Eliminate or Retain

Taurus Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon

October 28, 2023, 4:24pm EDT

Eliminate or Retain
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Scorpio Season Meditation on the Power of Inner Peace

Eliminate or Retain

At the Taurus Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon notice the interplay between knowing when to let go and when to hold on. While Scorpio season suggests reckoning with your deepest feelings, the eclipsed Taurus Full Moon invites you to establish a new baseline of inner stability. You may discover an attachment to keeping something the same or an emotion you’ve been unwilling to face. In any case, allow clarity to bubble up from the well of your intuition. Then determine what to eliminate or retain as you bring closure to some part of your life.

An Opportunity to Realign

The Taurus Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon provides an opportunity to realign your core values with your emotional self. For example, perhaps you have money on your mind, but haven’t evaluated your emotional connection to the way you spend or save it. Or maybe you’re contemplating letting go of a relationship but haven’t acknowledged the accumulation of unspoken hurt feelings. In either case, you must admit your emotions to yourself first before the path becomes clear. Because this is the final eclipse in a cycle that began in November 2021, think about what closure you need to bring to a longer personal process. Using your Rising sign, reflect on what you need to let go of and what you need to hold on to for the sake of your inner stability.

Aries: As you establish new boundaries in how you manage the difficulty of other peoples’ values and baggage, ask yourself how your personal values have changed since late 2021.

Taurus: As you look into the mirror of your partnerships, ask what new way of looking at yourself you have awakened to since late 2021.

Gemini: As you channel your intensity into your wellness routines, ask yourself how your spiritual view of the big picture has grown since late 2021.

Cancer: As your pour your deepest feelings into your creative pursuits or playful risk-taking, ask yourself how your notion of community has changed since late 2021.

Leo: As you dig into your roots to find a sense of empowerment and emotional clearing, ask yourself how your professional life and social reputation has transformed since late 2021.

Virgo: As you find your power through your voice or the written word, ask yourself how your worldview has fluctuated since late 2021.

Libra: As you recognize the enormity of your worth, ask yourself how your ability to use boundaries to navigate other peoples’ issues and resources has evolved since late 2021.

Scorpio: As you embrace the quest for deep understanding as a major part of your life purpose, ask yourself what has changed in the way you participate in your partnerships since late 2021.

Sagittarius: As you reckon with the subconscious drivers of your behavior through the spiritual lens, ask yourself how your routines and daily practices have diversified since late 2021.

Capricorn: As you engage with your community with profound honesty and receptivity, ask yourself what has changed about your creative processes and relationship to play since 2021.

Aquarius: As you move into a deeper layer of your professional life, ask yourself what has shifted in your internal connection to home, family, lineage or place since late 2021.

Pisces: As you understand how you bring intense emotional depth to your worldview, ask yourself what has changed in the way you communicate since late 2021.

Astrology Forecast for October 28 – November 5

At the Taurus Lunar Eclipse, evaluate your opposing desires for familiar comfort against vulnerable honesty. The primary issue isn’t necessarily the other people involved, but rather a question of unacknowledged and uncommunicated needs. Make sure you get internally clear before attempting a conversation with external parties. On October 29, these issues come to a head as Mercury joins Mars in Scorpio, representing the merging of thought and action. Be mindful as you speak, as your words potentially can cleave to the bone.

Let your curiosity get the best of you and share your thoughts with someone new on October 30. If you’re not sure what to talk about, ask them who they want to be for Halloween! This year’s Halloween comes with an extra wacky and wild vibe. Go for it and dress up as something that provides a total catharsis! On November 1, use your sharpened intuition to tune into other people’s feelings. With the Moon in Cancer, you can more easily bond with others on an emotional level. If you feel hypersensitive, you may need to take some time alone November 2.

On November 3, something becomes big and obvious in a way you couldn’t see before, revealing an avenue of clear action. With the Moon making the rounds and contacting all the other planets, consider how you may alleviate suffering or infuse kindness by your well-intentioned deeds. If you are not sure what that means, drop into a creative process and let your imagination whisk you away for a bit.

Saturn stations direct on November 4, reminding you about the importance of empathy. Don’t turn away from the lesson. Instead prepare for some kind of download, as an astute new notion drops into your mind. The Moon’s shift into Leo invites the need for generosity and playfulness. On November 5, the Leo Last Quarter Moon asks you to drop all the seriousness and have some fun. Though behind the game, be crystal clear about its transformative potential.

Eliminate or Retain

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