A Ray of Optimism

Sagittarius Season

November 22 – December 21, 2023 (ET)

A Ray of Optimism
Late Autumn in New England

Sagittarius Season Light and Levity Meditation

A Ray of Optimism

Like a lantern in an underground cavern, Sagittarius brings light and levity to the complex emotional entanglements of Scorpio. A wizard at finding meaning, Sagittarius uses wisdom and wit to illuminate the darkness. During this Sagittarius season, take responsibility for carrying a ray of optimism for the purpose of uplifting others.

Liberate Humor

As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius can be thought of as a spark that escapes the bonfire and spreads its conflagration to a new locale. Part preacher part prankster, it moves from place to place to expand perspectives through story or humor. While Sagittarius can easily slide into self-righteous opinion, its uppermost aspiration is to provide uplifting insight. Take this to heart and make it your mission to liberate humor and provoke full-blown contagious laughter. As well as simply having fun, your efforts help others release stress which improves their health. Seek out comedy, play games, and connect with others through the ridiculous.

Sagittarius Season Overall & Horoscopes

As mentioned, Sagittarius season encourages you to access your sense of humor and help others lighten their load. However, the season begins with a stress test, as both the Sun and Mars immediately square Saturn. Despite wanting to join the party, something heavy holds you back. With so many extremely difficult realities pulling on us, this is not surprising. Acknowledge hard feelings while also recognizing the positive. Burn off extra energy and put comic relief on the agenda over the next few days, which includes Thanksgiving in the U.S.

The Gemini Full Moon on November 27 suggests an opportunity to exchange ideas with others, though don’t expect intellectual clarity. Instead appreciate the softer edges and engage with others through art and small acts of compassion. At the end of November and into the first week of December, you may experience a recurrence of some relationship or financial issue from earlier in the autumn. Some closure might be possible. Enjoy any feelings of stability and positivity that arise.

The Sagittarius New Moon and Mercury retrograde on December 12 – 13 invite you to contemplate what perspective shift you want to make. The last week of Sagittarius season plays out like a disjointed game of hopscotch, where you must leap but can’t quite see the landing. Forward movement feels like a combination of smooth strides and graceless lurches. Something or someone unexpected arrives at the season’s end. Keep compassion close to help you stay grounded. Read below using your Rising (and/or Sun) sign to assess where you naturally bring optimism to the forefront and how you can lean into it.

Aries: Notice if your subconscious mind limits your ability to think more broadly. Welcome a lesson about empathy and then apply your natural optimism to your overall worldview.

Taurus: A lesson about boundaries in group or community settings helps you liberate your natural optimism regarding other people’s baggage and emotional struggles.

Gemini: Seek adventures and fun experiences with your partners in life when your professional life interferes with your ability to find flow and forgiveness.

Cancer: If your worldview limits your ability to feel optimistic in your daily life, explore and pursue practices that ignite levity and learning.

Leo: Notice how your ability to set healthy yet empathetic boundaries in how you navigate other people’s values liberates your adventurous and creative potential.

Virgo: As you learn about empathy and kindness through your partnerships, it helps you find the humor and meaning in a family situation.

Libra: When you commit to daily habits and practices, they provide a source of grounding that liberates your ability to speak for what you need with lightness and wisdom.

Scorpio: As you take responsibility for your creative endeavors and the way you give of yourself, you can truly recognize the value of your wise perspective.

Sagittarius: Notice that as you learn about empathy and forgiveness through your family life, you identify and uncover the beacon of humor, wisdom, and light that you are.

Capricorn: When you take responsibility for incorporating empathy into your daily communications, you tap your innate capacity for wisdom and compassion which inspires others.

Aquarius: Your willingness to learn self-compassion is the key to successfully sharing your wisdom and humor with your community and groups of colleagues.

Pisces: As you embrace being an authority on kindness, forgiveness, and compassion to others, you can apply your wisdom and wit in your professional life.

A Ray of Optimism

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