Clear The Inner Waters

Scorpio New Moon And Solar Eclipse

October 25, 2022, 6:48am EDT

Clear The Inner Waters

Meditation To Clear The Inner Waters

Clear The Inner Waters

The Scorpio Solar Eclipse presents a pivot point to clear the inner waters by shedding old destructive, toxic, or negative thoughts that block your way. To do this, you must move beyond the intellect and into the intuitive emotional space, where the remnants of these past wounds and injustices resides. As you take responsibility for your emotional triggers, you liberate your natural source of authentic power and become a catalyst for true change.

Let Go With Grace

Fixed water Scorpio coincides with the center of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, when the leaves fall from the trees in silence. The Scorpio New Moon reminds us how to let go with grace. It symbolizes the opportunity to contemplate what bonds to cut, what patterns to relinquish, and what boundaries to set for healthy growth. When you surrender to this difficult process, the wounds can begin to heal and a new level of trust develops. The Solar Eclipse suggests a test of sorts, that this inner work will become visible on the outside as you confront conflict. Those working consciously with their own toxic material can move toward constructive action, while those who are not continue to project their darkness onto others.

The Week Ahead

During the week ahead, pause to consider the intensity of your underlying feelings before communicating! When intense emotions flood your space, it becomes difficult to act or speak with clarity. The pause creates a brief window to reach inward toward resilience and resolve, which fills your words with the power that comes from being connected to self. Rather than being selfish, embracing such introspection makes you much more able to connect with the needs of others. With Venus also being occluded in the Eclipse, your most personal relationships are involved.

What Needs Your Attention

Using your Rising sign (or if you don’t know it, your Sun sign), read below to determine which area of your life holds the regenerative powers of Scorpio. The passion and intensity you feel signals what needs your attention, in order to clear the inner waters of your intuitive emotional space. This helps you understand when you need to pause and what you need to let go of, for your healing.

Aries: Be aware that your most powerful emotions tend to come up in the face of other people’s values and opinions. Pause to engage constructively.

Taurus: Issues in your one-on-one partnerships draw your most powerful emotions out. Pause to assert your autonomy yet stay connected in your relationships.

Gemini: Release a worn-out habit that no longer supports your health. Incorporate new depth into your workout routine or practices.

Cancer: Apply your depth and intensity to your creative projects. Let go of old mindsets that prevent you from freely expressing love and joy.

Leo: Recognize the powerful, complicated emotions tied in with your family life or your home. Let go of whatever blocks you from feeling at home and fully embrace your roots.

Virgo: Your communication and day-to-day workings of your mind hold great emotional depth. Release inhibitions that prevent you from having deep conversations.

Libra: Release self-judgment and liberate self-love. Pause to recognize your depth as a resource.

Scorpio: Respect and embrace your ability to be a catalyst. Let go of negativity or destructive tendencies that prevent you from seeing this about yourself.

Sagittarius: Identify how your most powerful emotions emerge. Retreat for a moment, an hour, or a day to hold and release this intensity in solitude.

Capricorn: Notice your passion and intensity for community issues. Let go of whatever blocks you from accepting the support of others as you reveal your transformative abilities.

Aquarius: Recognize the powerful emotions that come up in your professional work. Let go of aggravations by setting boundaries between your work and other parts of life.

Pisces: Notice your susceptibility to the worldview of others. Question what blocks you from deeply honoring your own perception of the world around you.

Watch AstroPath’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse video here.  Timestamps are below.

Start: 00:00 Aries: 18:00 Taurus: 19:46 Gemini: 23:30 Cancer: 25:58 Leo: 28:18 Virgo: 30:56 Libra: 33:39 Scorpio: 37:31 Sagittarius: 40:05 Capricorn: 43:10 Aquarius: 46:25 Pisces: 48:34

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