Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

May 26th, 2021, 7:14am EDT

Lunar Eclipse

On May 26th at 7:19am EDT, the Moon falls under the Earth’s shadow, creating the year’s first Lunar Eclipse. A lunar eclipse only occurs at the Full Moon, in this case under the visionary watch of Sagittarius.   The energy to expand, explore, and philosophize takes precedence.

Adventure and Details

While the Sagittarius Moon seeks adventure and broader meaning, the Sun in Gemini dabbles in the details of networking and logistics, skipping depth for speed. Integrating the two means being able to first write the sermon (Gemini) and then deliver it with charisma and humor (Sagittarius). Or plan the party, from invitations to decorations, and then relish in the festivities.

Get Comfortable With Discomfort

Looking beyond the initial appearance of a jovial and chatty vibe, a challenge comes in the form of fogginess or a struggle with boundaries. Although desiring otherwise, we may flounder and find ourselves uncomfortable in previously comfortable scenarios. With Mercury retrograding on May 29th, we see an underscore of the need to slow down, review and revise. Take this as an opportunity to get clear about emotions and psychic detritus from the past that holds you back.

Let Yourself Blossom

An eclipse also requires us to consider how we might block our own progress. To understand this, think back to the Taurus New Moon on May 11th and decide whether you accepted the mission to slow at that time. Furthermore, bring to mind any doors you have consciously closed in the past six months.   What can blossom in your life when you relinquish old habits or projects that no longer contribute to your well-being? Let the Sagittarian arrow fly high above and witness what comes into view.

Clear The Way

Take note of what has arisen for you over the course of the last two weeks, as we continue to ride out this world transition. Read below for astrological suggestions regarding this powerful lunar eclipse. Use your Rising Sign, or if you don’t know it, your Sun Sign, think about clearing any inner blocks that stand in your path.


Aries: Shine a light on travel or philosophy

Taurus: Explore the fringes of your boundaries when dealing with difficult people

Gemini: Find a brand new adventure to enjoy with your partner

Cancer: Pick up an enlivening meditation practice that confronts the core of the issue

Leo: Widen your definition of creativity and envision a new way to give love

Virgo: Expand your view of family, including releasing old paradigms

Libra: Embark on a bike ride to somewhere local and completely new to you

Scorpio: Let radical self-love take flight like an arrow

Sagittarius: Make it your mission to live life with conviction, share with others

Capricorn: Take time in solo retreat to find your purpose

Aquarius: Recognize a spirited action that elevates a cause in your community

Pisces: Add an adventurous flair to your attitude at work

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