Serena Williams: Relentless Resourcefulness

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Born: September 26, 1981

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Tennis Star Serena Williams’ Chart Analysis

Libra Sun, Virgo Moon, Taurus Rising (Air and Earth)

According to Serena Williams’ chart, her outer personality is characterized by the need to be resourceful and get tangible results, through physical and material means.  The down sides may be stubbornness, materialism, and an inability to shift quickly.  Her chart suggests that she may get stuck in this pattern easily, but ultimately can break through complacency and unconscious habits in a way that inspires others.  In balance, she’s very productive and steadfast, and out of balance she can really dig her heels in. (Taurus Rising, Chiron in the 1st House)

Like her sister, Serena’s chart has a prominent focus on the planet Venus, indicating the importance of relationships.  However, in her case, this plays out as a deep desire for intense intimate connection, and describes the need to have a partner who meets her need for material security and emotional depth.  The chart suggests a difficult journey to find equilibrium with partners, including her sister Venus, though her tenacity is not to be underestimated!  Her ability to focus on her own physical excellence through tennis provides her with grounding and an outlet for her intense feelings.  Note that Libra is the sign of rivals, who have helped her establish her roots.  (Scorpio Venus in the 7th House, square Leo Mars in 4th house; Libra stellium in the 6th House)

The chart suggests a huge capacity to work very hard, perhaps too hard at times. Her need for competition and the daily rigors of exercise overpowers her ability to put her family first at times. She shows her love through practical, helpful and tangible methods and has an emotional need for precision.  Overall, we see an implacable, diplomatic focus fueled by a powerful need for intensity.  (Virgo Moon in the 5th House, Scorpio Venus ruler of the Ascendant)