Burn Off Stress

Burn Off Stress

Aries Last Quarter Moon

July 9, 2023, 9:47pm ET

Burn Off Stress
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Burn Off Stress

At the Aries Last Quarter Moon, resist making rash decisions, as they will assuredly cause unnecessary drama in your relationships. As best you can, choose a healthy activity through which to burn off stress. Do something fun and active that makes you sweat. Feel free to include enthusiastic others, though only allow pals who join for individual reasons. In other words, be alone together in your exertions.


Volatility Masks Emotional Vulnerability

Although an extroverted sign, the Aries Moon suggests that volatility masks emotional vulnerability. Contrary to popular belief, emotional vulnerability is not a weakness, but rather a doorway. Tap the courage of Aries to squarely face your uncomfortable feelings. As you breathe into it, fear dissipates and a door into a new way of relating to yourself opens. During Cancer season, this Aries Last Quarter Moon illuminates the importance of incorporating physical exercise into your self-care practices. Vigorous exercise completes the stress cycle and prevents burnout. Confront your vulnerability and then engage in something that makes you feel robust, healthy, and joyful.


Astrology Forecast For July 9 – 17

Spend the Aries Last Quarter Moon exerting energy for the purpose of burning off frustration, though don’t be reckless. Allow an eager buddy to join, but only if you are sure they are doing their own version for themselves. If something painful emerges in the crosshairs, don’t try and escape. Instead, summon your courage and face this raw spot within. This begins the healing process. You may have to reckon with your own aggression that aggravated a situation. Once you’ve had a good sweat, be kind and forgiving to yourself, as you are enrolled in the school of empathy. Soothe your mind with music.

On July 10, Mars’ move into Virgo helps you find your footing and consider how others might need help. You may get an x-ray glimpse into something in the deeps, which surfaces as a strong gut feeling. Avoid getting obsessed, but see it, bless it, and trust the information. As the Moon solidifies in Taurus, it affirms the use of simple tasks to get grounded. On July 11, Mercury enters fire sign Leo, picking up where Mars left off and pushing your mindset into a more self-centered and celebratory place. This isn’t a problem if you can be equally generous to others with your attentions. You may resist the idea that a new direction in life is available until a clear and practical path suddenly appears before your eyes.

On July 12, choose refreshing and comforting activities to soothe ruffled feelings. Find the flow in an outdoor game or activity. Intentionally spend time with a trusted friend to talk about real issues on July 13. On July 14, you may uncover a constructive idea that involves caring for others in a new way, as well as contributes to their spiritual wellbeing. Continue the conversation you started the other day to realize what this means. As the Moon swims into Cancer on July 15, hang out in natural settings to find restoration and quiet. Use empathy as you cast your net for solutions to concrete problems. As the weekend ends, calm your mind and inquire what healing still needs your attention at the Cancer New Moon.

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