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Integrity: The Sun and The Moon

Aligning Your Inner and Outer Nature

Everything natural – every flower, tree, and animal – has important lessons to teach us if we would only stop, look, and listen.

Eckhart Tolle

Most of us know our Sun sign, but how many of you know your Moon sign as well? Familiarizing yourself with both allows a deeper understanding of the fundamental motivation and vitality in your chart. You can then begin to learn how these two personality components relate and function together, which helps you understand what truly drives you, how you create relationships with others, and how you express yourself.

The Sun symbolizes the identity you shine outwardly to others. Some people strongly identify with their Sun sign, whereas others do not and perhaps are left wondering why it doesn’t quite seem to fit. This is because we are all far more than what the Sun alone represents. The Moon represents the inner emotional nature and the reigning need of the chart. It traverses all twelve signs in a month, changing sign roughly every 2½ days. To understand the Moon better, consider how it reflects brilliance of the Sun. It is impossible to look directly at the Sun; however, we can stare at the Moon’s silvery reflection of the Sun’s golden energy all night long. The message? We all must work within our own inner realm of emotions to manifest the life we want. This striving becomes possible by the softer light of the Moon.

So much of Astrology is about relationships. Understanding the relationship between your Sun and Moon reveals much about the alignment between your inner motivations and your external actions. The degree to which you can ally the contemplative dimension of the Moon to the outer manifestations of the Sun illustrates your personal integrity.

If the Sun and Moon are fused together in the same sign, there is a natural synchronicity between your emotional life and the way you conduct yourself publicly. Your challenge is to direct all that power appropriately. In contrast, if three signs apart, your Sun and your Moon exist in a stressful square configuration, an intensely disparate relationship, and you will have to work very hard to align the two energies since they are so different. This combination is well-suited to lots of personal growth. One sign apart suggests an affable connection, where one energy emerges out of the other. A two sign separation indicates an opportunity that must be acted upon for productive expression. Four signs apart show a harmonious flow of understanding. A five sign contrast expresses as awkward yet clarifying. Six signs apart, an opposition, is conducive to an clear awareness of polarity.

For me personally, I experienced a powerful revelation once I learned that my Leo Sun squares my Scorpio Moon in a conflicted 90-degree angle. It was indescribably helpful to me, because I finally had a meaningful context for understanding and remedying this daily struggle. Honoring both the inner Scorpionic desire for introspection and solitude AND the Leo insistence on public recognition and interdependence is a demanding study in self-awareness.

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You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.

Alan Watts