Learn Astrology with AstroPath (formed between Jennie Date of Hidden Path Astrology and Laurie Farrington of Astrolore) through watching documentaries and studying the natal horoscopes of various people in the public eye. 

Astrology reveals the psychological and emotional patterns in people’s personalities, but not what they will do with the potential suggested by their natal chart. Moral character comes about from the choices a person makes in their individual life. In a way, this series presents the crux of astrology: the age-old debate between fate and free will.  Fate is the raw material of a person’s horoscope and free will is how the person actually lives out these possibilities. 

Using astrology to observe the trials and tribulations of being human can inspire, create understanding, and also give voice to the questions of redemption and empathy.

Venus Williams: Connection and Competition

AstroBiographies of Inspiring People Born: June 17, 1980 Venus Williams – Astrology of the Natal Chart: Astrobiography with AstroPath Film: King Richard   Venus Williams, Tennis Star Gemini Sun, Leo Moon, Libra Rising (Air and Fire) According to Venus Williams’ chart, her […]

Amanda Gorman: Fierce Empathy

AstroBiographies of Inspiring People Born: March 7, 1998 AstroBiography: Astrology of Amanda Gorman Reading “The Hill We Climb” at the 2020 Presidential Inauguration 1st National Youth Poet Laureate Activist, Feminist, Harvard Attendee   What She Is Known For Amanda Gorman became the […]

Serena Williams: Relentless Resourcefulness

AstroBiographies of Inspiring People Born: September 26, 1981 Serena Williams – Astrology of the Natal Chart: Astrobiography with AstroPath Documentary:  Serena Film: King Richard   Tennis Star Serena Williams’ Chart Analysis Libra Sun, Virgo Moon, Taurus Rising (Air and Earth) According to […]

Prince AstroBiography

Prince: Transformational Power

AstroBiographies of Inspiring People Born: June 7, 1958, 6:17pm CDT Prince, the Musician – Astrology of the Natal Chart: Astro-biography with AstroPath   Documentaries:  Prince: A Behind The Scenes Documentary (2017) Slave Trade (2020)  Prince Rogers Nelson Omnibus BBC Documentary (2020) The […]

Jolt Of Sensitivity

Robin Williams: A Jolt Of Sensitivity

Born July 21, 1951 A Jolt of Sensitivity – the Astrology of Robin Williams – AstroBiography with Jennie & Laurie Documentary: Come Into My Mind The Keynotes Of His Horoscope* Robin Williams’ astrology chart shows an effervescent personality warmly engaging the audience […]

Poetry Blooms

The AstroBiography Project: Inspiring

Laurie Farrington of Astrolore and Jennie Date of Hidden Path Astrology celebrate the stories and horoscopes of badasses, brave souls, and unsung heroes who are work to uplift others, challenge the status quo, or otherwise make bold change in our troubled world. […]

Robert Frost: Poetry Saves Lives

Moon in Cancer square Neptune: Robert Frost In a natal horoscope, the Moon reveals the deepest emotional need and the greatest ego struggle of the individual. Lunar symbolism helps us to understand the feminine side, the relationship to mother, and the instinctive […]