Amanda Gorman: Fierce Empathy

AstroBiography of Amanda Gorman

Born: March 7, 1998

AstroBiography: Astrology of Amanda Gorman

Reading “The Hill We Climb” at the 2020 Presidential Inauguration

1st National Youth Poet Laureate

Activist, Feminist, Harvard Attendee


What She Is Known For

Amanda Gorman became the First National Youth Poet Laureate and read her poetry before the nation at 21 years old, a stunning achievement.  This only becomes more dramatic when you learn that she had a speech impediment as a young child, which she overcame with focus, hard work, and diligent practice.  At age 16, she declared herself a feminist, began community organizing, and wrote poetry in direct response Dr. Ford’s testimony at Kavanaugh’s hearing and Trump’s election.  This rising star’s burning question, after receiving accolades and fame, is “What am I going to do with my access?”

 Astrology Highlights of Her Horoscope

Amanda Gorman displays a Grand Trine in Water, which illustrates the ability to generate a lovely flow of creative, empathetic, and sensitive energy.  The Pisces Sun moves easily with the Moon in the protective and fierce sign of cardinal Cancer, and both of these connect to the wounded healer Chiron, in Scorpio.  Taskmaster Saturn squares the Moon, showing someone who grew up quickly and applied serious effort to all of her undertakings.

 Her Midheaven (MC) in the communicative and teaching sign of Gemini reveals how she appears from the public’s viewpoint.  This points to the planet Mercury, just barely hanging on in very late poetic Pisces.  It makes a bridge to Mars, powerfully situated in home warrior sign of Aries.  This warrior holds the mighty pen as a weapon for truth in the fight against racism and misogyny, and the poetry that emerges also holds the promise of transcendence (Neptune influence).  In addition, her chart indicates a strong value system rooted in the desire for social change (Venus, Neptune, Uranus in Aquarius).  Her ability to write beautiful poetry that both protects and cuts to the heart brings this astrological symbolism to life. 

Finally, with her Ascendant sign in Virgo, the planet Mercury also rules her more personal affairs, indicating that the person on stage is also the person her good friends see.  The chart suggests a thoughtful and sensitive dreamer who listens and wields a strong ability to follow through and makes things happen.

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