Feel Your Feelings

Cancer First Quarter Moon

April 15, 2024, 3:13pm EDT

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance April 15 – 23

Feel Your Feelings
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Feel Your Feelings

At the Cancer First Quarter Moon, feel your feelings and respect what they are telling you. The waxing half-moon suggests an internal struggle between the need to be tender and the impetus to act. Defensive Cancer has a thin skin, though only when it needs to protect something. If you feel under the gun, first pause to calm the inner tides. Pay attention to what has bubbled to the surface since the Aries Solar Eclipse on April 8. Then move forward while maintaining a conscious connection with your intuitive instincts.

Mutual Respect

Although the Moon in Leo on April 16 suggests a lighter mood, it also provokes a deeper line of questioning around your actions. Be willing to scrutinize your motives with open-ended curiosity. After you pass through this brief ego checkpoint, enjoy the rest of the day with relish. Meet April 17 with a buoyant and positive attitude. Connect with people by hearing their heart-felt stories and naturally finding humor. Watch for a new avenue of mutual respect opening up. As the day wears on, you may feel impatient with earthly concerns as your desire for freedom grows.

Find Solid Ground

On April 18, bask in a moment of divine alignment, however short, then let your attention turn to practical matters. The Sun enters Taurus on April 19 and signals mid-spring or mid-autumn, depending which side of the equator you inhabit. Accept the invitation to find solid ground within and without. Revel in the sensation of the Sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the soil under your toes. Respond to concrete concerns while staying connected to inner softness. Take actions that make others feel seen, heard, and included.

Wild Change

On April 20, the expansively potent Jupiter and Uranus conjunction represents wild change, quantum leaps, and broadening consciousness. Lean into your physical body as the reliable container of your nervous system. Likewise, lean into community support. Globally, this adds urgency to the necessity of recultivating reverence for the Earth and her systems. Let this truth echo in your bones and prepare to scatter new seeds in the chasm of change. As the Moon moves into Libra, breathe slowly to find equilibrium.

The Difficult Path of Growth

On April 21, seek to remain objective while seeing the inherent human duality of light and dark. If one of your relationships is troubling you, aim to start on a new track today. The Taurus Sun encounters heavy-hitter Pluto, showing the difficult path of growth. Release attempts at control, surrender to the stillness, and tend to your body or garden. On April 22, notice if you reach unthinkingly to an old habit of deferring. As you catch yourself, let the moment spur you toward mental equanimity. On April 23, the Moon slides into the shadows of Scorpio. As it lines up to oppose the Taurus Sun, let the silver light shine onto the fears that block empathy. Be willing to see into your own depths and acknowledge the emotional repercussions of so much change.

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