Communicate And Collaborate

Libra Season

Communicate And Collaborate
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September 22 – October 23, 2022

A Template For Conscious Growth

With these zodiac sign seasonal articles, I explore the way the signs offer powerful tools for human living. The signs behave like mirrors, reflecting our human lives back to us and presenting a template for conscious growth and informed action. Read on for the astrological commentary on the month ahead, which focuses hugely on issues of communication. Really there couldn’t be a better time for this emphasis, as we lead up to the midterm elections in the United States. Please, talk to friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and encourage them to participate in democracy and vote!

The Nature Of Balance

The Sun breezing into Libra signifies the Equinox and bridges the gap between summer and winter. Libra emerges out of the minutiae of Virgo to provide the broader perspective of how we relate to others. The consummate partner, Libra seeks to connect through ideas and discourse. Its brilliance lies in wrangling diverse sets of people to the table, to hear, weigh, and mediate all sides. Many underestimate Libra, thinking it indecisive and dependent. While true that Libra sometimes loses its sense of self in the fervent striving for harmony, this viewpoint fails to recognize the dynamic nature of balance. Balance is not a destination, but rather a complex process that involves an enormous amount of thought, dialogue, listening, and effort. When our lives tilt out of balance due to things like a job loss, break-up, or illness, it takes considerable wherewithal to restore equilibrium.

Communicate And Collaborate

Overall, this Libra season demands intensive communication and collaboration for the purpose of solving relationship issues and social problems. Collaboration, according to Entangled Life author Merlin Sheldrake, weaves the opposing concepts of cooperation and competition together. Libra pertains to cooperation and achieves this by initiating the dialogue and building consensus. Jupiter and Chiron in Aries provides the counterbalance of competition, symbolizing the struggle between individuals and their differing needs, which personalizes and drives the conversation forward. In other words, we seek to balance independence and cooperation for the healthiest possible relationships. On the individual level, Libra season invites us to weigh our values and establish inner harmony, so that we may develop better balance in our relationships. Communication is absolutely paramount to this undertaking.

Dashed Expectations (September 22 – 25)

As you exit the previous cycle through releasing anxious thoughts, your attention shifts to your most important dynamic relationships. You may see or feel a genuine effort to reach a truce or find balance. Be receptive but pay attention to red flags. You may be tempted to put people on a pedestal, which only leads to dashed expectations.

Inner Balance (September 25 – October 2)

At the New Moon on September 25, plant a seed for inner balance for the weeks ahead. From a brief moment of clarity, you may quickly arrive at a decision. Before you act, pause to analyze your thought process and come from a place of mental steadiness. Any communication you make at this time has a huge gift of empowerment behind it, so choose wisely. The potential to transform a relationship appears, to either encounter new depths or liberate it altogether. Approach with a cooperative attitude though be willing to assert yourself. On October 2, Mercury stations direct in Virgo to retread known territory. Despite some fogginess, trust that each next step will materialize as you reach for it.

Execute Your Strategy (October 2-9)

At the First Quarter Moon, execute your strategy to balance independence with your desire for togetherness. This is a serious effort, requiring that when you speak, your voice come from a deeply anchored place of inner integrity and power. Slow-moving Pluto turns direct on October 8, indicating a switch in the political, cultural or global arena. The issue of toxic aggressive behavior may become more visible, which at least it brings the problem into clear view to be addressed. Despite the intensity, remember that equilibrium is a natural state we all desire, so continue to work on yours.

The Inclusive Perspective (October 9-17)

The Full Moon in Aries illuminates the central dynamic between self and other. It also permits a deeper look at the root causes of aggression. Behind this blaming and destructive reactivity exists unexamined insecurities, arising from a deep feeling of separateness and resulting in desperate grabs for control. Fortunately, Mercury’s return to Libra reinvigorates the possibility of generating a thoughtful, kind, reasonable, and inclusive perspective. Reflect on what conversations you want to have with loved ones. For that matter, consider what conversations you’d like humanity to have for the sake of a healthier balance. Bring ideas with merit to group discussions. Even if you feel like the words aren’t coming out right, you are much more charismatic that you realize. Current astrological patterns continue to indicate multiple opportunities to connect with others through ideas.

Air Out Your Relationships (October 17-23)

Towards the end of Libra season, yet another major chance to speak on behalf of equity and inclusion occurs, as both the Sun and Venus enter a harmonious aspect with Mars in Gemini. Time to stand up for fair and free elections, and the right of people to vote! The most challenging aspect of Libra season then occurs on October 19 and 20, in the form of a power struggle. Any buried issues previously swept under the carpet now arise, unbidden. Embrace the refreshing starkness of honesty, and let it air out your relationships. Your willingness to do this prepares you for the necessary purging of Scorpio season.

In this month’s recording, Laurie and I focus on how the “grand trine” of air energy, as well as the question of autonomy and cooperation, impacts you according to your Rising sign. Remember, you may experience these components more or less vividly, depending on your own horoscope.  Time stamps: Aries: 22:52, Taurus: 28:44, Gemini: 36:10, Cancer: 42:47, Leo: 51:18, Virgo: 59:33, Libra: 1:06:52, Scorpio: 1:15:56, Sagittarius: 1:26:09, Capricorn: 1:31:37, Aquarius: 1:38:45, Pisces: 1:45:55.

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