An Uncomfortable Truth

Aquarius Last Quarter Moon

May 1, 2024, 7:27am EDT

An Uncomfortable Truth
Spring in Virginia

Taurus Season Stillness Meditation

An Uncomfortable Truth

At the Aquarius Last Quarter Moon, use your powers of objectivity to face reality head on. You may have uncovered an uncomfortable truth about someone you care about, or even about yourself. Helpfully, the Aquarius Moon symbolizes the ability to rise above complex feelings and acknowledge that everyone has baggage. Allow for discomfort and think of this as an opportunity to exercise empathy. As the day continues, if you watch closely, you might discover an interesting new possibility.


Removing Obstacles

After you wake up on May 2, apply your edgy moxie to a creative endeavor you feel excited about. Pluto’s retrograde turn indicates the need to survey recently modified territory. The Moon in Pisces offsets the intensity by extending a cool healing hand. May 3 begins with a burst of clarity followed by an itch for immediate action. Don’t squander this precious gift as it guides you along a different path. Because this occurs during the dark moon, your action likely involves removing obstacles that stand in the way of the road less traveled. After the fireworks finish, seal the deal with a little magic to affirm the journey.


Create Sacred Space

On May 4, create sacred space with others and allow tender feelings to wash over you. Let your mind drift to softer realms. Once the Moon enters Aries, your gaze naturally sharpens to bring achievable goals into view. On May 5, act on pressing issues with confidence while paying attention to your motivation. Like blowing on hot coals, nurse the spark of your heart’s desire and let it blossom into self-awareness.


Gaining Mental Fortitude

On May 6, stay connected to what energizes you and let it illuminate your darker edges. Conserve energy by asserting yourself with the minimum amount of effort. When the Moon slides into Taurus, seek solace in the woods and contemplate how brightly the thread of your spirit weaves into your life. Mercury touches base with Chiron, suggesting that mental fortitude develops from working through difficulties. On May 7, get clear about what supports you need and take responsibility for establishing them. This could be related to your relationships, your finances, or something more tangible. Walk through the day with gratitude and quiet determination, then plant a seed for resilience at the Taurus New Moon.


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