Full Moon In Leo

photo by Sarah Date

January 28, 2021 2:17p.m.

Natural Paradox

As part of the human condition, we often find ourselves pulled in opposite directions. A Full Moon illuminates this paradox since the Sun and the Moon oppose each other. In this case, the midwinter Aquarian Sun stands in contrast to the fiery Leo Moon.

Radiate Friendship

Seasonally, Aquarius conjures images of crystalline snow sparkling against indigo skies. Internally, it signifies a clear untrammeled mind with a focus on progressive humanitarianism and brilliant innovation. Meanwhile, like a bonfire, Leo commands attention by radiating warmth and generosity. Honoring both means balancing the personal with the abstract. We do this through our deepest friendships, which model how to treat each other as a society. Genuinely uplifting others requires staying connected to our own hearts. Rather than feeling diminished, when individual light shines as a beacon for humanity, it enhances abundance and joy for all.

In Society

In addition, the Full Moon shows the results of whatever started at the New Moons on January 13th and August 18th, 2020. Since then, on the political stage, the U.S. inaugurated President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Interestingly, Harris accepted the position as running mate near the August New Moon.

Furthermore, with Mercury turning retrograde Friday, we may experience February as a time of backtracking on big ideas to focus on implementation. That’s not to say visioning should take a back seat, but rather that we need creative practical solutions to staunch the flow of suffering. Do not underestimate the power of love to help with healing.

Find and Transmit Joy

On a personal level, consider what you started on January 13th to answer the clear call for accountability and transformation. Also consider any success in finding moments of playfulness and generosity despite the heaviness of the times in the past six months. Go for a moonlit ski, play silly group games virtually, or make something beautiful or delicious. Most importantly, immerse yourself in something you find deeply joyful. Using your Rising Sign (or if you don’t know it, your Sun Sign), read below to see where to find and transmit joy in your own life.

Aries: through your creative projects
Taurus: at home and regarding your lineage
Gemini: through intellectual pursuits and conversation
Cancer: through gratitude for your resources
Leo: through your appearance and antics
Virgo: while revitalizing yourself in nature
Libra: by laughing with friends
Scorpio: through your job and with colleagues
Sagittarius: with your teachers and love of learning
Capricorn: through sharing your resources with others
Aquarius: with your partners in life
Pisces: through your self care practices and any animals in your life

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