Glimpse the Future

Aquarius Season

January 20, 2024 – February 18, 2024

Glimpse the Future
Camel’s Hump, Vermont

Aquarius Season Meditation to Ease Anxiety

Glimpse the Future

Like opening the windows to air out the room, Aquarius offers a fresh intellectual perspective to the preceding sign of Capricorn’s rigor and pragmatism. Free from the heaviness and confines of earth, air sign Aquarius can glimpse the future and envision necessary social change. Aquarius represents the ability to see the big picture and invent progressive humanitarian solutions.

Manage Mental Anxiety

With potent Pluto entering Aquarius the same day as the Sun, this season thunders in like a freight train. With so much energy pouring into the mental sphere, it becomes vitally important to enlist grounding tools and practices to manage mental anxiety. This liberates the mind to concentrate on creating innovative solutions. The goal is to get space from difficult emotions without detaching from empathy or losing sight of democratic ideals.

The Season Overall

As mentioned, the Sun joins Pluto at the threshold into Aquarius, signifying an intense start to the season. This placement means that as Mercury, Mars, and Venus each enter Aquarius, they must pass through a probing interview with Pluto. This can be thought of as a symbol for the purification of one’s mind, values, and action in support of community vision. On January 25, the Leo Full Moon brings in a flush of warm sparkly radiance to offset the otherwise stark mental focus. Uranus stations direct on January 27, adding to the feeling of barreling toward an unknown future. The most active period of the season is from January 27 – 29, which emphasizes honoring a direction change while also stabilizing your emotional footing.

Amidst such an energetic time, make sure to take full advantage of any opportunities for rest, quiet contemplation, or immersion into creative flow. Pay special attention to this during the dark Moon phase from February 6 – 8, so you feel more prepared for sudden brilliant insights or new points of view. This gives you a glimpse into the future which informs what seed to plant at the Aquarius New Moon on February 9. The remainder of the season offers tender moments of self-care with a relentless insistence on getting grounded, so you can manage the influx of high intensity information. Keep in mind that Pluto serves as a symbol of eliminating what stands in the way of your evolution. As you align with the process of change, let go of what you cannot control and focus on making internal shifts. Manage your fears by using supportive practices that balance your mind. The season ends on February 18 as the Sun retreats into Pisces and enrolls in the school of compassion.

Horoscopes for All 12 Signs

This season presents a powerful opportunity to visualize the course of your evolution over the next few weeks and beyond. Use your Rising sign to read below and see where this transformation takes place in your life.

Aries: With a major transformation occurring in your community, make sure you get support managing social anxiety so you can be open to receiving love.

Taurus: With your career and public reputation undergoing a major shift, envision your professional future and instill critical work habits for balance.

Gemini: A dramatic shift in perspective increases your wisdom and understanding of the world. Engage with a new course of study to support your transformation.

Cancer: Create powerful and therapeutic rituals, such as drumming or visualization, to support a major shift in the way you cope with the intensity, difficulties, and values of others.

Leo: As your way of handling partnership transforms, reflect on how these connections serve as mirrors of insight into what kind of partner you want to be.

Virgo: Determine what changes to your habits you need to make to better support your overall health. Invent new routines and call on others for support.

Libra: Fling open the doors to your creative processes and transform the way you give of yourself with generosity. Immerse in artistic, recreational, and playful pursuits.

Scorpio: With your inner roots or living situation poised for change, embrace an opportunity to release unhelpful childhood patterns and connect with an unusual ancestral lineage.

Sagittarius: As your way of communicating shifts, be willing to dig beneath your words to observe the internal narratives that guide your approach to life. Set aside time for silence.

Capricorn: As you observe major change in your values and your connection to resources, commit to a self-compassion practice to cultivate higher levels of self-love.

Aquarius: Prepare for a major shift in your life direction by aligning with your most internal and highest self. Embrace how your originality helps others navigate change.

Pisces: With hidden and profound changes happening in your subconscious, be willing to retreat into solitude. This powerfully aligns you with the needs of the collective.

Glimpse the Future

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