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Show Your Appreciation: New Moon In Leo

Show Appreciation

July 28, 2022, 1:55pm EDT

New Moon In Leo Meditation On Gratitude

Show Your Appreciation

At the New Moon in Leo, plant a seed to show your appreciation. Leo encourages you to express your most radiant self and live your life as if it were a pageant, with you starring in the lead role. The trick is to fully engage with the creative drama of life, while celebrating all the others who make it possible. After all, theater doesn’t happen without co-conspirators, directors, producers, and, most importantly, an appreciative audience.

Share Gratitude

This New Moon sets the stage to share your gratitude for those who support you, with big effect. The highest octave of Leo occurs with acts of generosity. As we approach the first of two intense energy waves of Leo season, be aware of the potential to feel aggravated, anxious, or even explosive. Embrace breakthroughs yet respect the need for limits. Give yourself permission to slow down and feel the earth beneath your feet by August 2.

Sense Of Purpose

Not only does Leo season teach us about self-confidence and appreciation, it also connects us to our core sense of purpose via the astrological rulership scheme. In astrology, each sign is governed by at least one planet. In Leo’s case, it relates to the all-powerful Sun and thereby illuminates an exceedingly important area of your life. (Yes, I realize the Sun is a star, not a planet. Please go here for more on that subject.) In this way, Leo helps you understand which life topics require your complete attention and participation. When you work to fulfill this purpose, you illuminate the way for others.

Where You Shine

Using your Rising sign, read below to learn what area of your life the Leo New Moon ushers into view. This part of your life plays an important role in expressing your core essence and illuminates what you have to offer to others. Consider what supports you now, and who you wish to most appreciate.

With Aries Rising, you shine through your creative pursuits and willingness to take risks. Show your appreciation to children and others who put you in touch with your playful energy. Recognize your vivacious authentic self as a source of support.

With Taurus Rising, you shine in your ancestral line and from your prodigious ability to be rooted. Show appreciation to your parents, lineage, and family. Recognize the tremendous source of support you get from your spiritual practices.

With Gemini Rising, you shine through your stellar ability to communicate. Tell your siblings how much you appreciate them, and be generous to daily acquaintances. Recognize the support you get from your community contacts.

With Cancer Rising, you shine through your ability to value yourself and in how you handle money. Appreciate yourself by being willing to spend some money on your self-care. Recognize how your profession supports your self-worth and finances.

With Leo Rising, you shine like a star whether or not you know it. Give yourself appreciation for your commitment to being authentic. Recognize your teachers as a source of support.

With Virgo Rising, you shine in your ability to develop a deep sense of compassion for the suffering of others. Be willing to appreciate the difficulties and isolation that have guided you to this place of acceptance. Recognize the support that comes from shared resources and workable boundaries.

With Libra Rising, you shine in the company of your community alliances. Especially show your appreciation for your groups of friends. Recognize how your one-on-one partners support you in this.

With Scorpio Rising, you shine through your social reputation and professional life. Show appreciation for your colleagues and helpful authority figures. Recognize how your fitness regime contributes to your positivity at work.

With Sagittarius Rising, you shine through your open-mindedness and radical acceptance of those who are different. Show your appreciation to your teachers, whether from foreign lands or excellent books. Recognize how your creative pioneering and ability to offer unconditional love supports you.

With Capricorn Rising, you shine in your capacity to deal with other peoples’ values. Take the time to appreciate your ability to set healthy boundaries. Recognize the support that comes from family members, as well as from your effort to establish your unique identity amidst your family of origin.

With Aquarius Rising, you shine in your intimate one-on-one connections. Show your appreciation to all those you connect with in this fashion, including clients, close friends, and partners. Recognize how your gift for clear communication supports you.

With Pisces Rising, you shine in your ability to keep daily routines playful and vital. Show your appreciation to your workout buddies, co-workers, and health care practitioners. Recognize the supportive connection between your self-worth and your healthy routines.

Curious to learn more about rulership in astrology? Contact me today at to schedule your personal consultation and learn how this impacts you!

For more a more in-depth depiction of each Rising sign, watch AstroPath’s (my joint venture with Laurie of Astrolore) video.

Use these timestamps to skip ahead to your own Rising sign: Aries: 16:40 Taurus: 19:36 Gemini: 22:01 Cancer: 25:15 Leo: 28:35 Virgo: 32:55 Libra: 37:43 Scorpio: 40:57 Sagittarius: 45:00 Capricorn: 48:25 Aquarius: 52:28 Pisces: 55:24

Amanda Gorman: Fierce Empathy

AstroBiographies of Inspiring People

Born: March 7, 1998

AstroBiography: Astrology of Amanda Gorman

Reading “The Hill We Climb” at the 2020 Presidential Inauguration

1st National Youth Poet Laureate

Activist, Feminist, Harvard Attendee


What She Is Known For

Amanda Gorman became the First National Youth Poet Laureate and read her poetry before the nation at 21 years old, a stunning achievement.  This only becomes more dramatic when you learn that she had a speech impediment as a young child, which she overcame with focus, hard work, and diligent practice.  At age 16, she declared herself a feminist, began community organizing, and wrote poetry in direct response Dr. Ford’s testimony at Kavanaugh’s hearing and Trump’s election.  This rising star’s burning question, after receiving accolades and fame, is “What am I going to do with my access?”

 Astrology Highlights of Her Horoscope

Amanda Gorman displays a Grand Trine in Water, which illustrates the ability to generate a lovely flow of creative, empathetic, and sensitive energy.  The Pisces Sun moves easily with the Moon in the protective and fierce sign of cardinal Cancer, and both of these connect to the wounded healer Chiron, in Scorpio.  Taskmaster Saturn squares the Moon, showing someone who grew up quickly and applied serious effort to all of her undertakings.

 Her Midheaven (MC) in the communicative and teaching sign of Gemini reveals how she appears from the public’s viewpoint.  This points to the planet Mercury, just barely hanging on in very late poetic Pisces.  It makes a bridge to Mars, powerfully situated in home warrior sign of Aries.  This warrior holds the mighty pen as a weapon for truth in the fight against racism and misogyny, and the poetry that emerges also holds the promise of transcendence (Neptune influence).  In addition, her chart indicates a strong value system rooted in the desire for social change (Venus, Neptune, Uranus in Aquarius).  Her ability to write beautiful poetry that both protects and cuts to the heart brings this astrological symbolism to life. 

Finally, with her Ascendant sign in Virgo, the planet Mercury also rules her more personal affairs, indicating that the person on stage is also the person her good friends see.  The chart suggests a thoughtful and sensitive dreamer who listens and wields a strong ability to follow through and makes things happen.

Leo Season: Live From The Heart

Live From The Heart

Sun Gallivants Into Leo

July 22 – August 22, 2022

In these zodiac sign seasonal articles, I explore the way the signs hold powerful kernels of knowledge for human living. In this viewpoint, rather than suggesting that the zodiac is “doing something to us,” we see instead that the signs offer a template for growing consciously and living in harmony. I hope to give you some clues about the month ahead so that you can be aware and decide how to best use the energy presented in your life.

Creative Self-Expression

At an essential level, fixed fire Leo relates to creative self-expression. Leo at its best shows up in royal regalia, leading the way with joy, confidence, and generosity. The sign of Leo powerfully equates with the radiant Sun, gracing us with heat, light, and a wild sense of being alive. The pompous pride of Leo’s shadow side merely indicates one who has lost connection with their higher selves and acts from a place of insecurity.

Core Purpose

Because of its connection to the Sun through the astrological rulership scheme, Leo season provides each of us with an opportunity to consider our core purpose for being here. Rather than getting too serious, Leo instead invites you to participate fully with life. Recognize your loved ones, play in the beautiful places of nature, and live from the heart in all that you do. Be generous and magnanimous.

July 22-August 1: Balance Your Thinking, Brace For Growth

This year’s Leo season boasts two prominent and successive peaks of intensity, crashing and then receding like waves against the shore. At the beginning, with the Moon in affable Gemini, the mood is easy, sociable, and chatty. Then on July 26, the first difficult wave begins with a challenge that may appear as aggravation, a reality check, or anxiety that impacts your mental state. See if you can question your thought process with a playful attitude, like a kitten batting at a ball of yarn, rather than getting caught up in drama or battles. Use the New Moon on July 28 to express appreciation.

The wave continues to gain momentum until it crests on August 1, when assertive Mars and upstart Uranus join in Taurus to kick off a two-year cycle of intense action, suggesting continued upset to the societal status quo. Use this dynamo in your own life to break up stagnant energy, which amounts to radically tilling the soil to make room for new growth. Fortunately, the most beneficial astrological contact occurs the day before, setting the stage to dramatically expand your connection to joy at the same time.

August 2-7: Cool Off

Things quickly cool off, taking us into a period of calm and rejuvenation from August 2 to 7. Take a pause and find ways restore yourself in the way that summer allows, by spending hot days near water and hydrating. With Mercury entering Virgo, you find yourself getting more easily grounded and thinking about how you can help. With the Moon in Scorpio, ponder the benefits of staying in the shade.

August 7-14: Persist And Awaken

The second wave stirs August 7, as responsibilities take precedent, hampering the summer fun. We also can’t escape the distressing problems caused by the lack of acceptance and kindness we see at the cultural level. Take this time in your personal life to check that your actions are well intended for social benefit. As the Full Moon comes into view on August 11, something we urgently need to awaken to stares us in the face. A feeling of being controlled, suppressed, or contained sets in on August 14. Use your inner resource of persistence to stay with this stifling feeling, as a little later in the day, a path that can transform this struggle suddenly opens. The key is to stay present.

August 14-22: Laughter And Connection

After August 14, this second wave begins to temper, though with Moon in daredevil Aries, you still want to take risks. The focus soon becomes more concrete and practical, giving you time to step back and relax. As you approach life with a calmer mind, you can be open to new ideas. Make plans with dear friends for laughter and connection on August 18. Expand your notion of yourself as a positive force. The season winds down with a touch of the transcendent, elevating your thinking and allowing you to see the way forward.

Watch AstroPath’s Sun Enters Leo video below.  Here are the timestamps so you can skip ahead to your Rising (and/or Sun) signs:  Aries – 4:04 Taurus – 11:24 Gemini – 19:25 Cancer – 26:08 Leo – 34:56 Virgo – 41:37 Libra – 51:05 Scorpio – 1:02:38 Sagittarius – 1:10:55 Capricorn – 1:22:10 Aquarius – 1:32: 20 Pisces – 1:41:32

Serena Williams: Relentless Resourcefulness

AstroBiographies of Inspiring People

Born: September 26, 1981

Serena Williams – Astrology of the Natal Chart: Astrobiography with AstroPath

Documentary:  Serena

Film: King Richard


Tennis Star Serena Williams’ Chart Analysis

Libra Sun, Virgo Moon, Taurus Rising (Air and Earth)

According to Serena Williams’ chart, her outer personality is characterized by the need to be resourceful and get tangible results, through physical and material means.  The down sides may be stubbornness, materialism, and an inability to shift quickly.  Her chart suggests that she may get stuck in this pattern easily, but ultimately can break through complacency and unconscious habits in a way that inspires others.  In balance, she’s very productive and steadfast, and out of balance she can really dig her heels in. (Taurus Rising, Chiron in the 1st House)

Like her sister, Serena’s chart has a prominent focus on the planet Venus, indicating the importance of relationships.  However, in her case, this plays out as a deep desire for intense intimate connection, and describes the need to have a partner who meets her need for material security and emotional depth.  The chart suggests a difficult journey to find equilibrium with partners, including her sister Venus, though her tenacity is not to be underestimated!  Her ability to focus on her own physical excellence through tennis provides her with grounding and an outlet for her intense feelings.  Note that Libra is the sign of rivals, who have helped her establish her roots.  (Scorpio Venus in the 7th House, square Leo Mars in 4th house; Libra stellium in the 6th House)

The chart suggests a huge capacity to work very hard, perhaps too hard at times. Her need for competition and the daily rigors of exercise overpowers her ability to put her family first at times. She shows her love through practical, helpful and tangible methods and has an emotional need for precision.  Overall, we see an implacable, diplomatic focus fueled by a powerful need for intensity.  (Virgo Moon in the 5th House, Scorpio Venus ruler of the Ascendant)

Make The Mature Choice

Make The Mature Choice

Full Moon in Capricorn

July 13, 2022, 2:37pm EDT


Two weeks ago, the New Moon in Cancer suggested you plant a seed to apply tender loving self-care in the midst life’s chaos. Now at the Full Moon, notice the impact of being responsible for your own emotional nourishment. Observe the maturity it takes to seek solitude in order to understand what you need.


Cardinal earth sign Capricorn is symbolized by the mythical sea goat, a creature that can both effortlessly scale the mountain heights and dive down to the mountain base on the ocean floor. In using astrology to better understand yourself, the Capricorn Full Moon helps you ascertain your ability to build a supportive structure, hold yourself to a discipline, and move up the ladder of your ambitions. During this process, value most highly your commitment to integrity and self-mastery.

Inner Authority

When out of balance, Capricorn’s worst characteristics loom in the form of authoritarianism and the desire to dominate and control others. Certainly we are witnessing a time of tyranny, when the mighty few see fit to strip away individual rights, especially from those with the least amount of power. Rather than accepting this unbalanced shadow version, instead use the perspective of Capricorn to reckon with your own inner authority and suss out your relationship to integrity. Employ your depth of character to galvanize others for social benefit, without the need to dominate.

Make The Mature Choice

Using your Rising (or Sun) sign, consider where in life you need to raise your consciousness and make the mature choice. Where do you need to stabilize the roots of your endeavors in order to follow through on your commitments? Take some time in solitude to listen inwardly and then execute with full effort, without the need for applause or approval. Remember to continue nourishing your emotional self while still in the throes of Cancer season.

Aries: Make the mature choice in your professional life. Nurture your roots and recognize your livelihood as your major contribution to the betterment of others.

Taurus: Make the mature choice to support independent, critical thinking in yourself and others. Nurture your daily curiosity, as it awakens you to your true self.

Gemini: Make the mature choice as you deal with other people’s issues. Nurture your self-worth and allow struggle to wake you up to compassion.

Cancer: Make the mature choice by stepping up in your one-on-one relationships. Be sure to balance solitude with time amongst your community of friends.

Leo: Make the mature choice and commit to daily routines. Nurture your relationship to the divine and let your professional work contribute to the betterment of others.

Virgo: Make the mature choice and commit to your creative process. Get support from your community by bravely sharing. Embrace how this growth grants you new wisdom.

Libra: Make the mature choice and find anchor with your family. Let your profession nourish you. Setting healthy boundaries provides an awakening.

Scorpio: Make the mature choice by communicating clearly. Nourish yourself with independent thinking. Let your primary relationships serve as a source of awakening.

Sagittarius: Make the mature choice with your money and values. Nurture yourself through setting healthy emotional boundaries against the judgment of others. Find awakening through simple grounding practices.

Capricorn: Make the mature choice by embracing your authentic self. Nourish yourself and your relationships. Awaken through creativity and risk-taking.

Aquarius: Make the mature choice and commit to selfless service. Nourish yourself with good food and healthy practices. Awakening is your anchor.

Pisces: Make the mature choice and embrace your role in your community. Nurture yourself through giving unconditional love to others. Find awakening through daily contact with close friends and neighbors.