Discuss Your Concerns

Libra First Quarter Moon

July 13, 2024, 6:48pm ET / July 14, 2024, 6:48am AWST

Astrology Forecast July 13 – July 21, 2024

Discuss Your Concerns
Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

Cancer Season Meditation on Inner Flow

Discuss Your Concerns

As the Moon grows in light this final week of Cancer season, it reveals a swath of thorny terrain to cross. Successful navigation of this obstacle course unlocks the gateway to greater mutual understanding. At the Libra First Quarter Moon on July 13, be proactive and discuss your concerns before they intensify. As you create space to air these sensitive feelings, establish an environment of open exchange.

The Floods of Change

Like a ninja, quietly investigate compelling subconscious patterns as the Moon descends into Scorpio’s lair July 14. Your contemplative mood may be unavoidably at odds with someone else’s cheerfulness. Sidestep the spider’s web of conflict by keeping to yourself. Continue with your introspective work through July 15. If an old wound reappears, recognize it as a personal experience of collective unconsciousness that regards misdirected anger or ego issues. Mars conjunct Uranus implies a shock to the system. Like a dynamited dam, the floods of change burst through resistance. While this is certainly visible externally, the main issue centers on how you handle change internally. Reflect on your connection to the natural world.

Upliftment and Relief

Yesterday’s disturbance continue to reverberate through July 16. The Moon still in Scorpio keeps your attention fixed on an undercurrent of uncomfortable feelings. Allow them to arise and then let them go. Welcome fortunate easy access to kindness and compassion. The Moon moving into Sagittarius offers upliftment and relief. You may find yourself revisiting this state of mind in late August, when Mercury returns to this same degree of Leo. In contrast to prior heaviness, you may feel like you have wings on July 17. A warm feeling of hopefulness emanates, especially in the company of someone you cherish. Supportive discussions help you lay out the details of your hopes.

A Bolt of Insight

On July 18, briefly dampened spirits give way to a bolt of insight about the ubiquitous nature of change, returning you to a positive mindset. A grand trine in fire between Mercury, Chiron, and the Moon establishes a circuit of independent action. This is a highly therapeutic contact that suggests mending a hole in your spirit. When you work to heal your own struggles, you shine a light for others. Use images and mantra to reshape your narrative. July 19 arrives with a sober tone as the Moon enters Capricorn. Rather than being a problem, take this a sign to hold yourself accountable for your vision. The new direction you identified yesterday is corroborated by a significant other, as change ripples into the relationship. Discuss your concerns and create a workable plan together.

Emotional Responsibilities

A favorable contact between Mars and Neptune on July 20 adds an imaginative dimension to concrete steps. A lesson about suffering and the need for compassion hovers ever-present in the background. Fold your idealism into the batter of your actions and bake it into your ambitions. Mars moves into Gemini, infusing your thought processes and conversations with new vigor. On July 21, the second Capricorn Full Moon lights up your emotional responsibilities. Something that previously felt confusing now becomes a source of spiritual support. Let your heart take the lead.

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