Astrology Services

Natal Chart Consultation

Photo: Sarah Date

A natal chart consultation presents an opportunity for self-examination and deep insight. Astrology particularly highlights important times and events and helps you observe recurring and linked patterns in your life. Come prepared for an in-depth conversation and with any life questions you’d like to work with.

60 Minutes – $125.00

“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”

~ Abraham Maslow

Astrology Tutoring

Photo: Sarah Date

Want to learn more about the amazing art of astrology? Understand the world around you on a whole different level and improve your relationship skills. Hidden Path offers three tiers of focus: the Astrological Foundation, Astrological Synthesis, and Astrological Application. Flexible structure, dependent on your learning style and requirements. Includes study materials.

1.5 hours – $150.00


“To be beautiful means to be yourself.  You don’t need to be accepted by others.  You need to accept yourself.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh