Accept Change

Sun Enters Taurus

April 19, 2024, at 9:59am EDT

Accept Change
Bloodroot, Champlain Valley, Vermont

Taurus Season Stillness Meditation

Accept Change

Taurus moves with a placid and serene gait, a reminder of the importance of slowing down after the fire and bluster of Aries season. Great changes wheel and whip around, palpable in the air and detectable in the bones. Amidst the chaos, Taurus season issues an invitation to silently connect with your internal bedrock, the resilience that allows you to accept change. Drop into stillness, find ease, and listen to the Earth sounds. Scatter seeds into newly upturned soil.

The Big News

The big news is that on April 20, Jupiter and Uranus connect in Taurus. These two planets together symbolize quantum leaps, defying limits, and broadening horizons. Taurus refers to resources like food and money, as well as the environmental equilibrium of Earth. While this alignment presents the opportunity for a new level of awakening, it requires courage and committed effort to accept and move with the shifting terrain. This conjunction also links to pivotal issues associated with the April 8 Aries Solar Eclipse. Pay attention to what has emerged in your consciousness these past two weeks for greater understanding.

The Season Overall

With this Taurus season undulating like a rollercoaster, your main job is to keep your five-point seatbelt buckled, trust the seat to hold you in place, and relax into the ride with your fellow travelers. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, the most electrifying astrological configuration of the year, kicks it off. Constant and intense pressure generated by Pluto follows, serving as a relentless reminder to recognize the larger impacts of transformation on one’s social circle, community, and the collective. On April 23, the Scorpio Full Moon offers a moment of awareness to investigate the deeper emotional repercussions of a shifting landscape.

Shortly thereafter, Mercury exits its retrograde period and crosses back over familiar territory. You may find yourself revisiting ongoing themes that relate to conflicts, your desire for independence, and going after what you want. Venus lands gracefully in home sign Taurus, signifying the time to find your footing financially and in your relationships. In a balancing act, Mars charges into Aries the very next day, suggesting that you take action on what has come to light since March 19. As the Sun treads through Taurus, these issues continue to reverberate. Pay close attention to the information your body is giving you throughout, as it provides major tips about when to retreat and when to persevere.

Horoscopes for All 12 Rising Signs

As you walk steadily towards the expansion of your consciousness, feel into a new felt sense of inner equilibrium. Take advantage of all opportunities to be outside, ground your body in the larger body of nature, and connect with others for support. Use your Rising sign (or if you don’t know it, your Sun sign) to read what area of life is being activated during Taurus season.

Aries: Wake up to a radical new way to value yourself and your resources. Welcome the pressure that comes from your community to make these shifts.

Taurus: Watch the major shift happening in your connection to self and life direction. Your professional or public reputation exerts pressure on you to transform overall.

Gemini: Notice the flashes of bold insight coming out of your subconscious and see how they connect to pressure that come from your transforming world view.

Cancer: Something new and different stirs in your community. Feel the pressure that comes from the need for a new way to manage your boundaries with others.

Leo: An epiphany that regards your professional and public life emerges. Part of the transformation comes through one of your partnerships, either intimate or business.

Virgo: Your worldview is undergoing a seismic shift, turning up bold new possibilities. Pressure comes from the need to change old routines to better serve your health.

Libra: A realization surfaces about setting different boundaries to better navigate other people’s emotional and financial baggage. Pressure comes from changing the way you give of yourself.

Scorpio: A jolt that regards how you relate in your personal or business partnerships crops up. Pressure comes from the need to solidify your own foundation, home life, or family lineage.

Sagittarius: The routines that provide the bedrock of your health and schedule need fresh energy. Pressure comes from needing to discuss this in a new way.

Capricorn: An awakening about your creativity and the way you give of yourself looms. Your values or your financial situation place pressure on the need for change in this regard.

Aquarius: As your notion of your emotional foundation rocks and rolls, you begin to see yourself differently. Be present as your life direction and connection to self shift to a new place.

Pisces: Your manner of communicating is sustaining a radical shift. Powerful hidden, unconscious, or collective forces push you into a new way of speaking.

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Accept Change