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Scheduling a one-on-one consultation with Hidden Path is a great way to learn how your astrological blueprint can help you live your best life! Astrology encourages self-examination and deep insight, so you can observe recurring and linked patterns in your life with kindness and objectivity. It helps you take advantage of important times and opportunities with clarity. If you have never received an astrological consultation, please sign up for the First Visit Consultation. All consultations cost $135 and last for 1 hour, unless otherwise noted.

Through my work with Jennie, I gained a deeper understanding of myself, my patterns, and ways to look at my past and path forward in a holistic manner, with kindness instead of criticism. I saw myself as a part of a much greater system, which in turn helped me focus on myself with much more care, softness and appreciation.

~ C.G., Vermont


First Visit Consultation

Overview Of Your Natal Chart Blueprint: Includes your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, prominent chart features, and a review of current major topics.

Natal Chart Consultation

Study of Your Natal Chart: Review and explore your chart framework. Look at current and upcoming focal points and areas of learning. Add an area you want to delve into when you sign up.

Birthday Consultation

Initiating A New Trip Around The Sun: Observe your natal chart and the year ahead through transits, progressions, the solar return chart, and other creative techniques.

Planning Consultation

Looking at Cycles and Events in Your Life: Break your life in chapters to understand how to best meet, accept, and grow with your current phase of life. Observe smaller scale patterns as well.

AstroChat Mini-Consultation

Short on cash or time?

Rather than analyzing your natal chart as in a full consultation, a mini consultation is based on instantaneous intuition only. – $30 for 20 minutes

Tend The Inner Fire

Relationship Consultations

For One Person: Understanding Your Part In Relationships An overview of the relationship principles in your natal chart from your point of view.

For Two People – Standard: Relational Understanding Between Two People An overview of relationship principles in each chart, including how the charts relate and the composite chart. 1.5 hours. – $245

For Two People – Deluxe: Individual Consultations for Each Person, Plus Combined Relationship Consultation You each get your own consultation looking at your chart with an emphasis on relationship components, then we all meet together to compare, contrast, and discuss intersections in a third consultation. – $405

The Silent Force Of Gravity

Family Consultations

Please email me at for these options.

Family Individual You sign up for your own consultation and then we have a second consultation to look at the charts of other family members. For this option, you need to ask your family members permission. – $333 for 1 person in a family of four

Family Complete Each member of the family signs up for their own individual chart consultation. Includes 4 hours of individual sessions and no group session. – $486 for a family of four, add $108 for each additional family member

Family Deluxe Each member of the family signs up for their own individual chart consultation, then we all meet together to discuss the findings with the whole family. Includes chart analysis, 4 hours of individual sessions, plus 1 hour group session. – $594 for a family of 4, add $108 for each additional family member.

Share From Your Heart

Group Astrology Experiences

Please email me at for these options.

Instant Readings: Choose this option for the lowest maintenance planning. Say you have a book group, and everyone wants an intuitive chart reading, in a separate or group format. For 6 – 9 people, 2-3 hours. – $30 for 20 minutes per person

Casual Workshop: Choose this option if you’re curious about astrology itself and want to learn about your charts in a group format. Learn how to use this fantastic art in your own life for deeper understanding of how you relate to others. For 4 – 20, 2-3 hours. – $75/person,

Retreats: This is the most in-depth option for a true and unique group experience! If you are looking for things to do in Vermont, whether you live here or are on vacation, Hidden Path offers everything from a party with an astrology twist, to a deep dive into the secret universe of your tight-knit group. You can add guided visualizations or yoga, plus I am well-versed in the local hiking, mountain biking, and skiing scene and am happy to point you in the right direction. Prices may vary – $500 or $125/per person with a minimum of 4 people.



Are you interested in the magical art of astrology? You’re not alone! The globe is in a state of flux, as part of an evolutionary transformation. It is a time of upheaval and redirecting of priorities. We all feel this to be true in our bones and gut. Many ancient wisdom traditions and practices are seeing a resurgence, and are blossoming open in a new way to all people. Old techniques are coming to the surface, new techniques are transforming the way we work with the world. Sound healing, psychedelics, meditation, somatic understanding, body movement, acupuncture – the world is cracking open.

If astrology has caught your attention, consider studying one-on-one with me. What makes my approach different is that I emphasize self-study, which means that you take a deep dive in using and experimenting with astrology from your own subjective point of view, alongside learning the technical language and history. Based on a natural astrological learning framework, the first part provides a basic understanding of the signs, planets, houses, aspects, and rulerships in five sessions. The second part allows you to start applying what you’re learning to charts, in a two-part structured format.  The third section offers support as you apply your skills in working with clients.

Lay the Foundation

Learn the astrological language of signs, houses, planets, aspects, and rulerships. 5 Modules $150/session or $600/all 5 together

Build the Framework

Take your learning to the next level, as you learn to outline the astrological story in your life and the lives of your loved ones. You decide how many classes you need. $100/1-hour session

Apply the Techniques

You have significant astrological understanding and are working on applying your knowledge. An additional eye on charts that you’re working with would be helpful. Sign up for one session or as many as you like. $80/1-hour session


When should you schedule an appointment?

Of course you can schedule an appointment at any time, for any reason. That being said, there are some crucial times during which an astrological consultation provides extra benefit.

At a Crossroads Many folks come during a challenging crossroads, those times when life throws a curveball – a health crisis, a divorce, a job change.  Some come to get positive reinforcement regarding a new relationship, move, or business.  Other times, people want to focus on things like improving communication, understanding blocks to claiming inner power, or learning about family lineage.

Every Six Months Once you schedule your initial visit, consider signing up for another one about every six months or so. Every time you have a consultation, you will learn something new about your natal horoscope. By leaving a six-month gap, you have time to experience the way astrology seems to play out in your life, which helps in the follow up consultation.

Complex Charts Some people discover that they have an exceedingly complex chart, and it may be helpful to schedule a second session within a few weeks of your initial visit. We can discuss alternate pricing for this option.

Particular Ages Astrology uses various timing techniques that highlight certain phases of life. At these significant junctures, astrology offers additional guidance and clarity. Some, like the Saturn Return, are common to all people, and fall roughly around the ages of 29, 58, and 88. Also in this category are the cycles of Uranus, during the following ageranges: 20-23, 39-45, 61-64, and 83-84. The Chiron Return occurs at age 50. There are a few others that are particular to you, and can be discussed at the time of initial consultation.

Your Birthday The ancient doctrine of astrology called Profections holds that each year of life denotes a different theme, changing over at your birthday. Additionally, modern techniques allow us to cast a chart for the year ahead, called the Solar Return chart.  This gives you an overview for the unfolding of topics important to you in the upcoming year.

Yearly Planning It can also be useful to schedule a consultation at the start of the New Year.  This might be January 1, or the astrological new year that starts with the Sun’s ingress into Aries at the Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) or Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere).  Or perhaps you view the New Year from a different personal, cultural, or religious philosophy.


You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore. 

~ William Faulkner



Your Astrological Moon: Mother, Moods, and Mystery

In-Person Workshop Series

In this three-part workshop, we explore the astrological components of your natal Moon as a tool to gain a greater self-understanding of your emotional needs. In astrology, the Moon is associated with mother, moods, and mystery, symbolizing your emotional development, triggers, and intuitive instincts. The ancient wisdom tradition of astrology allows you to see your patterns in a new light, granting insight and self-acceptance. As you become aware of this powerful symbol, it helps you find contentment in daily life and determine what adjustments to make for greater wellbeing.

For this workshop, we will take a deep dive into all things Moon. We will look at your Moon sign, house, phase, aspects, dispositor, and rulership scheme. The Moon is a sensitive topic, so please come prepared for this, and be willing to share some of your experiences. Self-acceptance, kindness, boundaries, and confidentiality are an important part of this journey. Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Dates: New Dates for 2024 TBD



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