Full Moon in Pisces

Wednesday September 2, 2020, 1:22AM EST

Full Moons show a tightrope strung between opposites, as Moon in Pisces opposes Sun in Virgo. The month-long cycle started with the Leo New Moon on August 18th.  The yearlong cycle started with the Pisces New Moon on February 23rd.  It’s almost impossible to write about the Moon phases without referring to the pandemic. And sure enough, late February ties in with the virus first emerging on the American continent, without a direct link to travel. Consider what started in your own life at that time, just before the virus took center stage.

The Double Bind

Part of the human condition is coping with oxymorons, double binds, and opposites. Think about it – how many times have you felt yourself trapped between two seemingly impossible choices? Our current paradigm illustrates the complexity and fragility of our society. We have backed ourselves into a corner, where we have to choose between our economy and public health. In the meantime, the current regime takes advantage and stirs the pot. Society mills around in confusion, bickering over perceptions of truth and falsehood. Full Moon in Pisces illuminates idealism and escapism, where we can dream a new vision. At worst, we escape into drugs or fantasy, anything not to face the difficulty. At best, we transcend individual suffering and imagine how we might come together.

Its polar opposite Virgo emphasizes service and diligence. Roll up your sleeves and manage the minutiae. Either way, we have a choice to make. When things get too heady, dig into the office work and check some boxes off your to-do list. On the other hand, don’t get bogged down in details. Get yourself outside to take a meditative walk when it all becomes too much. Sun in Virgo also is the harvest season. It is very important to nourish your roots. Incorporate the idea of the taproot descending into Earth while daring yourself to dream a more humanitarian view for the future.

Sandwiched Between Mars & Pluto

In the Full Moon horoscope, notice that the Moon boldly occupies the space exactly between the Mars and Pluto square, creating a midpoint picture that famous astrologer Noel Tyl describes as “daring, taking a chance, self-belief.” Dare to dream of an empowered, compassionate collective. The Sun in Virgo invites you to take a simple action. When faced with the intense change of the times, as individuals we feel overwhelmed, as if nothing we do matters. Instead, take a small action that communicates kindness. Harvest some apples and offer one to someone hungry.

The only major Ptolemaic aspect made to the Sun/Moon is from Uranus, in this case, an opportunity not to be missed. It’s almost like humanity is in the ironmongers – caught in the iron tongs (Saturn), being thrust into the forge, melted (Mars) and hammered (Pluto) into a new shape. The Moon offers us time to imagine a new direction, before it has taken actual form. Uranus asks us to wake up and align our erratic cacophony white noise to the soft melodic rhythms of Mother Nature.


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