 Virgo: 35:08 Libra: 41:03 Scorpio: 45:08 Sagittarius: 49:00 Capricorn: 53:43 Aquarius: 58:17 Pisces: 1:01:48