Celebrate Your Persistence

Leo First Quarter Moon

May 15, 2024, 7:47am EDT

Astrology Forecast May 15 – 23

Celebrate Your Persistence
The Fern Unfurls

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Celebrate Your Persistence

At the Leo First Quarter Moon, recognize what Taurus season has taught you about inner stability and express what you feel most grateful for. Celebrate your persistence but steer clear of the rigidity that comes from wanting things to be different than they are. When you accept reality with grace, natural limits feel grounding and your resistance melts away.

Being Present

A Leo Moon also symbolizes the simplicity of being present. Let this principle guide your way this week as the Moon grows in light. Pay full attention to where you place your feet when you walk, how you listen to a friend, and the way your pour yourself into creative acts. This intention creates a perspective shift that enables you to see an exciting new beginning. Be sure to convey your enthusiasm to others.

Deep Scrutiny

May 16 presents a rare day of no planetary aspects. With the Moon in Virgo, focus on building your foundation and taking care of practical tasks. If it’s within your ability, help anyone who asks. On May 17, an intense Mercury-Pluto contact disturbs yesterday’s tranquility. Your mind drops into deep scrutiny, desiring to get to the bottom of something. You may notice relentless or near-obsessive thinking. While this may be difficult, it also grants access to a powerful groove of highly focused effort. Apply your labors toward concrete problem-solving while reflecting on the global perspective.

A Degree of Liberation

On May 18, the Moon’s move into even-keeled Libra represents finding equanimity of mind. You may desire harmony and balance especially after yesterday’s tumultuousness. However, you do well to prepare for the possibility of a rude awakening in your finances or a key relationship, as Venus joins Uranus. While this may imply a reduction in stability, it also suggests the possibility of a degree of liberation. With the Sun conjunct Jupiter, take changes in stride by focusing on the reliable people and processes that make up your internal platform.

The Road Less Traveled

On May 19, let your natural desire to socialize lead the way. Offer feedback to those who ask for it. You may have an untrammeled view of other people’s motivations, not to mention easy access to understanding and kindness. If a gateway to the road less traveled swings open, screw up your courage and enter! On May 20, the Sun leaves the earthy ground of Taurus to enter information-sharing Gemini. You may feel the urge to discuss your experiences of the past month. When the Moon shifts into Scorpio, you might suddenly feel awkward about divulging your true feelings. Rather than forging ahead, allow yourself the space to introspect.

Unleash Your Curiosity

On May 21, continue to submit to an internal process, especially as some concrete conundrum drops into your lap. Taking the time to puzzle over intricacies may prove to be worth your while. On May 22, to effectively collude and cooperate with the group, unleash your curiosity. Move beyond private or petty misgivings and witness the huge empowerment that comes from collaborative effort. As the Moon swings toward full and enters Sagittarius on May 23, your mood levels out. Venus conjunct Jupiter affirms what your body already knows. Rest easy in your compassion and prepare to share your wisdom.

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