Leo Season: Live From The Heart

Live From The Heart

Sun Gallivants Into Leo

July 22 – August 22, 2022

In these zodiac sign seasonal articles, I explore the way the signs hold powerful kernels of knowledge for human living. In this viewpoint, rather than suggesting that the zodiac is “doing something to us,” we see instead that the signs offer a template for growing consciously and living in harmony. I hope to give you some clues about the month ahead so that you can be aware and decide how to best use the energy presented in your life.

Creative Self-Expression

At an essential level, fixed fire Leo relates to creative self-expression. Leo at its best shows up in royal regalia, leading the way with joy, confidence, and generosity. The sign of Leo powerfully equates with the radiant Sun, gracing us with heat, light, and a wild sense of being alive. The pompous pride of Leo’s shadow side merely indicates one who has lost connection with their higher selves and acts from a place of insecurity.

Core Purpose

Because of its connection to the Sun through the astrological rulership scheme, Leo season provides each of us with an opportunity to consider our core purpose for being here. Rather than getting too serious, Leo instead invites you to participate fully with life. Recognize your loved ones, play in the beautiful places of nature, and live from the heart in all that you do. Be generous and magnanimous.

July 22-August 1: Balance Your Thinking, Brace For Growth

This year’s Leo season boasts two prominent and successive peaks of intensity, crashing and then receding like waves against the shore. At the beginning, with the Moon in affable Gemini, the mood is easy, sociable, and chatty. Then on July 26, the first difficult wave begins with a challenge that may appear as aggravation, a reality check, or anxiety that impacts your mental state. See if you can question your thought process with a playful attitude, like a kitten batting at a ball of yarn, rather than getting caught up in drama or battles. Use the New Moon on July 28 to express appreciation.

The wave continues to gain momentum until it crests on August 1, when assertive Mars and upstart Uranus join in Taurus to kick off a two-year cycle of intense action, suggesting continued upset to the societal status quo. Use this dynamo in your own life to break up stagnant energy, which amounts to radically tilling the soil to make room for new growth. Fortunately, the most beneficial astrological contact occurs the day before, setting the stage to dramatically expand your connection to joy at the same time.

August 2-7: Cool Off

Things quickly cool off, taking us into a period of calm and rejuvenation from August 2 to 7. Take a pause and find ways restore yourself in the way that summer allows, by spending hot days near water and hydrating. With Mercury entering Virgo, you find yourself getting more easily grounded and thinking about how you can help. With the Moon in Scorpio, ponder the benefits of staying in the shade.

August 7-14: Persist And Awaken

The second wave stirs August 7, as responsibilities take precedent, hampering the summer fun. We also can’t escape the distressing problems caused by the lack of acceptance and kindness we see at the cultural level. Take this time in your personal life to check that your actions are well intended for social benefit. As the Full Moon comes into view on August 11, something we urgently need to awaken to stares us in the face. A feeling of being controlled, suppressed, or contained sets in on August 14. Use your inner resource of persistence to stay with this stifling feeling, as a little later in the day, a path that can transform this struggle suddenly opens. The key is to stay present.

August 14-22: Laughter And Connection

After August 14, this second wave begins to temper, though with Moon in daredevil Aries, you still want to take risks. The focus soon becomes more concrete and practical, giving you time to step back and relax. As you approach life with a calmer mind, you can be open to new ideas. Make plans with dear friends for laughter and connection on August 18. Expand your notion of yourself as a positive force. The season winds down with a touch of the transcendent, elevating your thinking and allowing you to see the way forward.

Watch AstroPath’s Sun Enters Leo video below.  Here are the timestamps so you can skip ahead to your Rising (and/or Sun) signs:  Aries – 4:04 Taurus – 11:24 Gemini – 19:25 Cancer – 26:08 Leo – 34:56 Virgo – 41:37 Libra – 51:05 Scorpio – 1:02:38 Sagittarius – 1:10:55 Capricorn – 1:22:10 Aquarius – 1:32: 20 Pisces – 1:41:32