Jupiter Into Aries

Act With Faith: Jupiter Into Aries

Act With Faith: Jupiter Into Aries

Jupiter Into Aries

photo by Planet Volumes

May 10, 2022, 7:22PM EDT

December 20, 2022 9:32AM EST

Jupiter: The Great Benefic

As the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter represents expanding opportunities and widening horizons. It governs the higher mind, philosophy, religion, law and ceremony. Known as the great benefic, Jupiter symbolizes the source of optimism, abundance, and faith in our personal lives. As ever, the degree of consciousness brought to Jupiter determines its ability to search for truth, meaning, and well-earned insight. Unconscious Jupiter bloats into excess, entitlement, and self-righteousness.

The Classic Quest

Jupiter in Aries takes the desire for growth and makes it personal, focusing on the individual drive for self-fulfillment. It describes the classic quest of claiming your own path, which requires the courage and faith to learn through trial and error.  This is the time to be daring, assertive, and fearless. Be warned that you might also slip into the territory of brash, reckless, or combative behavior in your haste.

A Year Of Independent Action

Jupiter revolves around the Sun once every twelve years, meaning that it inhabits one zodiac sign for roughly a year. Because of the retrograde periods, Jupiter dips in and out and Pisces three times in 2021 and 2022. Jupiter’s soak in Pisces symbolizes time for resting, grieving, or dreaming. Now, as Jupiter springs into Aries, consider what dream or ideal you want to take action on. Trust the healing that you have done, and advance the project that calls you most in the name of your highest growth. Read below to discover what area of your life benefits from the expansion of your self-awareness and independence.

Aries: Expand your personal development curriculum

Taurus: Dive deep to liberate yourself through radical compassion

Gemini: Take bold action to expand your role in your community

Cancer: Step into brave new territory in your professional life

Leo: Open your mind to new heights of inclusivity

Virgo: Increase your understanding of boundaries through sharing resources with others

Libra: Reach for a richer definition of the balance between autonomy and cooperation

Scorpio: Implement new and adventurous ways to promote your self-care and health

Sagittarius: Embrace your creative life with newfound enthusiasm

Capricorn: Expand your notion of family and home

Aquarius: Claim your power through your voice

Pisces: Affirm your self-worth through brave action

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