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Cancer Season

Looking At The Month Ahead: Cancer Season And The Solstice

June 21 – July 22, 2022

The Mother Archetype

The Sun’s shift into Cancer brings us into the full fledge of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, while our cohorts south of the equator slip into winter’s cold grasp. Cardinal water sign Cancer carries the universal archetype of the Mother, imbuing it with the qualities of caretaking, protection, and sustenance. Cancer season invites us to check in with our inner child and find out what still needs parenting. We all must accept responsibility for our own maturing, which involves addressing unhealed wounds of past.

Cultural Context

At the core of our current human struggle lies a fear of these feelings. Many walk the earth with only the outward half their energy engaged, creating a lopsided society that encourages action without deep reflection. Inward reflection allows us to respect and value emotions as a vital part of our work in the external world. On the other hand, failing to look inward cuts us off from our feelings and the ability to feel empathy for others. Every individual effort to embrace the intuitive emotional self further opens the collective human heart.

The Astrological Monthly Planner

The first seven days of Cancer season provides a time to contemplate what exactly needs your attention. When the New Moon joins the Sun on June 28, plant a seed to activate the potent nurturing force that dwells in your inner world of feelings. In a culture that denies the importance of emotions, trust that you will have the necessary courage to take this step. Watch out for volatile emotions and urges for impulsive actions June 30 and July 1. Instead, take a deep breath and bring as much consciousness as you can to any high intensity situations. The more aware you are of your own emotional content, the more grounded you can be.

On July 2, you’ll have an opportunity to stabilize an imaginative idea by talking about it with others. Mull this over for the next ten days or so. Then share your vision with collaborators so you can sketch out a plan to bring this uplifting dream into fruition. Between July 13 and July 19, both the Full Moon and the Sun-Pluto opposition illuminate your progress in navigating difficult emotional territory in the name of maturation and empowerment. Spend time near water and seek to drop into the intuitive flow space. Be receptive to tenderness, and be sure to treasure moments with loved ones.

Check out my video with AstroPath, my joint venture with astrologer Laurie Farrington.  Use the timestamps below to skip  to your individual Rising (or Sun) sign.

Aries: 21:30 Taurus: 25:09 Gemini: 29:27 Cancer: 33:56 Leo: 38:37 Virgo: 44:37 Libra: 50:30 Scorpio: 56:42 Sagittarius: 1:05:05 Capricorn: 1:13:23 Aquarius: :1:21: 57 Pisces: 1:30:16


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