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Share Your Wisdom

Sagittarius Full Moon, May 23, 2024, 9:53am ET

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance May 23 – 30

Share Your Wisdom
Fly Agaric, Morristown, Vermont

Gemini Season Power of Your Mind Meditation

Share Your Wisdom

The Sagittarius Full Moon signifies a powerful moment to share your wisdom. With ease, slough off an archaic belief, limiting narrative, or old habit that obscures your path. Since Gemini season signifies pursuing objectivity and connecting socially, it may feel easier to revisit and release something difficult. Pay attention to dream remnants from the night before that may show you how to turn troubles into sources of wisdom. As your perspective expands to include a new track, recognize the universal or mythic quality of your personal adventure. Venus entering Gemini nudges you to go ahead and discuss what you have learned. Let concerns dissolve and possibilities expand as you settle into the conversation. The Moon begins her waning phase, inviting you to contemplate your desire for deeper communication.


Powerful Conversations

On May 24, continue to apply your wisdom to excavating new paths. If you see a barricade ahead, briefly pause to examine a perspective you may be missing. Include it to continue smoothly along with your personal pursuits. On May 25, from the moment your feet hit the floor, prepare for powerful conversations. Take special care to listen deeply to the interests of the other person. Let your mood turn to serious and practical matters when the Moon enters Capricorn. At 7:14pm Jupiter enters Gemini, signifying an expansion in your mental capacity and the desire to swap messages with your co-collaborators.


Download Your Insights

Let Sunday May 26 be a day of rest, as you turn inward and think deeply about how and why you’d like to expand. Turn any conundrums over in your mind, looking for gaps in the plan. By May 27, an awakening of sorts hovers on the horizon. When the Moon enters Aquarius, detachment becomes more available, giving you the space to imagine the bigger transformative impact of your efforts. Take extra time to decompress before going to bed. Engage in somatic exercises and quit screens earlier than usual. On May 28, the disseminating Moon continues its foray through Aquarius, activating your imagination and desire for social connection. Download your insights, write them down, and talk it out.


A Cool Balm

Relish in the high energy of the day on May 29. If an obstacle appears, feel into the apparatus and tissues of your body and look for insights. Much wisdom rests here. Mars conjunct Chiron suggests that you may need to act on something that calls your attention. It likely involves your use of impetuous, impatient, or self-motivated energy. Attend to inflamed or discouraged feelings. When the Moon moves into Pisces later in the day, you may experience a sense of relief, like a cool balm applied to a burn. On May 30, the Pisces Last Quarter Moon insists that you bypass thoughts and set them aside in favor of feelings. Let thoughts move like clouds through the sky and soften into the feelings.


Horoscopes for the Sagittarius Full Moon

Use your Rising (and/or Sun) sign and read the segment below for tips on what stories to share. Embrace the power that Pluto in Aquarius brings you at the moment of the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Aries: Share the optimistic worldview you have gained from communicating with close friends, relatives, or neighbors, and let it help you weather changes in your community.

Taurus: Inspire others with your newfound wisdom about the importance of valuing yourself. Notice how pressure in your public life supports your ability to set healthy boundaries.

Gemini: Encourage your partners in life to try new adventures based on curiosity. Recent big changes in your worldview play into your bold new attitude.

Cancer: Apply your buoyant wisdom and adventurousness to your daily practices and share your findings with others. Be empowered by your X-ray ability to see beneath the surface.

Leo: Share the story of your creative unfoldment to inspire others. Let the needs of your community guide you. Notice a big change in the way you relate in one-on-one encounters.

Virgo: Publicly share the wisdom you have gained from your family, lineage, or the place that you live. Draw on recent changes in your daily or health care routines.

Libra: Speak bravely to casual acquaintances about recent experiences that have led you to unexpected wisdom. Dig into your creative processes and let it reveal life through a new lens.

Scorpio: Expand your notion of your self-worth dramatically and share what you learn from this expansive view. Resilience has come from navigating change within your roots.

Sagittarius: Turn up the light and shine your humor outward as a beacon for all others. Trust the power of your voice to exude your deepest wisdom effortlessly.

Capricorn: Be brave and share the hidden wisdom tucked away in the folds of your therapeutic healing process. Your power comes from your ability to value yourself.

Aquarius: Share your love and understanding with your community. Accept the support you receive in turn. Notice big changes in the way you perceive yourself.

Pisces: Share your profound if unorthodox wisdom with your colleagues and the public. Trust the transformation that churns away at the edges of your consciousness.

Share Your Wisdom

Gemini Season: The Power of Your Curiosity

May 20, 2024 – June 20, 2024

The Power of Your Curiosity: Gemini Season
Burgeoning Fern, Morristown, Vermont

Gemini Season Power of Your Mind Meditation

Gemini Season: The Power of Your Curiosity

Always following on the heels of stoic Taurus, Gemini season seeks to stir up the vibe and stimulate your mental processes. If Taurus season felt heavy duty, then relish in a refreshing lift beneath your wings. Use the power of your curiosity to pull you out of anxious thinking. Track mysteries amidst the busy processes of life and share your glee with others.

Speak Openly

As the mutable air sign, Gemini describes the dynamic nature of the mind. When you choose what to focus your mind on, your energy follows. If stressful thoughts arise, steer away from them by submitting to inquisitiveness. Plant your feet on the ground and slow down your breathing. Engage your social network and speak openly about what rests heavy in your mind. You may be amazed at the ease you feel while being vulnerable with others, not to mention impressed with their brave reciprocation.

Gemini Season Overall

Shortly after the Sun enters Gemini, it connects with Pluto to send a powerful message about the importance of approaching life with curiosity. With Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury in earthy Taurus for the first half of the season, keep your thinking realistic. A general sense of buoyancy pervades the first few days, as Venus joins beneficial Jupiter just before both move into light-hearted Gemini. The Sagittarius Full Moon on May 23 inspires you to share your wisdom. As the Moon wanes, willingly turn inward and watch for bold insights. Fruitful understanding waits for you here. Mercury entering Gemini liberates your mind to accept sources of intelligence beyond the rational. Venus starts a new cycle with the Sun, inviting deep vulnerable communication in important relationships.

After the Gemini New Moon on June 6, prepare for any dark Moon wisdom you just gained to get stress-tested. Your ideas must be both concrete and adaptable to the needs or sensitivities of others. An avenue for harnessing your individual effort to help others heal becomes visible. The final week of the season features the reappearance of a semi-formed idea, suggesting the challenge of marrying unwavering practicality with wild imagination to move it forward. Mercury connects with the Sun, marking the beginning of a new cycle and underscoring the need for accessing many different layers of knowledge. The season closes with Venus, Mercury, and then the Sun diving into the Cancerian waters of feeling and intuition.

Horoscopes for All 12 Signs

During Gemini season, stay engaged with your sense of curiosity. Curiosity keeps your mind on the present moment, which aids you in feeling both positive and objective.

Aries: Observe how you communicate in casual conversations to understand the power you wield through your voice. Notice if this relates to a recent empowering change of community.

Taurus: Use curiosity to handle stress about your finances or self-esteem. Draw on the power you gain from your professional life to help you make even-keeled decisions based on the facts.

Gemini: Release unnecessary stress about a change in direction and be curious about where you have landed in life. Notice an empowering shift in your worldview and embrace your versatility.

Cancer: Submerge in the internal world of your subconscious. Take the time you need for silence, therapy, or retreat to recharge mental equanimity. Let your boundaries empower you.

Leo: Follow your curiosity to get more involved in your community. Apply what you have learned about transforming partnerships to see where to lend a helping hand to others.

Virgo: Let your curiosity guide you to network with new people in your professional life. Notice how new healthy routines have opened the door to empowering and supportive relationships.

Libra: Open your mind to a source of wisdom solely based on your curiosity. Liberate yourself by employing what you have discovered through a recent creative process.

Scorpio: Be curious about the mysterious motivations and depths of others. Trust your ability to hold equanimous space without judgment, while staying grounded in your quiet internal power.

Sagittarius: Employ curiosity to stay engaged in your partnerships, no matter what triggers may occur. Ask kind though incisive questions while listening with full attention.

Capricorn: Break the tedium of your routines by engaging your curiosity and choosing a new activity. Lean into your newly transformed self-esteem and invite someone unexpected along.

Aquarius: Be powerfully interested in your capacity for loving others, as well as in your connection to joy. Recognize how a fundamental shift in your personal power opens new doors.

Pisces: Adopt a lighthearted approach to learning about your family roots and the land where you live. Identify the hidden but perceptible power that emanates from your spiritual connections.

Watch the AstroPath video below. AstroPath is a collaboration I share with Laurie Farrington.


Celebrate Your Persistence

Leo First Quarter Moon

May 15, 2024, 7:47am EDT

Astrology Forecast May 15 – 23

Celebrate Your Persistence
The Fern Unfurls

Click here for the Taurus Season Stillness Meditation!


Celebrate Your Persistence

At the Leo First Quarter Moon, recognize what Taurus season has taught you about inner stability and express what you feel most grateful for. Celebrate your persistence but steer clear of the rigidity that comes from wanting things to be different than they are. When you accept reality with grace, natural limits feel grounding and your resistance melts away.

Being Present

A Leo Moon also symbolizes the simplicity of being present. Let this principle guide your way this week as the Moon grows in light. Pay full attention to where you place your feet when you walk, how you listen to a friend, and the way your pour yourself into creative acts. This intention creates a perspective shift that enables you to see an exciting new beginning. Be sure to convey your enthusiasm to others.

Deep Scrutiny

May 16 presents a rare day of no planetary aspects. With the Moon in Virgo, focus on building your foundation and taking care of practical tasks. If it’s within your ability, help anyone who asks. On May 17, an intense Mercury-Pluto contact disturbs yesterday’s tranquility. Your mind drops into deep scrutiny, desiring to get to the bottom of something. You may notice relentless or near-obsessive thinking. While this may be difficult, it also grants access to a powerful groove of highly focused effort. Apply your labors toward concrete problem-solving while reflecting on the global perspective.

A Degree of Liberation

On May 18, the Moon’s move into even-keeled Libra represents finding equanimity of mind. You may desire harmony and balance especially after yesterday’s tumultuousness. However, you do well to prepare for the possibility of a rude awakening in your finances or a key relationship, as Venus joins Uranus. While this may imply a reduction in stability, it also suggests the possibility of a degree of liberation. With the Sun conjunct Jupiter, take changes in stride by focusing on the reliable people and processes that make up your internal platform.

The Road Less Traveled

On May 19, let your natural desire to socialize lead the way. Offer feedback to those who ask for it. You may have an untrammeled view of other people’s motivations, not to mention easy access to understanding and kindness. If a gateway to the road less traveled swings open, screw up your courage and enter! On May 20, the Sun leaves the earthy ground of Taurus to enter information-sharing Gemini. You may feel the urge to discuss your experiences of the past month. When the Moon shifts into Scorpio, you might suddenly feel awkward about divulging your true feelings. Rather than forging ahead, allow yourself the space to introspect.

Unleash Your Curiosity

On May 21, continue to submit to an internal process, especially as some concrete conundrum drops into your lap. Taking the time to puzzle over intricacies may prove to be worth your while. On May 22, to effectively collude and cooperate with the group, unleash your curiosity. Move beyond private or petty misgivings and witness the huge empowerment that comes from collaborative effort. As the Moon swings toward full and enters Sagittarius on May 23, your mood levels out. Venus conjunct Jupiter affirms what your body already knows. Rest easy in your compassion and prepare to share your wisdom.

What Makes You Resilient

Taurus New Moon

May 7, 2024, 11:21pm ET

What Makes You Resilient
Pink Lady Slipper, Virginia

Taurus Season Stillness Meditation

What Makes You Resilient

At the Taurus New Moon, pause to consider what makes you resilient. Focus on your connection to nature, especially in how you experience plants and animals through your senses. Visualize the faces of those who support you. Ponder your local food and energy sources. Then ask yourself what or who to invest in that offers the most enduring quality.

Connect To Your Body

From an emotional wellness standpoint, Taurus can refer to connecting to your physical body as a tangible container for emotional content. Much wisdom rests in the body’s tissues, including access to stored experiences and the possibility of resolving associated traumas. When you connect to your body in this way, you discover how to release the old parts that keep you frozen in time. This facilitates developing greater resilience in your relationship with yourself.

Horoscopes for All 12 Signs

At the Taurus New Moon, recognize the areas of your life where you feel resilient and issue a short offering of thanks for what provides you with a sense of anchoring.

Aries: Your resilience comes from your self-worth. Plant a seed of gratitude for your ability to value yourself.

Taurus: Your tenacity resides in your personal toolbox, where you possess an unrivaled ability to stay anchored. Have gratitude for this powerful trait.

Gemini: Your strength hides deep in the recesses of your psyche. Offer thanks for the way you are stronger than you realized.

Cancer: Your reserves expand in connection to your community. Reach out and express your gratitude for the surprising strength of your alliances.

Leo: Your resilience shines through in your professional life and social reputation. Recognize your power and how it impacts others in the public sphere.

Virgo: Great strength lies in your philosophical perspective of the world. Have gratitude for the life and educational experiences that have led you here.

Libra: You are extraordinarily resourceful when it comes to dealing with other people’s belongings and emotional baggage. Rejoice in this newfound discovery.

Scorpio: Considerable determination emerges from your partnerships, in life and business. Express your gratitude for the way you connect with others.

Sagittarius: Your tenacity shows itself through your ability to set and commit to healthy routines. Make it a habit to feel daily gratitude for this.

Capricorn: Your quiet strength appears in the loyal and tenacious way in which you love others without parameters. Express gratitude by pouring yourself into creative pursuits.

Aquarius: You have enormous resilience tucked away in the bedrock of your emotional being. Allow yourself to be grateful for this private resource.

Pisces: Your reserves of energy show themselves through the power of your voice. Respect the way you communicate your ideas to others.

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance May 8 – 15

Recognize An Opportunity

On May 8, the resilience you ruminated on at the Taurus New Moon may experience some stress testing. Let these minor quakes rumble on through without resistance. Remember that the strongest bridges are built to sway with moving tectonic plates. Adopt this same policy to keep things on an even keel emotionally. Tune into an important conversation that provides a sense of empowerment. On May 9, whatever you learned yesterday may galvanize you to take action. Keep your ideas in mind so that you recognize an opportunity when it appears.

Slowed By Sensitivity

On May 10, your excitable and curious mood may become strangely dampened by a serious matter you’d rather avoid. Pay special attention to mental resistance that crops up while dealing with someone else’s feelings or suffering. Continue to act on forward momentum but allow yourself to be slowed by sensitivity toward others’ positions. On May 11, the Moon in Cancer suggests strong gut feelings. This desire to protect or nurture stands in confrontation with another part of you that just wants to get on with it. Go ahead and act, just don’t lose sight of the deeper need for emotional security.

An Inescapable Insight

On May 12, that same sense of inner conflict from the day before might persist, but the edges seem to soften. What seemed so at odds now yields a greater understanding of the impacts of life-altering change. Offer tactile comfort to anyone in need. Nothing like a hot cup of tea or bath to soothe the ragged edges! On May 13, an urgent sense of mental clarity grasps you, as Mercury finally clears its shadow period and the Sun conjuncts Uranus. Like a lightning rod, your mind attracts and channels an inescapable insight. Notice how this affects your body and take steps to shed stress. With the Moon in Leo, this means go to yoga class, ride your bike in the woods, or act on behalf of a cause.

Radiate Creative Power

On May 14, radiate your creative power into all that you do. Place your full attention onto every action. Bask in a day well-spent and give yourself extra time to wind down before bed. At the Leo First Quarter Moon May 15, you may wish to express excitement but feel restricted in some way. Act with full authenticity yet accept limits with grace.

An Uncomfortable Truth

Aquarius Last Quarter Moon

May 1, 2024, 7:27am EDT

An Uncomfortable Truth
Spring in Virginia

Taurus Season Stillness Meditation

An Uncomfortable Truth

At the Aquarius Last Quarter Moon, use your powers of objectivity to face reality head on. You may have uncovered an uncomfortable truth about someone you care about, or even about yourself. Helpfully, the Aquarius Moon symbolizes the ability to rise above complex feelings and acknowledge that everyone has baggage. Allow for discomfort and think of this as an opportunity to exercise empathy. As the day continues, if you watch closely, you might discover an interesting new possibility.


Removing Obstacles

After you wake up on May 2, apply your edgy moxie to a creative endeavor you feel excited about. Pluto’s retrograde turn indicates the need to survey recently modified territory. The Moon in Pisces offsets the intensity by extending a cool healing hand. May 3 begins with a burst of clarity followed by an itch for immediate action. Don’t squander this precious gift as it guides you along a different path. Because this occurs during the dark moon, your action likely involves removing obstacles that stand in the way of the road less traveled. After the fireworks finish, seal the deal with a little magic to affirm the journey.


Create Sacred Space

On May 4, create sacred space with others and allow tender feelings to wash over you. Let your mind drift to softer realms. Once the Moon enters Aries, your gaze naturally sharpens to bring achievable goals into view. On May 5, act on pressing issues with confidence while paying attention to your motivation. Like blowing on hot coals, nurse the spark of your heart’s desire and let it blossom into self-awareness.


Gaining Mental Fortitude

On May 6, stay connected to what energizes you and let it illuminate your darker edges. Conserve energy by asserting yourself with the minimum amount of effort. When the Moon slides into Taurus, seek solace in the woods and contemplate how brightly the thread of your spirit weaves into your life. Mercury touches base with Chiron, suggesting that mental fortitude develops from working through difficulties. On May 7, get clear about what supports you need and take responsibility for establishing them. This could be related to your relationships, your finances, or something more tangible. Walk through the day with gratitude and quiet determination, then plant a seed for resilience at the Taurus New Moon.


Emotional Healing

Scorpio Full Moon

April 23, 2024, 7:48pm ET

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Wellness April 23 – May 1

Emotional Healing
Magic Pool, Puerto Rico

Taurus Season Stillness Meditation

Emotional Healing

At the Scorpio Full Moon April 23, pause to acknowledge the emotional reverberations of recent events, especially since the Aries Solar Eclipse on April 8. Like a detective, investigate the deeper implications of these shifts in your internal landscape. Stop fighting battles you cannot win and instead focus your attention on emotional healing. Reach inward and extend tenderness to your most vulnerable aspects. Relating to these areas allows you to unleash the positive power they store and relinquish unconscious fear that blocks your intuition. As you connect with your inner self, step into the empowerment that comes with self-knowledge.

Nuggets of Gold

On April 24, soak in what you are learning about your complex emotional layers. Over the years, a lot of treasure gets buried in the shadows. It is well worth digging around to retrieve what has been lost. Like keys, these nuggets of gold unlock your access to your intuitive knowledge and intrinsic connection to Mother Earth. Therefore, honor the feelings you encounter today. If things feel rocky the morning of April 25, engage in a grounding solo ritual and/or strenuous exercise. Mercury turns direct and holds at 16º Aries. Prepare to revisit familiar terrain that concerns your goals and how to meet them with decisive action. Notice that you can more easily incorporate others into your plans and let that give you a lift.

Flashes of Inspiration

On April 26, you may wake with a feeling of empowerment and “rightness” about your vision. Carry this with you into the night. On April 27, meet the day with grace and optimism. Expand your wisdom through philosophical pursuits or a travel adventure. Pay attention to how this subtly reinforces an overall direction change you wish to make. On April 28, if you heeded the flashes of inspiration from the day before, you may see the beginnings of a solid plan. Turn your mind toward practical steps with achievable results. Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from hearing the pieces click into place.

Weaving Compassion

On April 29, don’t be alarmed if your forward momentum suddenly seems to dissipate, when the unlikely bedfellows of Mars and Neptune connect in Pisces. Mars wants to get on with it while Neptune wallows contentedly in intangible states of consciousness. Rather than wrestle with waves, accept the deeper lesson of weaving compassion into your actions. Fortunately, Venus also moves into Taurus today, inviting you to stay anchored to your deeply felt values.

Welcome Total Authenticity

On April 30, the Moon’s move into Aquarius suggests feeling liberated from bodily concerns. Divorced from the need for structure, the mind is free to wander into inventive and conceptual realms. From this objective standpoint, you may be able to see clearly into one of your important relationships. Like a fast car, Mars speeds into its favorite sign of Aries. This signifies the time to act decisively on your new self-understanding that has taken root since mid-March. On May 1, Venus encounters Pluto, the proverbial pea causing unrest despite many layers of comfort. This serves as a metaphor for having to deal with deeper issues in one of your relationships. Release any need for control and welcome total authenticity. The Aquarius Last Quarter Moon supports your ability to deal with the truth head on. Be direct but kind.

Scorpio Full Moon Horoscopes for All 12 Rising Signs

At the Scorpio Full Moon, welcome in the light that shines into the deeper reaches of your shadow nature. Investigate your vulnerability and consider how to build a stronger relationship with these powerful parts of you. Use your Rising sign to read below for more understanding.

Aries: Your vulnerabilities emerge in the way you deal with other peoples’ issues and resources. Let the needs of your community help you recognize your intrinsic gifts and talents.

Taurus: Embrace the fact that your vulnerabilities appear in your partnerships. Let changes in your professional or public role push you to add reverence to your deeply held convictions.

Gemini: Notice how your vulnerabilities show up when your routines are too rigid. Trust your worldly wisdom and intuitive insights to help you find more flow in your daily life.

Cancer: Your vulnerability reveals itself through your creative pursuits. As you transform the way you set boundaries, see how it helps you find stability and purpose amidst community.

Leo: Connect to the vulnerabilities and strengths of your private life. Let the transformation in the way you partner with people help you establish firmer footing in your public life.

Virgo: Recognize how vulnerability shows up in your methods of communication. Let necessary shifts in your self-care routine open your mind to a more grounded and reverent worldview.

Libra: Your vulnerability appears in the way you value yourself. Let the way you love others lead you into more self-love and see how this informs how to set new and healthier boundaries.

Scorpio: As an intuitive person, you may feel the need to defend your vulnerability at all costs. Shore up your connection to your inner foundation to feel more grounded in your partnerships.

Sagittarius: Your vulnerability lies hidden in your subconscious. Access this source of power by discussing it with others and see how this allows you to incorporate it into daily healthy routines.

Capricorn: Embrace your ability to be vulnerable in community settings. Turn any pressure into an insistence on recognizing your own worth and then settle into a new creative self-expression.

Aquarius: Hold steady with your ability to be vulnerable in your professional or public reputation. As your evolution unfolds, seek silence and grounding as part of your foundation.

Pisces: Your vulnerability serves as the genuine source of your wisdom. As hidden and collective forces transform your subconscious, find ground through new methods of communication.

Emotional Healing

Accept Change

Sun Enters Taurus

April 19, 2024, at 9:59am EDT

Accept Change
Bloodroot, Champlain Valley, Vermont

Taurus Season Stillness Meditation

Accept Change

Taurus moves with a placid and serene gait, a reminder of the importance of slowing down after the fire and bluster of Aries season. Great changes wheel and whip around, palpable in the air and detectable in the bones. Amidst the chaos, Taurus season issues an invitation to silently connect with your internal bedrock, the resilience that allows you to accept change. Drop into stillness, find ease, and listen to the Earth sounds. Scatter seeds into newly upturned soil.

The Big News

The big news is that on April 20, Jupiter and Uranus connect in Taurus. These two planets together symbolize quantum leaps, defying limits, and broadening horizons. Taurus refers to resources like food and money, as well as the environmental equilibrium of Earth. While this alignment presents the opportunity for a new level of awakening, it requires courage and committed effort to accept and move with the shifting terrain. This conjunction also links to pivotal issues associated with the April 8 Aries Solar Eclipse. Pay attention to what has emerged in your consciousness these past two weeks for greater understanding.

The Season Overall

With this Taurus season undulating like a rollercoaster, your main job is to keep your five-point seatbelt buckled, trust the seat to hold you in place, and relax into the ride with your fellow travelers. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, the most electrifying astrological configuration of the year, kicks it off. Constant and intense pressure generated by Pluto follows, serving as a relentless reminder to recognize the larger impacts of transformation on one’s social circle, community, and the collective. On April 23, the Scorpio Full Moon offers a moment of awareness to investigate the deeper emotional repercussions of a shifting landscape.

Shortly thereafter, Mercury exits its retrograde period and crosses back over familiar territory. You may find yourself revisiting ongoing themes that relate to conflicts, your desire for independence, and going after what you want. Venus lands gracefully in home sign Taurus, signifying the time to find your footing financially and in your relationships. In a balancing act, Mars charges into Aries the very next day, suggesting that you take action on what has come to light since March 19. As the Sun treads through Taurus, these issues continue to reverberate. Pay close attention to the information your body is giving you throughout, as it provides major tips about when to retreat and when to persevere.

Horoscopes for All 12 Rising Signs

As you walk steadily towards the expansion of your consciousness, feel into a new felt sense of inner equilibrium. Take advantage of all opportunities to be outside, ground your body in the larger body of nature, and connect with others for support. Use your Rising sign (or if you don’t know it, your Sun sign) to read what area of life is being activated during Taurus season.

Aries: Wake up to a radical new way to value yourself and your resources. Welcome the pressure that comes from your community to make these shifts.

Taurus: Watch the major shift happening in your connection to self and life direction. Your professional or public reputation exerts pressure on you to transform overall.

Gemini: Notice the flashes of bold insight coming out of your subconscious and see how they connect to pressure that come from your transforming world view.

Cancer: Something new and different stirs in your community. Feel the pressure that comes from the need for a new way to manage your boundaries with others.

Leo: An epiphany that regards your professional and public life emerges. Part of the transformation comes through one of your partnerships, either intimate or business.

Virgo: Your worldview is undergoing a seismic shift, turning up bold new possibilities. Pressure comes from the need to change old routines to better serve your health.

Libra: A realization surfaces about setting different boundaries to better navigate other people’s emotional and financial baggage. Pressure comes from changing the way you give of yourself.

Scorpio: A jolt that regards how you relate in your personal or business partnerships crops up. Pressure comes from the need to solidify your own foundation, home life, or family lineage.

Sagittarius: The routines that provide the bedrock of your health and schedule need fresh energy. Pressure comes from needing to discuss this in a new way.

Capricorn: An awakening about your creativity and the way you give of yourself looms. Your values or your financial situation place pressure on the need for change in this regard.

Aquarius: As your notion of your emotional foundation rocks and rolls, you begin to see yourself differently. Be present as your life direction and connection to self shift to a new place.

Pisces: Your manner of communicating is sustaining a radical shift. Powerful hidden, unconscious, or collective forces push you into a new way of speaking.

Please watch the AstroPath video below for more detailed horoscopes and information.

Accept Change


Feel Your Feelings

Cancer First Quarter Moon

April 15, 2024, 3:13pm EDT

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance April 15 – 23

Feel Your Feelings
McKenzie River Reflections

Aries Season Energy Cleansing Meditation

Feel Your Feelings

At the Cancer First Quarter Moon, feel your feelings and respect what they are telling you. The waxing half-moon suggests an internal struggle between the need to be tender and the impetus to act. Defensive Cancer has a thin skin, though only when it needs to protect something. If you feel under the gun, first pause to calm the inner tides. Pay attention to what has bubbled to the surface since the Aries Solar Eclipse on April 8. Then move forward while maintaining a conscious connection with your intuitive instincts.

Mutual Respect

Although the Moon in Leo on April 16 suggests a lighter mood, it also provokes a deeper line of questioning around your actions. Be willing to scrutinize your motives with open-ended curiosity. After you pass through this brief ego checkpoint, enjoy the rest of the day with relish. Meet April 17 with a buoyant and positive attitude. Connect with people by hearing their heart-felt stories and naturally finding humor. Watch for a new avenue of mutual respect opening up. As the day wears on, you may feel impatient with earthly concerns as your desire for freedom grows.

Find Solid Ground

On April 18, bask in a moment of divine alignment, however short, then let your attention turn to practical matters. The Sun enters Taurus on April 19 and signals mid-spring or mid-autumn, depending which side of the equator you inhabit. Accept the invitation to find solid ground within and without. Revel in the sensation of the Sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the soil under your toes. Respond to concrete concerns while staying connected to inner softness. Take actions that make others feel seen, heard, and included.

Wild Change

On April 20, the expansively potent Jupiter and Uranus conjunction represents wild change, quantum leaps, and broadening consciousness. Lean into your physical body as the reliable container of your nervous system. Likewise, lean into community support. Globally, this adds urgency to the necessity of recultivating reverence for the Earth and her systems. Let this truth echo in your bones and prepare to scatter new seeds in the chasm of change. As the Moon moves into Libra, breathe slowly to find equilibrium.

The Difficult Path of Growth

On April 21, seek to remain objective while seeing the inherent human duality of light and dark. If one of your relationships is troubling you, aim to start on a new track today. The Taurus Sun encounters heavy-hitter Pluto, showing the difficult path of growth. Release attempts at control, surrender to the stillness, and tend to your body or garden. On April 22, notice if you reach unthinkingly to an old habit of deferring. As you catch yourself, let the moment spur you toward mental equanimity. On April 23, the Moon slides into the shadows of Scorpio. As it lines up to oppose the Taurus Sun, let the silver light shine onto the fears that block empathy. Be willing to see into your own depths and acknowledge the emotional repercussions of so much change.

Redefine Courage: Aries Solar Eclipse

April 8, 2:17pm ET

Redefine Courage
Alone In the Desert, Arizona

Aries Season Energy Cleansing Meditation

Redefine Courage

During the powerful Aries Solar Eclipse, be bold in reckoning with the way you assert yourself. As one of my favorite yoga teachers said of the eclipse, question the energy you emit and the actions you take. To do this, you need to recognize the way your intensity links to underlying feelings of vulnerability. Pay attention to when hidden emotions like inadequacy, self-doubt, or fear drive you to unnecessary shows of force. When you choose to consciously stay connected to your vulnerability while taking action, you redefine courage.

Astrology of the Aries Solar Eclipse

The asteroid Chiron, which holds the wounded healer archetype, exactly conjuncts the Solar Eclipse. This implies being brave enough to face the damage we each cause through unconscious selfishness, as well as tending to wounds sustained at the hands of others. Mercury retrograde in Aries reinforces the idea of internal investigation, encouraging us to connect and dialogue with the hidden and angry parts of ourselves. These parts have much to offer in terms of showing a progressive way forward. Also notice what habits of dependency appeared in the wake of the Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25, to further understand the pivot you want to make.

Horoscopes to Redefine Courage at the Aries Solar Eclipse

Using your Rising (and/or Sun) sign, read below to see where the powerful Aries Solar Eclipse lands in your natal chart. Meet this powerful force with a willingness to be both humbled and galvanized. If you have planets near 19º of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), your life stands to be more strongly impacted.

Aries: Embrace your natural ability to be a courageous, heart-centered leader. Your boldness comes from the willingness to be completely honest about your wounds and vulnerability.

Taurus: Heal your sense of inadequacy by championing a cause on someone’s behalf. When you walk an authentic independent path, you help others find the courage to cope with their suffering.

Gemini: Recognize that displays of bravado may be compensating for a fear of rejection. As you face this truth, you recover the ability to lead your community from your heart.

Cancer: Show your pioneering spirit by boldly accepting your vulnerability as part of your public reputation. Let your brave new vision center on opening up to the support of others.

Leo: Share the understanding of compassion you’ve gained through adventurous experiences. Inspire others to wake up to the beauty and fragility of diversity by speaking from the heart.

Virgo: Reflect on how vulnerability is an asset rather than a liability when it comes to setting boundaries. Courageously incorporate your empathetic understanding of other people’s struggles.

Libra: Committing to loving yourself unapologetically increases your audacity in one-on-one interactions or partnerships. Accept and hold your vulnerability as the source of your strength.

Scorpio: Resolutely thrust a stake in the ground to place your self-care at forefront. Connect with your softer self to determine what you really need with compassion.

Sagittarius: Relax into your sense of self as a creative. Release the need to mask vulnerability and instead incorporate this hidden source of strength into the way you give of yourself.

Capricorn: Tune into feelings of conflict and frustration linked to your home life. Befriend your emotional tenderness so you can stand tall amongst your family without needing to be defensive.

Aquarius: Own the way you use your voice to carve out an independent path. Connect with your vulnerability to establish a greater degree of fluid self-confidence.

Pisces: Open to deeper self-love and respect by being completely honest about your self-worth struggles. Surround yourself with those who recognize your dauntless and pioneering spirit.

Astrology for Emotional Wellness Forecast April 9 – 15

Walk Slowly

On April 9, give yourself time to absorb what happened the day before at the Aries Solar Eclipse. The Moon’s move into Taurus invites you to find your sense of ground. Be still, walk slowly, and tune into your physical body. The mood slips into a deeper contemplation as the Moon squares Pluto. Whatever change hovers at the edge of your consciousness may come briefly into full view. By April 10, touch in with sensitive feelings. Explore the broad world of your imagination and use it to picture other walks of life. Take responsibility for cultivating more empathy, a highly valuable skill. As Mars colludes with Saturn in Pisces today, formulate a plan to transform emotional understanding into compassionate action. Commit to help others in need and your awakening ensues.

The Pulse of Life

On April 11, start the morning slowly. Listen to the birds or look at newly blooming flowers to connect with the pulse of life. If it feels right, connect with a good friend over an uplifting or thought-provoking conversation. The words that stay with you press you into a new mindset. On April 12, it could prove difficult to be in touch with the tender feelings that were easily available earlier this week. Now they may feel more like an annoyance you don’t want to deal with. However, if you ignore your intuitive glimpses, you may stumble into unnecessary conflict. Instead, be curious about your resistance. This frees you up to move forward on a project with grace rather than force.

Dance In the Interplay

You may wake up feeling ready to jump onto the fast moving train on April 13. However, you will be better served by first slowing down and dipping into the vital waters of your spiritual self. This prepares you for additional plunges into moody waters later when the Moon enters Cancer. On April 14, your desire for emotional tranquility is at odds with the kerfuffle going on elsewhere, maybe in one of your relationships. This day plays like a Nordic spa experience, as you seesaw between your longing for rest and your fiery impulses. Dance in the interplay of the contrasts. Welcome this as a form of training to integrate your capacity for inspirational action while fully feeling your feelings at the Cancer First Quarter Moon on April 15.

Aries Solar Eclipse Video






Trusting the Road

Capricorn Last Quarter Moon

April 1, 11:14pm EDT

Astrology for Emotional Balance April 1 – 7, 2024

Trusting the Road
Mogollon Rim, Arizona


Aries Season Energy Cleansing Meditation

Trusting the Road

At the Capricorn Last Quarter Moon, contemplate how to integrate new self-understanding about the way you operate in relationships. Demonstrate self-mastery by relaxing, not taking yourself too seriously, and trusting the road you see opening before you. In addition, Mercury turning retrograde in Aries at this eclipse midpoint encourages you to investigate what motivates the decisions you make. Instead of holding unrealistic expectations, hold space for people being as they are.

Productive Creativity

On April 2, if you let the universe, community, or work structure support you, you can plainly see that you’re in the right place and time. Be open to what new information comes to light throughout this day. When you stay immersed in the inner world of productive creativity, the avenue you hadn’t previously considered begins to materialize. The Aquarius Moon piques your interest in innovation on April 3. In a fleeting moment of X-ray vision, you may be able catch a glimpse of the potentials of your emotional power. Like a light layer of fog on a gloriously sunny day, a dreamy pall hangs over the rest of the day as Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Reach for the ideal but cut people some slack, as you won’t be able to see the reality anyway.

Track Your Brilliant Insights

During April 4, track your brilliant insights, as there promises to be quite a few. Specifically pay attention to the twists and turns that lead to you to seeing into new possibilities. Let this galvanize you with a needed element of courage to change course in some part of your life. On April 5, Venus joins the foray in Aries at the stroke of midnight (ET). This places a high value on diving into something headfirst without worrying about the perfect end result. Get clear about what lights you up and move toward it. Cut through confusion while staying connected to empathy.

Kernel of Intuitive Knowing

Venus connects with Pluto on April 6, inviting you to align yesterday’s clarity of values to collective needs. Rather than trying to exert your will, empty yourself and see what presents itself from the reaches of your consciousness. You may be surprised at the practicality of what drifts into view. When you wake up on April 7, recall what you were dreaming about. Shake off your sleepiness and capture the precious kernel of intuitive knowing. Like charging a battery, gather your energy and prepare to make a pivot at the powerful Aries Solar Eclipse on April 8. The main task ahead is finding the courage to face your vulnerability and rise into a new way of using assertive power that includes compassion.