Venus Williams: Connection and Competition

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Born: June 17, 1980

Venus Williams – Astrology of the Natal Chart: Astrobiography with AstroPath

Film: King Richard


Venus Williams, Tennis Star
Gemini Sun, Leo Moon, Libra Rising (Air and Fire)

According to Venus Williams’ chart, her outer personality is characterized by the need for balance and diplomacy, while also struggling with being defined by her rivals.  At best this allows for space from emotional reaction, and at worst sees her giving away her power to others.  She exhibits a surprisingly profound desire to test herself against others in the pursuit of transformation.  (Libra Rising; Pluto in the 1st House)

Despite being recognized internationally for her excellence in tennis, Venus’ chart suggests someone who desires to be seen for her intellect and her ability to communicate, and who would like to get positive feedback for her words and ideas, particularly in group settings. She is clever, witty, and wise.  She clearly had to grow up fast and learn to cope with intense pressure from an early age. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on the importance of her relationships.  Interestingly, the planet Venus plays a prominent role in her horoscope, though its placement indicates hidden introversion.  (Leo Moon in the 11th house, square Uranus; Gemini Sun; Gemini Venus Retrograde in 9th House, Ruler of Libra Ascendant)

On the whole, we see a person who strongly desires connection and camaraderie, and has a great ability to instruct others on the value of true friendship, through sharing her skills and her story.  She certainly has the tools to accomplish this, and find it deeply satisfying.