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Refresh Your Commitment

Capricorn Full Moon #2 July 21, 2024, 6:17am ET/6:17pm AWST Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance July 21 – 27 Cancer […]

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Use Your Outrage

Aries Last Quarter Moon June 28, 2024, 5:53pm ET Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance June 28 – July 5, 2024 […]

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Tune Into Impressions

Pisces Last Quarter Moon May 30, 2024, 1:12pm ET Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance May 30 – June 6 Gemini […]

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Share Your Wisdom

Sagittarius Full Moon, May 23, 2024, 9:53am ET Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance May 23 – 30 Gemini Season Power […]

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An Uncomfortable Truth

Aquarius Last Quarter Moon May 1, 2024, 7:27am EDT Taurus Season Stillness Meditation An Uncomfortable Truth At the Aquarius Last […]

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Emotional Healing

Scorpio Full Moon April 23, 2024, 7:48pm ET Astrology Forecast for Emotional Wellness April 23 – May 1 Taurus Season […]

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Accept Change

Sun Enters Taurus April 19, 2024, at 9:59am EDT Taurus Season Stillness Meditation Accept Change Taurus moves with a placid […]

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Feel Your Feelings

Cancer First Quarter Moon April 15, 2024, 3:13pm EDT Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance April 15 – 23 Aries Season […]

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Trusting the Road

Capricorn Last Quarter Moon April 1, 11:14pm EDT Astrology for Emotional Balance April 1 – 7, 2024   Aries Season […]

The Seeds of Your Radiance

Leo Season

July 22 – August 22, 2024

The Seeds of Your Radiance
Lady Slipper Trio, Vermont

Leo Season Radiance Meditation 

The Seeds of Your Radiance

After the previous sign of Cancer’s careful tending to feelings, the fixed fire sign of Leo blazes with the genuine self-expression that captures hearts and minds. Leo season encourages creative adventure, open-hearted generosity, and total engagement. In an unusual twist, this Leo season sends you on an interior errand to perceive the seeds of your radiance, those vital sources of your inspiration.

Live From Your Heart

In astrology, Leo relates to the Sun, the center of our solar system. With this association, Leo refers to centering, the simple practice of calling back your scattered energy. This coalescing of your inner light allows you to live from your heart. Leo also represents your creative power along with the self-confidence to act on it. Therefore, during this Leo season, reflect on your ability to show up for yourself and others in your life with warmth and grace. Ask yourself what enthuses you, what makes you smile and glow, and express gratitude for those experiences or people.

Leo Season Overall

Leo season begins with the Sun opposing underworld gatekeeper Pluto, signifying the need to identify the core principles that make you feel excited, joyful, and alive. It is often those close encounters with the dark and the difficult that remind us of what is most important in life. This also comes with the impetus to act on what you discover. Your willingness to embrace this lesson reveals a doorway towards something new, like a repolarization of priorities or a dramatic change in behavior. Remain open to unexpected jolts and awakenings that regard your relationships and values. The Leo New Moon on August 4 suggests planting a seed to embed your heart-centered wisdom into your actions. Venus’ entrance into Virgo echoes retrograding Mercury’s insistence on humility and helpfulness.

The middle section of the season emphasizes expanding on shared ideas through collaboration and teamwork. When the season reaches its final week, the desire for expansion reaches its upper limits as Mars squares Saturn. You can consider this the first of a series of ego checks, as Uranus jolts Mercury and the Sun out of self-centeredness. Saturn opposing Venus symbolizes bumping up against the limits of emotional resources. All of this comes under scrutiny at the Aquarius Full Moon, with its interest in collective ideas that serve humanity. The season finishes with a deep meditation on the connection between compassion and suffering as the Sun rolls into Virgo on August 22.

Horoscopes for Leo Season

During Leo season, the Sun lights up the most radiant part of your chart. Using your Rising (or Sun) sign, read below for tips on taking advantage of this time to develop a deeper level of self-awareness of the light you carry.

Aries: Scrutinize what comes up during your creative pursuits. Express your love freely and unconditionally.

Taurus: Place your attention on your family members to develop greater self-awareness about your core sense of self.

Gemini: Pay close attention to how your express your core self through your words. Be present to what others are telling you.

Cancer: Evaluate the possibility of ego struggles coming from low self-worth. Recognize your star value and express yourself without inhibition.

Leo: Learn about yourself from your encounters with others, especially in one-on-one situations. You shine a powerfully radiant light for others.

Virgo: Examine the hidden lack of awareness which makes you your own worst enemy. Shining a light on your subconscious without fear allows you to illuminate the way for others.

Libra: Check your social groups and examine your reasons for staying in community. Ask yourself how supported you feel in shining your light outwardly.

Scorpio: Let what comes to light in your career illuminate tenets of your core identity. Ask yourself what affect your work has on your ability to shine a light for others.

Sagittarius: Let your inner light exude through your worldly perspective. Become more self-aware about the origin of your attitudes for new understanding.

Capricorn: Learn from your difficult interactions with others, as they serve to help you know what boundaries to set in your radiant self-expression. You offer clear guidance to others.

Aquarius: Look to your partnerships to see the way you shine into other people’s lives, with or without your knowledge. Stay centered in your one-on-one interactions.

Pisces: Use your routines to seek deeper understanding of the way you harness your light. Self-care is of primary importance for your ability to shine a light for others.

The Seeds of Your Radiance

Refresh Your Commitment

Capricorn Full Moon #2

July 21, 2024, 6:17am ET/6:17pm AWST

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance July 21 – 27

Refresh Your Commitment
Palm Valley Magic

Cancer Season Meditation on Inner Flow

Refresh Your Commitment

At the close of Cancer season, the Capricorn Full Moon serves as a benchmark for your emotional evolution. In light of this, review your bonds with others and refresh your commitment to your most important relationships. What previously felt befuddling now provides a sense of acceptance, helping you take greater responsibility for your actions. Acknowledge underlying insecurity to shed an old habit that bogs you down. For maximum mutual benefit, declare your earnest desires though remain open to a difference of opinion. As you let down your guard, feel separations dissolve and powerful new opportunities emerge.

Genuine Self-Expression

On July 22, the focus on the inner emotional world shifts as the Sun enters ebullient Leo at 3:44am ET. Leo season invites you to occupy space unapologetically with a flourish of genuine self-expression. The airy Aquarius Moon grants you wings of perspective, freeing you from the confines of earthbound practicality. This helps you see clearly into a relationship or financial situation that needs balance. Another clue arrives as the buoyant Leo Sun hits a snag by opposing Pluto on July 23. In essence, this contact requires a deep look into the struggles that ultimately inspire you to evolve. To gain a broader understanding of the issue, think back to January 20 when the Sun joined Pluto. Facing hard truths actually just shows you how to become a positive force. Avoid unnecessary aggravation by insisting on solo time to absorb what you learn.

A Dose of Precision

On July 24, resist the urge to overextend emotionally. You may need to be up front about your feelings in order to establish healthy boundaries. When the Moon conjuncts accountability guru Saturn, you’ll find out if you succeeded in advocating for what you need. With the Moon still in perceptive Pisces, go outside and let the natural earth vibrations wake up your senses on July 25. Yield to the irrefutable reality of all living on one planet together. When the Moon shifts into dynamic Aries, step into an opportunity to pursue a risky venture with confidence. Odds are good for achieving a measure of success in a normally daunting activity. Mercury moves into Virgo, adding a dose of precision and practicality to your aims. Notice and shed expectations for perfection.

Stay Connected to Meaning

On July 26, carry on in the same inspirational direction with vigor. In fact, let your high spirits expand and spill over into the relationships that engage you. Stay connected to the meaning that drives your efforts. On July 27, the Moon slides into silent Taurus to offer a sanctuary of grounding. When some persistent concern rocks the boat, rock with it to maintain stability. Your unflappability allows you to solve problems efficiently. As the Taurus Moon squares the Leo Sun, let go of the need to keep things the same. Instead embrace the possibility of simply being present and radiant just as you are.

Horoscopes for the Second Capricorn Full Moon

At the second Capricorn Full Moon, ask yourself what has changed in these past few weeks about the way you handle your emotions. Using your Rising (or Sun) sign, read below to tune into how you have stepped up to a new level of responsibility in some area of your life.

Aries: Based on your new depth of self-knowledge developed in your home life, step into a new level of responsibility in your professional work.

Taurus: Notice serious shifts in your world perspective that have occurred due to your willingness to admit to and speak about your vulnerabilities with your community.

Gemini: See how recent increase in valuing yourself allows you to skillfully engage with others on your terms, especially in public settings.

Cancer: Reflect on the growth you have achieved by connecting with others in a vulnerable and organic way. As you lean into compassion, watch your perspective on partnerships mature.

Leo: Commit to nurturing yourself through daily practices to continue your healing journey. Maintain simple rituals keeps you in touch with the mystic vibe.

Virgo: Reflect on how revealing your true feelings within your community helps you commit to regular play and creative time. Also feel the compassion that emanates from your partnerships.

Libra: Notice how listening to your intuition at work has helped you establish a firmer and more mature internal footing. Let a daily compassion practice become a matter of course.

Scorpio: Your authentic acceptance of others as part of your worldview gives you gravitas in commonplace communications. Let your creative processes provide a source of effortless flow.

Sagittarius: Evaluate how your emotional work in establishing healthy boundaries allows you to experience increased self-worth. What felt confusing now becomes a wellspring of compassion.

Capricorn: As you allow more vulnerability in your one-on-one connections, you step into a new level of maturity. Speak freely with the compassion you are uniquely capable of.

Aquarius: Your daily routines that support emotional flow allow you to see yourself as a spiritual being with a powerful purpose. Self-acceptance provides a new source of strength.

Pisces: What you have recently learned about unconditionally nurturing others gives you a new level of authority within your community. Compassion expands your reach in your life direction.

Refresh Your Commitment


Discuss Your Concerns

Libra First Quarter Moon

July 13, 2024, 6:48pm ET / July 14, 2024, 6:48am AWST

Astrology Forecast July 13 – July 21, 2024

Discuss Your Concerns
Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

Cancer Season Meditation on Inner Flow

Discuss Your Concerns

As the Moon grows in light this final week of Cancer season, it reveals a swath of thorny terrain to cross. Successful navigation of this obstacle course unlocks the gateway to greater mutual understanding. At the Libra First Quarter Moon on July 13, be proactive and discuss your concerns before they intensify. As you create space to air these sensitive feelings, establish an environment of open exchange.

The Floods of Change

Like a ninja, quietly investigate compelling subconscious patterns as the Moon descends into Scorpio’s lair July 14. Your contemplative mood may be unavoidably at odds with someone else’s cheerfulness. Sidestep the spider’s web of conflict by keeping to yourself. Continue with your introspective work through July 15. If an old wound reappears, recognize it as a personal experience of collective unconsciousness that regards misdirected anger or ego issues. Mars conjunct Uranus implies a shock to the system. Like a dynamited dam, the floods of change burst through resistance. While this is certainly visible externally, the main issue centers on how you handle change internally. Reflect on your connection to the natural world.

Upliftment and Relief

Yesterday’s disturbance continue to reverberate through July 16. The Moon still in Scorpio keeps your attention fixed on an undercurrent of uncomfortable feelings. Allow them to arise and then let them go. Welcome fortunate easy access to kindness and compassion. The Moon moving into Sagittarius offers upliftment and relief. You may find yourself revisiting this state of mind in late August, when Mercury returns to this same degree of Leo. In contrast to prior heaviness, you may feel like you have wings on July 17. A warm feeling of hopefulness emanates, especially in the company of someone you cherish. Supportive discussions help you lay out the details of your hopes.

A Bolt of Insight

On July 18, briefly dampened spirits give way to a bolt of insight about the ubiquitous nature of change, returning you to a positive mindset. A grand trine in fire between Mercury, Chiron, and the Moon establishes a circuit of independent action. This is a highly therapeutic contact that suggests mending a hole in your spirit. When you work to heal your own struggles, you shine a light for others. Use images and mantra to reshape your narrative. July 19 arrives with a sober tone as the Moon enters Capricorn. Rather than being a problem, take this a sign to hold yourself accountable for your vision. The new direction you identified yesterday is corroborated by a significant other, as change ripples into the relationship. Discuss your concerns and create a workable plan together.

Emotional Responsibilities

A favorable contact between Mars and Neptune on July 20 adds an imaginative dimension to concrete steps. A lesson about suffering and the need for compassion hovers ever-present in the background. Fold your idealism into the batter of your actions and bake it into your ambitions. Mars moves into Gemini, infusing your thought processes and conversations with new vigor. On July 21, the second Capricorn Full Moon lights up your emotional responsibilities. Something that previously felt confusing now becomes a source of spiritual support. Let your heart take the lead.

Nourish Your Connections

Cancer New Moon

July 5, 2024, 6:57pm ET

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance July 5 – July 13, 2024

Nourish Your Connections
Sydney, Australia

Cancer Season Meditation on Inner Flow

Nourish Your Connections

Use the Cancer New Moon on July 5 to nourish your connections with others. Be open and honest about the difficulties of the internal and external pressures you feel. With the Moon increasing in light this week, follow opportunities that get your imagination flowing. Allow reasonable limits to support rather than restrict your creativity.

A Deep Bond

On July 6, cultivate a deep bond with your familiars. Be receptive to your environment and go gracefully with the flow. With the Moon in attention-seeking Leo on July 7, express yourself through myth, story, or rhyme to get your message across. July 8 presents several opportunities to infuse a fresh new spirit into a reliable relationship. Discuss the big ideas that excite you. Paint a picture of what corner you want to turn. If you experience a brief flash of annoyance, notice if your feelings of exuberance clash with others in your vicinity who prefer peace and quiet. Foster an environment of mutual respect to move forward.

The Circuitous Route

By July 9, your thoughtful attention returns to concrete matters. Finding co-conspirators magnifies your intention to shift directions. Swap ideas through lively conversation. On July 10, your vision may naturally be tempered by emotional constraints. Fortunately, dropping into a fluid right-brained mode feels effortless. Taking the circuitous route saves time because it taps your innate knowing. July 11 suggests an uncanny ability to see the highest potential in the people or resources around you. A sense of boundless love pervades the atmosphere, transcending ordinary methods of relating. The counterpoint of the Virgo Moon usefully helps you focus on functional details. When harmony-seeking Venus enters playful Leo, it increases your desire to be seen and appreciated. Return affection in kind.

Greater Harmony

On July 12, you may feel empowered in the company of balanced relationships. On the other hand, inequitable relationships could feel intolerable, suggesting the need to address a deeper issue. Spend time in quiet contemplation before joining a entertaining social gathering. By July 13, the intensity has mostly dissipated and been replaced by a longing for simple enjoyments. However, beware the temptation to sweep emotional residue from yesterday’s challenges under the rug. Don’t be afraid of uncomfortable discussions as respectful conflict brings greater harmony in the long run. Exercise your choice to confront the issue at the Libra First Quarter Moon.

Horoscopes for the Cancer New Moon

Using your Rising (or Sun) sign, read about what part of your life benefits from the nourishing Cancer New Moon. Build better conduits with your intuitive self and watch your relationships flourish.

Aries: From a cornerstone of understanding lodged in your inner foundation, commit to new level of trusting your intuition. Think of it as your new home

Taurus: Voice your vulnerability with siblings as well as in casual encounters. Trusting yourself to speak up for your emotional needs strengthens your bonds with community.

Gemini: Feel into the vulnerability that links to your self-worth and values. Establish a new level of trust in yourself as an emotionally evolved being, especially in your public interactions.

Cancer: Practice radical acceptance of yourself as a sensitive being. Trust it to flow into your overall life direction, self-image, and perspective, which affects all your relationships.

Leo: Plant a seed to trust your deepest mystical inklings and watch it flow into your powerful healing abilities. Connect with others fearlessly.

Virgo: Being vulnerable in front of your supportive community engenders a new level of trust. Embrace deeply the partners in your life who stand by you.

Libra: Recognize that you show up at work with all your feelings. Trust yourself to establish routines that support your ability to be vulnerable.

Scorpio: Embrace your ability to be kind toward strangers. Let the love you pour into your creative endeavors aid this flow of trust in your life.

Sagittarius: Understand your willingness to be sensitive with other people’s difficult emotional issues. Trust your own emotional foundation to support this wonderful quality of yours.

Capricorn: Trust your intuition above all else when it comes to partnerships. Know that you can voice what’s in your heart as you need to.

Aquarius: Trust your gut to lead the way in choosing deeply nourishing practices. They support your capacity for self-love, the hardest spiritual practice.

Pisces: Recognize your profound ability to give of yourself from a deep and authentic emotional level. Trust this as an innate part of the identity you convey to others.



Use Your Outrage

Aries Last Quarter Moon

June 28, 2024, 5:53pm ET

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance June 28 – July 5, 2024

Use Your Outrage
Waterbury Reservoir, Vermont

Cancer Season Meditation on Inner Flow

Use Your Outrage

At the Aries Last Quarter Moon during Cancer season, use your outrage in defense of someone in need. This extends to feeling angry about current attacks on civil rights and individual freedoms. You may also be driven to stand up for the right to simply have and express vulnerable feelings. Direct your warrior energy into a positive collective outlet to help you release your indignation. As the storm passes, also look for comic relief.

Multiple Healing Avenues

As the Moon wanes this week, watch for multiple healing avenues to open. The balsamic Moon phase always beckons you into the underworld of your experience. Therefore, read your frustration or anxiety as signposts that mark the entrance to the inner world of your emotional triggers. Pay close attention to how these issues land in your physical body. Actively accept gifts of compassion and return in kind. If you uncover a difficult core truth, be brave and converse with others about whatever is on your mind.

Hold Space for Insights

On June 29, if you have to deal with fallout from yesterday’s need to defend, sweat it out. This also supports others who seek to stabilize their own emotions. As Saturn retrogrades in Pisces, consider your relationship with empathy. If you are a natural empath, you might need to clarify boundaries. Others may need to be more tactful in their approach. Do something fun that makes you feel alive. Hold space for insights that come from your gut feeling. On June 30, feel your feet hit the ground as the Moon enters earthy Taurus. If you feel bowled over by an unexpected emotional discovery, stay anchored and breathe. Enjoy the quiet for the rest of the day, preferably in the awe-inspiring outdoors.

Mystic Understanding

On July 1 sit quietly and smell the flowers. Let your steadfast and loyal presence speak louder than words. On July 2, approach the day with an air of serenity. It’s almost as if your intuition flows directly from the wellspring of mystic understanding. The world seems to stand still for a brief moment. Although the sensation disappears, your connection to the ethereal remains in the background like a low tide. You may want to risk divulging your near-transcendent experience. In doing so, you share a new level of vulnerability, perhaps a bit uncomfortably. Move beyond the discomfort, as it later proves to be a gift of intimacy.

An Attitude of Reverence

July 3 arrives flush with a hunger for knowledge. Some unearthed secret is actually a surprisingly hopeful insight. Follow your curiosity. On July 4, invite conversations about unusual topics. People may be unusually willing to discuss taboo subjects as an increasing number of people are recognizing the kernels of wisdom lodged in their interior worlds. Welcome it with an open heart, draw it out, and be nurturing. On July 5, act to ground others by offering sources of physical or soul nutrition with an attitude of reverence. At 6:57pm ET, the Cancer New Moon suggests applying recent healing insights to your relationships.

Muddle Through the Mystery

First Capricorn Full Moon

June 21, 2024, 9:07pm ET

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance June 21 – June 28

Muddle Through the Mystery
A Muddle of Trees

Cancer Season Meditation for Inner Flow

Muddle Through the Mystery

Unusually, two Capricorn Full Moons bookend this Cancer season, indicating the need to take responsibility for your feelings. At the first Capricorn Full Moon, you may feel befuddled about some dilemma in your life. Try as you might, you simply cannot find clarity despite wanting to make progress. Muddle through the mystery by disappearing into the woods or some other sanctuary where you can contemplate the bigger meaning of things. Steer away from needing intellectual precision and toward developing the most charitable perspective.

Nourish Important Relationships

As the bright Moon shines a light on your responsibilities, spend this week mulling over a change of direction that allows you to use your energy in a more holistic way. Act on opportunities to nourish important relationships. Gather insights by paying attention to what is happening in your immediate environment. Make space and set aside time for messy creative projects.

Commit to Quality

Maintain a hermit-like amble through life while dealing with the mundane on June 22. Let your mood remain reserved as you review your resources, relationships, and possessions. If you feel grouchy, refrain from speaking too much as kindness brings better results. When a new tactic beckons, try it out. On June 23, fix your attention on getting things done. You likely want to check everything off your list, even the intangible matters that vie for your attention. While this isn’t necessarily an issue, make sure you fully commit to quality. When the Moon enters Aquarius, you can detach more easily from the heaviness of your tasks.

Experimental Curiosity

On June 24, shed the emphasis on practicality and hit your social stride. Dynamic conversations elevate your thinking. If you encounter something irritating, take a breath and relax. Should you get stuck in traffic, sit back and turn up the music. Meander through June 25 with an air of experimental curiosity. Inquire about people’s innovative solutions and see what it cracks open in your mind. Contribute any brilliant ideas of your own. The Moon enters Pisces on June 26, perhaps sending you into an otherworldly reverie. Be aware of picking up emotions from the ambient environment. Your rosy glasses may make a new option look more enticing but could put you at odds with someone you care about. Keep your state of mind fluid but realistic. If you start to feel overwhelmed, get space but refrain from overintellectualizing. Be open to late night intimacy.

Use Your Outrage

On June 27, your preoccupations with metaphysical concerns continues. Like visiting the aquarium, a strange and transcendent view fills your vision. If you can, rest easy and watch the clouds drift by. Unlike yesterday, deep feelings of connection are easy to express. On June 28, the Moon leaves ethereal Pisces and enters fierce Aries, leaving the mushy feelings behind. While you may wish to roar off on your hypothetical (or real) motorcycle, you are likely still hung up on some issue. An old wound nags for your healing attention. At the Aries Last Quarter Moon, be willing to set aside a personal quest in order to tend to someone else’s needs. Rather than getting resentful, use your outrage in defense on one who could really use your support.

Horoscopes for the First Capricorn Full Moon

At the Capricorn Full Moon, accept your feelings and align them with your outer actions. Don’t worry about the lack of clarity but do approach life with an empathetic viewpoint.

Aries: Hold yourself accountable for big or triggered feelings in your professional/public life, despite any bewilderment you may feel about your path. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

Taurus: Take responsibility for your authoritative point of view in order to cut through a sense of befuddlement about some aspect of your community or groups of friends.

Gemini: Accept the lack of clarity you feel when it comes to someone else’s baggage. Stand your ground to maintain the integrity of your boundaries.

Cancer: Relinquish control over your partnerships and instead take responsibility for how you show up as a partner. Your ability to surrender serves as a source of deep wisdom.

Leo: As you take responsibility for your own routines and schedule, you can slice through confusion about where you end and others begin.

Virgo: When you take responsibility for your creative pursuits and processes, you can move through any turmoil that seems to emanate from your partnerships.

Libra: Holding yourself accountable for your own emotional grounding helps you mitigate feelings of discombobulation about your best health care routines.

Scorpio: Be responsible for voicing your concerns about serious matters to others. This helps you navigate through confusion about your sense of self as a generous and wise soul.

Sagittarius: Taking responsibility for your own self-worth and/or financial issue allows you to move beyond turbulence regarding a family member or your home.

Capricorn: Turn inward to self-validate your naturally authoritative air. This helps you remove the feeling of puzzlement regarding exactly what you want to say.

Aquarius: Take responsibility for needing to retreat to nature or into spiritual practices in order to dissolve a lack of understanding your true worth and resources.

Pisces: Take responsibility for your authoritative role in the community. This helps you grapple with the disorientation you may feel about your identity as a creative person.

Muddle Through the Mystery


Unleash Your Intuitive Powers

Cancer Season & the Solstice

June 20, 2024, 4:51pm ET

Unleash Your Intuitive Powers
Water Magic

Cancer Season Meditation on Inner Flow


Unleash Your Intuitive Powers

In the zodiac cycle, Cancer soothes and nourishes the soul after the social and logistical whizzing around of Gemini season. Within its subtle waters, cardinal Cancer holds the magical power to generate and sustain new life. Psychologically, this relates to the inward flow of feelings needed to cultivate and unleash your intuitive powers. When you respect and embrace your emotional vulnerability, you tend to the wellspring of your creative flow.

Maturing Emotionally

Cancer symbolizes the human need for self-parenting and rejuvenation. Regardless of childhood circumstances, all individuals ultimately must take responsibility for developing self-awareness and maturing emotionally. During this Cancer season, be sure to set aside solo (soul-o) time to nourish yourself and restore the connection to your emotional layers. As you find inner flow, it opens your connectivity to the living web of nature. If this seems radical, search your own intuition for what feels true.

The Season Overall

Cancer season begins with an exuberant and adventurous vibe. These high spirits quickly turn to serious matters that demand concentrated focus at the first Capricorn Full Moon. Reflect on what you need then set boundaries that honor your emotional requirements. As the Moon wanes, gather insights from the inner and outer environment to get to the bottom of a troubling issue. The Cancer New Moon at the season’s midpoint initiates a new cycle of using your intuitive powers for navigation. Accept the numerous invitations to slow down, get into your body, or spend time near water. You may unexpectedly catch a view of a hidden resource in one of your close relationships. Contemplate the meaning of this as you establish mental balance by leaning into your social supports through mid-July.

The disruptive clash of Mars conjunct Uranus breaks the dam, releasing the floods of change. Adjust by channeling stress or anger into constructive pursuits. Maintain the link with your emotional experience by anchoring into your physical body. Mars moves into Gemini, increasing the speed of your thought processes and ability to verbalize. At the second Capricorn Full Moon on July 21, revisit your willingness to take responsibility for your feelings and sensitivities. Something that previously felt befuddling now becomes a source of compassion. Great power rests in your ability to reshape your mindset around the awakening you feel in your heart. An action that you need to take becomes abundantly clear as the Sun gallivants into Leo on July 22.

Horoscopes for All 12 Rising Signs

During Cancer season, check in with your emotional state often. Think in terms of building a relationship with this part of yourself. As you learn from this rich source of information, let it show you the way toward self-care and deep bonding in your relationships.

Aries: Embrace the feelings of tenderness and vulnerability that emerge regarding your family and home. Recognize them as the secret source of your strength.

Taurus: Be brave and share your true feelings. Rather than leaving yourself unprotected and exposed, you are actually showing the depth of your courage and tenderness.

Gemini: Nurture the source of strength that you feelings provide. Recognize how your ability to be vulnerable makes you a resource for supporting others on an emotional level.

Cancer: Honor the way you move through the world with your feelings on your sleeve. Your vulnerability serves as a guiding light for intuitive understanding.

Leo: Go deep to excavate your most authentic feelings from your subconscious. Confront hidden patterns and walk in the world with the unshakeable courage that comes from self-knowledge.

Virgo: Allow yourself to show your true feelings in front of social groups. You stand to be amazed at the sense of support you feel from your community.

Libra: Show up in your public or professional role with all of your feelings intact. As your share your true feelings, colleagues and authority figures see your strength.

Scorpio: Your personal understanding of vulnerability informs your compassionate worldview. Let your intuition guide you in the right way to share this perspective.

Sagittarius: Revere your profound ability to manage other peoples’ deep issues while staying connected to your feelings. Trust your instincts to set the right boundaries.

Capricorn: Allow tender vulnerability to emerge in your treasured partnerships. Staying connected to your feelings strengthens the bond with others.

Aquarius: Observe how you feel while engaging with your daily routines. Honor your feelings and let them guide you in choosing balanced health care practices.

Pisces: Pour your unconditional love into your creative pursuits and interactions with children. Be daring and playful as you ride the tides of your emotions.


Organize Your Physical Space

Virgo First Quarter Moon

June 14, 2024, 1:18am ET

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance June 14 – 21

Organize Your Physical Space
Yoga in Yelapa

Gemini Season Power of Your Mind Meditation

Organize Your Physical Space

At the Virgo First Quarter Moon, organize your physical space to enter a meditative state. From this clear inner knowing, lay out your heart-centered dream in a practical format. With a new Mercury cycle also beginning today, discuss your ideas with intellectual equals and decide what skills you need to move forward. As the Moon grows in light at the end of Gemini season, consider who to collaborate with and pay close attention to underlying feelings. If you feel a subtle undertow of emotional dullness, swim with the current. Resist frivolous time-wasting that dilutes your resolve.

An Easy Flow of Conversation

On June 15, indulge in pleasurable pursuits and simple social enjoyments. If you feel briefly pulled into an unhealthy dependent pattern, acknowledge it and let it go. On June 16, the little hiccup you felt yesterday reveals something useful about the way you conduct yourself with others. You seem to have access to the right vocabulary to encourage an easy flow of conversation. Pause to include other opinions but don’t believe everything you hear. Place a notebook and pen next to your bed in case the nightfall brings vivid dreams.

Your Loving Attention

When you wake on June 17, much has changed overnight. Now all in water signs, Venus, Moon, and Mercury draw your attention to the emotional subtext. If you detect anxiety, tap into your breathing and let the exhale linger for a few breaths. Mercury and Venus fuse together, merging your values and your communication, enabling something new and tender to propagate in the relationship realm. Write down dreams that stay with you and ask yourself what you want to nourish with your loving attention. If you feel flooded or overwhelmed by all the water energy, anchor yourself by walking barefoot in the outdoors or otherwise connecting with rock.

The Abiding Calm of Water

On June 18, allow yourself space for quiet introspection. As possible, float, flow, or otherwise immerse yourself in the abiding calm of water. If you paddleboard or kayak, paddle to the peaceful center and listen to the sounds of wilderness. On June 19, get up earlier than usual to let your morning unfold with a minimum of rush. As the Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius, it lightens the mood and helps you see the funny side. Explore unfamiliar territory to discover something exciting.

Spiritual Perspective

On June 20, you may briefly glimpse a thrilling new horizon in amongst the clouds. The Sun squares illusionary Neptune, suggesting that your earlier clarity has now dissolved. If you feel fogged in by this dampening of your spirits, lean into your spiritual perspective to see the bigger picture. The Sun enters Cancer, heralding the Solstice. On June 21, accept reality with the helpful tools of kindness and a sense of humor. Take advantage of a golden opportunity to be kind and considerate, especially to someone you find difficult. Troubleshoot your end of the problem. As the Moon moves into Capricorn, it reaches its full illumination and highlights the very serious matters of accountability and integrity.

Reframe Your Thinking

Gemini New Moon

June 6, 2024, 8:37am ET

Astrology Forecast June 6 – 14

Reframe Your Thinking
Kangaroo Perspective

Gemini Season Power of Your Mind Meditation


Reframe Your Thinking

At the Gemini New Moon, gather the wisdom you’ve collected from unconventional or surprising sources and use it to reframe your thinking. Now more than ever, meditate on your expectations and communicate what’s on your mind. As the Moon builds in light this week, share your private ideas but be prepared for pushback. When emotional truth conflicts with intellectual logic, pause to listen to your inner voice rather than wasting energy in battles of wills. Then establish boundaries to keep your focus in a heart-centered place.

Turn A Corner

On June 7, you may wake ready to tackle the day, though that same edge of conflict between mental and emotional needs bogs you down. Put on music that inspires you with a mystical rhythm. Grant yourself some privacy to wander in the inner world, even if you only have a couple of minutes. Move through the day with gentleness and care, though speak up if you’re worried about someone’s safety. On June 8, notice if you feel at odds with something, perhaps a person in your environment, as Venus squares Saturn. Without reacting, feel into the obstacle to suss out the core conflict. If you can slow down enough to examine the internal issue, you may turn a corner into new territory. Later in the day, what seemed insurmountable dissolves in a flood of understanding.

A Mighty Physical Work

On June 9, Mars leaves the combat zone of Aries and enters placid Taurus. Though Mars prefers not to be here, even the warrior needs to rest, refuel, and meditate. If you feel sluggish or unmotivated, succumb to stillness. Dawdle over a leisurely cup of tea and soak in a good book. Later, an exciting conversation or piece of news incentivizes you to explore an opportunity that may have felt irritating previously. Follow the fun as the Moon enters playful Leo. Take the high road if something tries to dampen the mood. Embrace the gift of enthusiasm and share it with all those in your presence on June 10. Communicate your positive intentions. As the Moon shapes into a waxing crescent on June 11, normally self-motivated Mars gets silenced by Pluto, suggesting explosive results. Do not engage in power struggles as you stand to lose the fruits of your efforts. Instead, put fuming or stewing energy into a mighty physical work. Hike up the steep way or dig up the invasive weed in your garden. If you are at work, avoid those you find antagonizing and focus intently on the task at hand. Diffuse angst with humor.

Be Direct

Things calm a bit on June 12, as the Moon moves into humble Virgo. It may be a relief to put your head down and work. However, your desire for light-heartedness encounters heavy responsibility as Mercury squares Saturn. You may have to use your authority to address an issue that isn’t particularly comfortable. If so, be direct, keep it short, and be aware of sensitive emotions, including your own. Later in the day, if the data doesn’t add up with the big picture, let it ride until Friday. Concentrate on practicality for the first part of the day on June 13. If you witness a misuse of personal power, you have the opportunity to constructively call it out. You have to tools to articulate that which needs to be voiced with delicacy. If you doubt your actions later, rest assured that discomfort points the way to growth and you don’t have to have all the answers. When the Virgo First Quarter Moon arrives on June 14, you feel fully ready to tackle your task list. Wipe the sweat from your brow and congratulate yourself for making it through a sticky week!

Horoscopes for the Gemini New Moon

At the Gemini New Moon, plant a seed to stay connected to your mental convictions, even along the bumpy road of relationships and/or connections to resources. Be flexible but don’t steer away from necessary conversations. Let yourself be guided by the genuine desire for healing.

Aries: Ruminate on recent learning about your own subconscious needs. Let it inform your ability to include an empathetic perspective in the way you talk to others.

Taurus: Make a plan to affirm and commit to speaking kindly to yourself by creating a new mental narrative. Feel the support you get from community or friend groups.

Gemini: Plant an empowering seed to be accountable to yourself even when you are vulnerable to public scrutiny. Your adaptability makes you stronger than you think.

Cancer: Free your wild imagination and let it help you structure a philosophy grounded in empathy and accountability.

Leo: Trust your ability to communicate in group settings. Consider taking on a new layer of responsibility based on your unique understanding of the suffering of others.

Virgo: Switch to a new mode in your public relationships by incorporating an objective but kind viewpoint. Use what you’ve learned about empathy from your partnerships.

Libra: Allow the sensitivities of others to guide you toward an empathetic and holistic philosophy. Slow down for better health.

Scorpio: Stay curious about the trials and tribulations of others while expanding your empathy through unconditional love and acceptance.

Sagittarius: Commit to holding space in your partnerships that allows for both joyful and challenging experiences. Draw strength from the well of compassion deep in your core.

Capricorn: Choose new routines that keep you mentally engaged. Ask for support from supportive people who you enjoy spending time with

Aquarius: Follow your curiosity and drop into a creative new project, process, or love relationship. Let healthy self-esteem guide your way.

Pisces: Be curious about your mindset when it comes to your family life. Uncover your innate ability for compassion to accompany you in this study.

Tune Into Impressions

Pisces Last Quarter Moon

May 30, 2024, 1:12pm ET

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance May 30 – June 6

Tune Into Impressions
Lamoille River, Vermont

Gemini Season Power of Your Mind Meditation

Tune Into Impressions

At the Pisces Last Quarter Moon, let your thoughts drift lightly across your mind like high-altitude cirrus clouds. Rather than chasing down mental extrapolations, steady your body and tune into impressions, vibes, and sensations. Once you have an intuitive picture, then use your rational mind to isolate which bits of data to share. Be keenly aware of the balance between talking and listening throughout this week as the Moon continues her descent into darkness during Gemini season.

Trust Your Instincts

Like a tuning fork, a vibration of knowing rocks you down to the marrow of your bones on May 31. Especially if you have key planets near 24º Taurus (or Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius), you may sense some physical or tangible shift coming. Hold your ground and trust your instincts, despite convention’s dismissal of these important sources of wisdom. The Moon leaves the imaginal world of Pisces to enter Aries, suggesting an invigorating focus on your own path. On June 1, you may be brimming with excitement for an independent prospect. This comes with an opportunity to collaborate, so welcome outside interests. Revel in the geek-out and channel your fire into lift-off. It takes a hive to make honey.

Discuss Progress

On June 2, act on the information you gathered yesterday, but do so on your own. Burn off extra energy and get clear about your own motivation. Before the weekend comes to a close, touch base with cohorts to discuss progress. Jupiter’s trine to Pluto symbolizes a major fuel boost that could thrust your endeavor into the collective limelight. Be sure to wind down enough to get a good night’s sleep, as your plans solidify in the dream space. On June 3, hopefully you wake up rested physically and with an eager mind, with Mercury now in Gemini. Respect the information gained from any small challenges and then let it pass on by. If you feel galvanized by your choices, you’re on the right track.

Lay the Mental Foundations

On June 4, your nervous system responds to ambient excitement, anxiety, and information flitting about in the atmosphere. Mercury dances with Pluto and reiterates the potential for prominence or empowerment, so use it to lay the mental foundations of your ambitions. Meanwhile, the Venus-Sun conjunction emboldens you to seek authentic communication in your relationships while standing in full knowledge of your own worth. Don’t settle for less but do be mindful and gentle in asking for what you need. Put any difficulties on the table. On June 5, the Moon joins the Sun, Mercury, Venus in Gemini, providing an opportunity to retrace what has been on your mind this week. Trust that you have outlined as clear a path as possible while embracing a touch of mystery. On June 6, put a stake in the ground to establish a new mentality that includes mutually beneficial conversations with people who support your aims.