Breathe: New Moon in Gemini


May 30, 2022, 7:30am EDT

Remember To Breathe

At the New Moon, we always welcome an opportunity to get a fresh start. The moon phases offer great value as an organic calendar, reminding us to reset and reframe life within the larger whole. In this period of rapid change and upsetting events, please remember to breathe. Close your eyes, inhale, and slowly exhale.


Mutable air Gemini indicates quickness in both thought and deed. You can think of Gemini as a honeybee, traveling from one blossom to the next, carrying bits of data like pollen. The resulting cross-pollination often morphs into exciting new and previously unknown ideas. However, if this mental energy flits out of context, gathering information for no purpose, it spirals into meaninglessness. Data must be acted on to impact behavior.

Speak Your Mind

Another way of saying this is that humans like to talk. Use your words to have meaningful conversations, rather than slipping into gossip and fruitless venting. Decide what you really need to say and then speak your mind from a place of clarity and groundedness. Make sure you practice active listening in return.

Start The Conversation

Gemini also refers to the human nervous system. Most of us hum along on maximum overload, with distraction and anxiety dominating our mental space. Instead, connect your mind and heart with the cord of the breath. Use this pause to soften and relax. Using your Rising sign (or Sun sign), read below to see what conversation you may need to start.

Aries: Start the conversation with your close friends and siblings. Notice any tendency to get heated due to taking things too personally. Stay firmly rooted in your solid system of values.

Taurus: Start the conversation by sharing what you value most. Maintain your natural calm but be aware of buried anger. Let this hidden passion connect you to compassion.

Gemini: Start the conversation with the clear intent to simply share information with others. You are answering a call to leadership in your community. Know that the collective supports you in this endeavor.

Cancer: Before starting difficult conversations, recognize your susceptibility to mental overload and commit to frequent meditation. Find support in alliances and let your courage create expansion in your career.

Leo: Use your natural gregariousness to start the conversation within your community. Let the practical skills you’ve developed in your professional life support you. Embrace different points of view with newfound courage.

Virgo: Communication plays a vital role in your vocation. Keep your mind open and your feet on the ground, especially when dealing with other peoples’ intense emotions and frustrations.

Libra: Think of conversation as a way to help open both your mind and the minds of others. Trust your sturdy boundaries when things get a bit heated or challenging in your discussions.

Scorpio: Start that hard but necessary conversation by respecting other people’s boundaries. You have a knack for keeping an even keel in the heat of the moment, though you may need to blow off steam afterwards through physical exertion.

Sagittarius: Your most intimate relationships benefit from saying what you need to say. Include time for a quiet walk in nature followed up with a playful and passionate encounter with your loved ones.

Capricorn: Start a new conversation as part of your self-care. Stick with your healthy routines, but seek out ways to mix it up. Invite a new friend, choose a playful new sport, and don’t be afraid to constructively vent any frustrations from family life.

Aquarius: You have a lot to say about fearlessness in the face of change, so start the conversation with creativity and a sense of humor. Recognize your ability to stay deeply and internally rooted.

Pisces: Start the conversation to bring your whole family together. Notice how important it is to you to have your voice heard. Extend that same value to others when they speak.

Watch our AstroPath video below.  Timestamps to go directly to your Rising/Sun signs are below:

Aries: 18:33

Taurus: 21:00

Gemini: 24:21

Cancer: 27:20

Leo: 29:35

Virgo: 31:50

Libra: 34:42

Scorpio: 37:22

Sagittarius: 41:08

Capricorn: 44:46

Aquarius: 48:28

Pisces: 51:23

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