Full Moon In Virgo

photo by Sarah Date

February 27, 2021

The Cosmic Mirror

Every Full Moon mirrors the human condition of contending with opposites. Whenever we feel pulled in two directions, we must evaluate the two ends to find the right path. This is particularly true in the case of intangible Pisces and detail-oriented Virgo, which asks us to keep the boundless mystical realms in mind as we go to work to pay the bills.

An Unsung Hero

The Sun in Pisces reflects the big picture, dreams, and transcendent vision. As the final sign of the astrological “year”, Pisces is concerned with endings, as all things must slide back into the primordial ocean, to remix with the unvaried stream of life. On the other hand, the Virgo Full Moon suggests sharp focus on the specifics, analyzing, and paring down for optimal efficiency. Virgo is an unsung hero in astrology, often gaining a bad rap as being prickly, petty, and critical. However, Virgo rolls up her sleeves like Mother Teresa, offering a helping hand to anyone in need, without hesitation. Where Pisces sacrifices for the sake of the ideal, Virgo busies itself more like a social worker, taking care of the logistics of finding housing or locating ingredients for the communal soup. Moon in Virgo brims with insight and humbly quests for a way to make a meaningful contribution.

Inextricable Interconnection

The journey of the Moon began on February 11th, when six planets (six!) joined together to bang us over the head and wake us up. Since then, on the journey away from the Sun, the Moon absorbed messages from each of the planets she encountered. These concern our inextricable interconnection to each other and nature, the collective wound requiring healing, and the immediate need for action. The Moon’s contact with the North Node represents the absolute importance of communicating and listening to each other. In this way, the Moon brings the deeper meaning of the times to our attention in her brightest configuration.

For You

Using your Rising Sign (or if you don’t know it, your Sun Sign) read below for tips on how best to harness the workhorse energy of the Virgo Moon.

Aries: Be meticulous in your self-improvement practices

Taurus: Find the joy in diligent work routines

Gemini: Tidy up your inner house

Cancer: Humbly communicate your insights

Leo: Recognize and uphold the resource of competence

Virgo: Be authentic and kind in your keen judgment

Libra: Experience redemption through service to others

Scorpio: Ask your friends to help you help others

Sagittarius: Let service to others be your boss

Capricorn: Search for meaning with diligence and precision

Aquarius: Let insight cut through power dynamics with others

Pisces: Employ kindness as your primary relationship tool

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