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Open Heart, Open Mind

What Comes Into View
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Full Moon In Aquarius

August 11, 2022, 9:35pm EDT

What Comes Into View

As the Moon continues its travels through the phases of Leo season, we arrive at the Full Moon in Aquarius. The peak of the cycle, the Full Moon symbolizes the blossom of the seed you planted to show appreciation at the New Moon July 28th. Here, it refers to extending your heart-centered viewpoint to include the greater collective of humanity. What lesson have you learned in the past two weeks that now comes into view?

Open Heart, Open Mind

In a lot of ways, the axis between Leo and Aquarius illuminates the necessity of staying connected to your heart while thinking about how to contribute to a better life for everyone. Air sign Aquarius holds lofty ideals yet subscribes to a problem-solving mindset, inventing solutions ahead of its time.   Sometimes Aquarius moves too far into the conceptual realm and loses the ability to relate to others. When you walk the path of self-knowledge, you begin to realize the irony that feeling separate is a shared human experience. The Leo Sun helps bring this back into balance, by emphasizing the importance of warmly showing your appreciation for others, which makes people feel seen and included.

In Practice

The Full Moon occurs right at the peak of a second wave of Leo season’s intensity, revealing the cracks in the foundation of our current systems. Our world needs our unflinching vision and honesty as we face the truth of our various predicaments. Now is the time to serve as a witness for other people as they grapple with their challenges. Be willing to create new alliances with unlikely accomplices. Welcome breakthrough insights and radically different viewpoints. Find common ground with others through intellectual pursuits. Solutions come through perseverance and commitment. Using your Rising (or Sun) sign, read below to see where this Full Moon impacts your natal chart.

Aries: Open your heart to loved ones. Feel a sense of freedom as you receive support from your unique community as you give.

Taurus: Celebrate the deep roots of love in your family. Recognize how this sturdy base gives rise to a sense of freedom in your vocation.

Gemini: Move through your immediate environment with generosity. Notice how this expands your humanitarian perspective.

Cancer: Offer yourself unconditional love, foibles and all. Feel able to draw clear, respectful boundaries with others.

Leo: Invest in your own self-development. Watch how your primary relationships evolve as you commit to a next step.

Virgo: Recognize your capacity for spiritual growth and forgiveness. Let your daily practices grant you emotional liberation.

Libra: Celebrate the success of others. Notice how your own desire and inspiration for creative projects increases.
Scorpio: Tune into the most enjoyable parts of your career. Let this bring in a deeper appreciation for your family life.

Sagittarius: Enjoy gaining wisdom from people from other cultures. See inventive solutions in your own local nooks with a fresh eye.

Capricorn: Be generous with other peoples’ intense emotional struggles and darker sides. Let this help free you from your own emotional struggles and see your value from a higher plane.

Aquarius: Shine a bright joyful light into your primary relationships. Let this serve as a guide to express your own unique you.

Pisces: Find a sense of playfulness within your daily practices. Notice how this illuminates your connection to the divine.

Knowing Yourself Inside And Out

Knowing Yourself Inside And Out

Leo Season: First Quarter Moon In Scorpio

August 5, 2022, 7:06 am EDT

Conflict And Growth

Through each zodiac season, the Moon phases can be used to track your progress on anything you are working on. The Moon’s position relative to the Sun defines the phases and serves as a visible monthly calendar. Just a week into the new cycle, the waxing first quarter Moon appears with its face divided into two halves. The sharp contrast between light and dark suggests a time of conflict and growth. In this case, the broody Scorpio Moon pits against the bright Leo Sun.

Knowing Yourself Inside And Out

Studying the contrast between fiery Leo and watery Scorpio teaches you the importance of knowing yourself inside and out. Recall that radiant Leo’s path involves living from the heart, in order to lead the way with confidence, generosity, and appreciation for others. Scorpio, on the other hand, delves deep into complex subterranean emotional territory. Like a detective, it prefers to stay out of the spotlight so that it may examine the root cause. When you persist and wrangle these two potent energies to work together, you find the confidence to express your creative self with a full awareness of your depth. In essence, you can’t live fully from the heart until you have reckoned with the deeper emotional content that drives you. Only through doing the necessary work can you be an open channel to express appreciation and truly feel gratitude.

In Practice

Leo season presents two waves of significant challenge, with the quarter moon occurring right before the second wave. With the Moon in Scorpio, be willing to shed the skin of old emotional habits that have outlived their usefulness. Examine your motives before engaging with others. If you feel a lot of angst, consider burning off energy with intense physical pursuits, such as mountain biking. No matter what, find an outlet for your feelings so you can welcome the information they provide. Difficult feelings are signposts, meant to guide you in your growth. Harness the power of the Leo Sun to stay present to whatever arises. Remember, we often shine the brightest in our hardest moments.

Venus Williams: Connection and Competition

AstroBiographies of Inspiring People

Born: June 17, 1980

Venus Williams – Astrology of the Natal Chart: Astrobiography with AstroPath

Film: King Richard


Venus Williams, Tennis Star
Gemini Sun, Leo Moon, Libra Rising (Air and Fire)

According to Venus Williams’ chart, her outer personality is characterized by the need for balance and diplomacy, while also struggling with being defined by her rivals.  At best this allows for space from emotional reaction, and at worst sees her giving away her power to others.  She exhibits a surprisingly profound desire to test herself against others in the pursuit of transformation.  (Libra Rising; Pluto in the 1st House)

Despite being recognized internationally for her excellence in tennis, Venus’ chart suggests someone who desires to be seen for her intellect and her ability to communicate, and who would like to get positive feedback for her words and ideas, particularly in group settings. She is clever, witty, and wise.  She clearly had to grow up fast and learn to cope with intense pressure from an early age. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on the importance of her relationships.  Interestingly, the planet Venus plays a prominent role in her horoscope, though its placement indicates hidden introversion.  (Leo Moon in the 11th house, square Uranus; Gemini Sun; Gemini Venus Retrograde in 9th House, Ruler of Libra Ascendant)

On the whole, we see a person who strongly desires connection and camaraderie, and has a great ability to instruct others on the value of true friendship, through sharing her skills and her story.  She certainly has the tools to accomplish this, and find it deeply satisfying.