Confront Your Habits of Dependency

Libra Season and Autumn Equinox

September 23, 2023, 2:49am ET

Confront Habits of Dependency
Vermont Forest

Libra Season Meditation for Mental Equanimity

Confront Your Habits of Dependency

The Sun’s annual tour through Libra marks the seasonal equinox, the point when the Sun beams directly over the equator. In the zodiac wheel, Libra signifies dividing up the fruits of Virgo season’s labor and making sure everyone receives their fair share. As a cardinal air sign, Libra demands cooperation and equality for balanced relationships. Its darker side deals with the issue of giving up too much individual power to others, resulting in indecision and dependence. During this Libra season, dig beneath your desire for social niceties and confront your habits of dependency in order to liberate your personal potential and seek a healthier balance in your relationships.

Mental Equanimity

In astrology, the Libra and Aries polarity gets right to the heart of the conflict between self and other. As much as Western society likes to push the idea of individualism, the truth is that our basic human existence relies on social support and interaction. Psychologically, we determine our identities largely within the context and struggles of our relationships. As a natural part of our development, we also unknowingly project the unconscious parts of ourselves onto others. With scrutiny, we can begin to see how our hidden projections impact our decisions, lives, and relationships. As you cultivate mental equanimity, you can observe the unconscious patterns and habitual dependencies that thwart healthy relationships. Part of this process involves retrieving your inner authoritative power so that you may forge ahead in an independent yet socially balanced direction.

Libra Season Overall

Overall, this Libra season insists that, rather than worrying about being polite, you must grasp the ways you give away your power to others due to your own self-misunderstanding. The season begins with a stabilizing sense of satisfaction for all your hard work of the past four weeks. You have accomplished more than you realized! The Aries Full Moon awakens an old relationship issue that now comes to the forefront. Use the first week in October to place your private story in the context of the global human mythology.

At the Libra season midpoint, be willing to dig through your psychological rubbish in search of a source of your empowerment, as you may have thrown something important away. With Venus moving into Virgo, your commitment to this difficult and messy work helps others. Let any confrontations serve as a test of your resolve for self-knowledge. A few days later, Mars entering Scorpio bestows your actions with considerable power. Choose wisely, as with great power comes great responsibility!

The Libra Solar Eclipse, as well as the Sun/Moon/Mercury configuration to metamorphic Pluto, packs a punch in the last third of the season. This all points to the necessary inner journey to transform how you navigate the rich ground between self and other. On October 22, a gorgeous opportunity to reset an important relationship lands right in your lap. Use your Rising sign to read below and see how this Libra season affects you and your relationships.

Aries: Check in with your primary partnerships to see how balanced they feel. Recognize a strength that emanates from your profession and step into a new interdependent you.

Taurus: Notice an old idea that negatively impacts your self-care practices. Feel the empowerment that comes from your wise perspective and courageously face your own hidden subconscious patterns.

Gemini: Observe how you tend to give yourself away in your creative pursuits. Reflect on how well you set boundaries in other circumstances and then embrace your leadership capacity.

Cancer: Pay attention to an old habit that regards how well you feel supported by your family. Feel the strength that comes from your healthy partnerships and let that support your ability to be independent in your professional life.

Leo: Tune in to a way that you let others speak for you. Access the strength that comes from your routines so that you gain the confidence to share your wise point of view.

Virgo: Change an old story about your financial situation that impacts your self-esteem. Tap personal power through creative expression and move into a new way of handling other peoples’ values they project onto you.

Libra: Release the identity of people pleaser and instead recognize your gifts for diplomacy. Retrieve the personal power you gain from being rooted and initiate new independence in your partnerships.

Scorpio: Be willing to face the hidden source of your dependency. Tap the power that comes from your intellectual curiosity and bravely create new healthy routines.

Sagittarius: Witness your misunderstanding about the true nature of community. Find the source of your power through self-love and then express unconditional love for others without fear.

Capricorn: Notice how you give yourself away in your professional life. Stand your ground and feel the source of your power within. Let this support your ability to be independent and brave down to your roots.

Aquarius: See the way you defer to others in expressing your world perspective. Draw on the power that comes from your willingness to work on yourself therapeutically and then speak up with courage.

Pisces: Dig deep to understand a better way to set boundaries. Let your community support you in feeling empowered, so that you can recognize the value of your independent spirit.

Confront Habits of Dependency

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