Full Moon At 27º Gemini

Gathering nectar
photo by Sarah Date

December 18, 2021, 11:35pm EST

Lighten The Mood

The Full Moon in lively Gemini lightens the mood and complements the ebullient Sagittarius Sun. In Western traditions and in the north, fiery Sagittarius always pops up during pre-holiday parties, brightening the darkest days of the year with metaphorical tales and raucous humor. The airy Gemini Moon, a natural social butterfly, fans the flames by injecting quick wit and trivia into the mix.

The Vision And The Checklist

At a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon exert tension on one another, drawing out and sustaining the brilliance of the other. The Gemini and Sagittarius combination weaves wise insights into the fabric of daily life, providing both a meaningful vision and a logistical checklist. Sagittarius inspires the adventure, Gemini geeks out on the maps. Together they create stories of purpose and delight worthy of any celebration.

Enjoy The Festivities

A few hours after the Full Moon, lovely Venus retrogrades and places our relationships, values, and resources into the spotlight for review. In the proverbial hero’s tale, we stand at the mouth of the underworld of our own soul searching. In the meantime, please enjoy the brief opportunity for frivolity and festivities!

Dance Amongst Flowers

At this Full Moon, think about your communication with others, how you network, and the stories you choose to share. Keep your attitude quick and light, like a honeybee dancing from flower to flower in search of nectar. Using your Ascendant sign, read below to set your mind on the right target.

Aries: The Gemini Full Moon illuminates your natural ability to tell great stories and share information. Trust that you naturally impart the wisdom of common sense.

Taurus: The Gemini Full Moon illuminates your ability to share your values with others. As you communicate from a place of self-reliance, you can easily navigate the quagmire of other peoples’ baggage with a clear conscience.

 Gemini: The Gemini Full Moon illuminates your natural aptitude for communication, storytelling, and teaching. Relax into this knowledge as you communicate with your significant others.

 Cancer: The Gemini Full Moon illuminates your ability to alleviate suffering with your profound communication. Let the principles of selfless service lead the way as a matter of routine.

Leo: The Gemini Full Moon illuminates your ability to build a web of allies with your communication and logistical skills. Share your stories with joy in order to create connection and empathy.

 Virgo: The Gemini Full Moon illuminates your ability to communicate well with regards to your work. Trust that you can finish the project you’re working on and take time off to share tales with close friends and family.

 Libra: The Gemini Full Moon illuminates your ability to use your mind to travel to other places in the quest for emotional expansion and experience. Research can be a form of dance for you.

 Scorpio: The Gemini Full Moon illuminates what rituals you need to create great boundaries in dealing with other people’s issues. Commit to holding those rituals so that you may dance lightly with those you may struggle with.

 Sagittarius: The Gemini Full Moon illuminates your ability to ask your partners in crime for what you need. Communicate directly and trust that this will improve your relationships by keeping you on the path of evolution.

 Capricorn: The Gemini Full Moon illuminates your ability to improve your communication over time. Recognize how much you’ve already improved your skills with others and understand how this contributes to the collective betterment.

 Aquarius: The Gemini Full Moon illuminates your ability to tell those you love how much you love them, with no uncertain terms. Realize that as you express this, you feel the return of love in kind.

 Pisces: The Gemini Full Moon illuminates the need to communicate with family members regarding your needs during the sticky holiday times. Keep stories and laughter at the forefront. Notice the contrast between your work life and home life. Enjoy both.

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