Full Moon in Aries: Bold Action

Bold Action
photo by Sarah Date

October 20, 2021 10:57am EDT

Bold Action

Be brave and stand up for what you believe in! This month’s Full Moon in Aries reflects the principle of bold action. The opposing Libra Sun suggests taking this fierce action out of a desire for balance.

Acting In The Face Of Fear

The enlightened lesson of Aries is to act in the face of fear. Fear is a normal human experience and comes in many forms, from daily worries to flat-out paranoia. Aries represents the ability to break through the paralysis and take decisive action. Like dry kindling starting a bonfire, Aries dynamically ignites any endeavor or project.

You And Me

The polarity between Libra and Aries illuminates that most fundamental of opposites – between the individual and the other. Libra strives to weigh and connect all points of view, giving it a reputation for both fairness and indecision. Rather than bothering with these egalitarian concepts, Aries prefers to act immediately with single-mindedness. Honoring the full polarity requires taking individual action while also respecting the needs of the others.

Galvanize A New Endeavor

If you’re following the phases of the Moon, notice what has come to light since October 6th. With four planets switching directions and Mars right next to the Sun, you may experience a sense of relief as things start to move forward again.

On a personal level, how will you utilize this energy to galvanize a new project or direction? What part of your life requires the bold courage of the warrior? Using your Rising Sign, read below to identify what area of your life this Aries Moon activates.

Aries: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior to your self-development. Think about how this brings balance into your partnerships and how they also benefit from your efforts and progress.

Taurus: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior to devote yourself to the development of compassion for others and selfless service. Incorporate this idealistic principle into practical day-to-day routines.

Gemini: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior to stand up bravely in front of community groups, trusting that you have support for what needs addressing. Bravely offer full acceptance in return.

Cancer: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior to step up in your vocation. Be brave and bold in moving your career or entrepreneurial business forward. Remember that the concepts of fairness and justice are entwined with your roots. Let your family help bring balance.

Leo: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior to fiercely pursue the wisdom you need. Offer an environment of equity and fairness as you disburse this learning to your students, siblings, and close friends.

Virgo: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior as you pioneer new ways and rituals of dealing with others peoples intense issues. Remember that as you set healthy, positive boundaries, you also express self-love.

Libra: Apply the courage of the peaceful warrior to take a stand in your partnerships. As you stand in this power, recognize and honor the interdependence and balance you desire.

Scorpio: Apply the courage of the warrior to your diligent self-care routines and practices. As you commit to the daily minutiae, you offer devotion to the divine: your body is your temple.

Sagittarius: Apply the courage of the warrior to fiercely giving love to those you feel most tender about and also to your creative desires. Let the support of your community galvanize this action.

Capricorn: Apply the courage of the warrior to pioneer a new family undertaking that takes effort and invites breaking a sweat. Let your professional life provide a sense of evenness where you contribute to the overall harmony.

Aquarius: Apply the courage of the warrior to say what needs to be said. Be willing to positively engage someone you don’t know well or who is foreign to you. Let the principle of justice for all make you wiser.

Pisces: Apply the courage of the warrior and trust that you have the resources you need to start something new. Take an action that displays your deep sense of self-worth. Find an even keel as you deal with others people’s baggage.

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