Exercise Empathy

First Quarter Moon In Pisces

November 30, 2022, 9:36am EST

Exercise Empathy
photo by S. Date

Meditation For Levity And Optimism

Exercise Empathy

The First Quarter Moon in Pisces makes an appeal to Sagittarius’ philosophical side, reminding its jokester compatriot to take the suffering of others into account. Sagittarius, while not devoid of kindness, sometimes fails to be considerate due to being caught up in its own high-spirited banter. During Sagittarius season, the Pisces Moon insists that exercising empathy be part of the equation, which supports your capacity to embrace diversity.

The Value Of Diversity

While the New Moon encouraged tapping into humor and optimism, the First Quarter Moon requests that you now walk in someone else’s shoes. Even though you can never fully live another’s experience, it is possible to feel into the truth of another person’s perspective. In the current climate of disappearing civil, political, and social rights aimed at particular groups, it becomes even more important to recognize the value of diversity. Diversity is the key to a robust system. In an ecosystem, it allows recovery from destructive events such as extreme weather or insect infestations. In human systems, diversity creates a culture that can adapt to change, use flexibility to find solutions, and cherish different ways of being human.

The Week Ahead: November 30 – December 7

Like a lurching ship trying to gain its bearings through the fog, you may feel confused or disoriented this week. With the Moon in forgiving Pisces through December 1, make an effort to tap into compassion when you feel impulsive or annoyed. If you feel yourself getting heated, nip it in the bud by pausing and actively envisioning yourself in someone else’s shoes. If you struggle to find the right words, showing people you care with a gesture of warmth and devotion reassures them and stabilizes the relationship. At the end of the weekend, you might experience a moment of true transcendence with someone unexpected. Embrace it, but don’t assume it will change all interactions going forward. Just before the Full Moon on December 7, the vibe becomes much more serious as Mercury enters Capricorn. This might actually feel welcome as you turn your attention to practical matters. Slow down so you can speak from a place of integrity.

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